7 reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023

Living in Texas has a number of benefits. There is something for everyone here. Nonetheless, especially recently, there are several reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023. These are mostly growing concerns such as the number of natural disasters and pollution. They affect the lifestyle of many people here. The high cost of living in big cities is a leading reason for leaving Texas. Speaking of big cities, there is another thing worth mentioning. The traffic in Texas’ biggest cities is terrible. It can have a very bad impact on most people’s lifestyles. Other notable reasons for doing so are bad education and healthcare systems. And, of course, the weather. The weather here in Texas is something not everyone can get used to. These are the most prominent reasons for leaving Texas in 2023. The interstate movers prepared this article for you so you can have a better insight into these reasons. Let’s see what they are all about, down below.

The 7 reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023

As we mentioned previously, there are several good reasons for leaving Texas in 2023. Luckily for you, there are many alternatives available. There will always be a state in the nation that offers what you are looking for. You can always compare living in Texas with other states in the nation. You can do this to see exactly what you are missing and where would you even leave to. There are many useful articles on moving outside of Texas such as moving from Texas to Tennessee for example. Whatever the reasons for your move are, there is an available alternative. In the meantime, check out what are these 7 reasons for doing so.

The alarming number of natural disasters

Particularly near the Gulf Coast, Texas is particularly susceptible to hurricanes. One of the most expensive hurricanes to strike the United States in history, Hurricane Harvey, made landfall in Texas in 2017. Texas is renowned for its tornadoes as well, especially in the springtime. Homes, buildings, and infrastructure can sustain substantial damage as a result of tornadoes. Particularly in low-lying areas and places close to rivers and streams, Texas is prone to flooding. While protracted periods of rain can result in river flooding, heavy rainfall can also generate flash floods.

big waves at sea
The state of Texas is prone to natural disasters. This is one of the reasons people tend to move somewhere else.

Texas has several areas that frequently endure droughts, which can seriously harm animals, crops, and other resources. Texas is prone to wildfires as well, especially during times of drought or excessive heat. Homes, businesses, and natural environments can be destroyed by wildfires. Strong gusts, hail, and lightning strikes from severe thunderstorms can result in property damage and power outages. To avoid these natural disasters, consider moving from Texas to North Carolina and starting your new life there.

Terrible traffic

Texas is a big and populous state, and traffic is a major problem in many places, especially in big cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. A thriving economy, an expanding number of automobiles on the road, and the state’s expanding population have all contributed to traffic congestion in numerous regions. With a number of initiatives, including the construction of new roads and highways, the expansion of public transportation alternatives, and the adoption of cutting-edge traffic management technologies, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has taken action to reduce traffic congestion. Yet, there are still numerous places where traffic congestion is a problem.

heavy traffic representing one of the reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023
Everyday traffic congestions are one of the main reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023.

Rush hours, which usually happen in the morning and late in the day on weekdays, can be unusually congested in some parts of Texas. Traffic delays and congestion can also be brought on by construction projects, accidents, and weather conditions. Many Texas have started embracing alternate modes of transportation, like carpooling, biking, walking, and taking public transportation, to assist reduce traffic congestion. Additionally, some Texas communities have expanded their selection of public transportation options like light rail and bus rapid transit, as well as developed bike-sharing programs. If you want to move to a state with a better traffic situation, we recommend moving from Texas to Florida or moving to Miami to be exact.

Extreme weather

Extreme humidity and temperature ranges can be seen in Texas, especially in the summer. The heat can feel more oppressive in many areas of the state where temperatures can regularly approach 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The combination of high temperatures and high humidity can cause heat index values to approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit in places like Houston and Galveston, making it feel extremely uncomfortable and possibly deadly. During the summer, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are also frequent, especially among susceptible groups like the elderly and young children.

Heavy weather variations inconvenience many people living in Texas.

Although Texas experiences typically mild winters, there can occasionally be cold spells in some parts of the state, especially in the north and west. Periodically, the temperature may fall below freezing, and infrequently, ice or snow storms may develop. In general, Texas is susceptible to high heat and humidity, especially in the summer. To stay safe and comfortable during extreme weather events, it’s crucial to take essential precautions, such as drinking plenty of water and avoiding prolonged sun exposure during the warmest portions of the day. An even better way of dealing with extreme weather here would be moving from Texas to Maryland for more convenient weather.

One of the main reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023: The high cost of living

Texas’s cost of living varies based on the city and region. The state of Texas is traditionally regarded as an affordable state. Although, the cost of living has recently increased significantly in some locations. Particularly in big cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas. You can live comfortably in rural areas of Texas. But living in an urban environment will likely pose a problem for some people.

In many locations of Texas, especially in urban areas, housing expenses have climbed dramatically. Due to the high demand and low supply in recent years, rental prices and housing values have increased. Due to Texas’ high property tax rate, owning a home can be more expensive. The state also levies a sales tax, which raises the cost of regular purchases. Texas may have greater healthcare costs than other states, especially for individuals without health insurance.

a woman talking to a man about the reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023
High cost of living in big cities is one of the reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023. As time passes by, it is only getting less and less affordable to live in such urban areas.

Although the expense of higher education can be expensive in Texas, public education is typically reasonable. Several students now find it harder to attend college as a result of rising tuition costs at Texas public colleges. Texas is a big state, so transportation expenses, especially for individuals who have far-reaching travel needs, can pile quickly. When it comes to eating out, entertainment, and cultural events, some Texas regions, especially urban ones, can be pricey. The high cost of housing, taxes, healthcare, education, transportation, and other expenses might make it challenging for some people to make ends meet, despite the fact that Texas can be a cheap location to live in some areas. Consider moving from Texas to New Jersey and living there to get your money’s worth.

The rising pollution

Particularly in major cities, Texas has a reputation for having high pollution levels. Texas contains a huge number of industrial facilities, including oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, and manufacturing facilities, which can emit pollutants into the air and water. In Texas, there are a lot of cars and trucks on the road, which can lead to air pollution, especially in crowded cities. Texas is a state with a significant agricultural industry, and some farming methods, such as the use of pesticides and fertilizers, can cause water contamination. In Texas, natural catastrophes like wildfires and sandstorms can also increase pollution.

heavy smoke representing pollution as one of the reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023
Any kind of pollution can influence the average person’s lifestyle. This is why people tend to move to states with healthier environments.

Ozone, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide are the primary pollutants in Texas. Particularly for vulnerable populations including children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing medical issues, exposure to these pollutants can have detrimental consequences on health. The state of Texas has made some efforts to lessen pollution, including encouraging the use of sustainable energy sources like wind and solar energy and installing emissions controls on industrial sites. Yet more has to be done to address the persistent problem of pollution in Texas and its effects on the natural world and people’s health. Try moving from Texas to Boston if you wish to avoid pollution and live a healthier life.

Limited access to healthcare is one of the leading reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023

Texas has one of the highest rates of uninsured people in the nation, but the state’s Medicaid program offers low-income individuals and family’s access to healthcare. However, because of the program’s very rigorous eligibility rules, many Texans who do not have access to Medicare or employer-based insurance may still be without access to affordable healthcare. A large number of Texans purchase their health insurance from private companies, either through their employers or the federal marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Yet, costs can be prohibitive, especially for individuals who are not eligible for subsidies. In order to gain access to one of the best healthcare systems in the nation, we suggest moving from Texas to DC and living carefree there.

Different populations in Texas have considerable differences in health outcomes and access to healthcare services. For instance, communities of color may experience a greater incidence of chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, whereas rural Texans may have restricted access to medical professionals. Particularly in rural areas, Texas has struggled to offer adequate mental health services.

There is a lack of qualified mental health practitioners in the state, and funding for these programs has been constrained. Texas’s rural healthcare providers face particular difficulties, such as a lack of specialized medical services and restricted access to resources. There is still a critical need for improved rural healthcare infrastructure, despite the fact that the state has adopted various programs to address these challenges, such as telemedicine projects.

Bad education system

Depending on the district and particular school, Texas’ educational system has a wide range of educational qualities. While certain Texas schools frequently score among the top in the nation, the majority face challenges like low graduation rates, subpar academic performance, and insufficient funding.

The state’s educational policies, especially standardized testing and funding levels for public schools, have been the subject of continuous discussions. A restricted curriculum and excessive stress on kids and teachers, according to critics, have resulted from Texas’ overwhelming dependence on standardized testing. Others have questioned the state’s system for paying public education, which mainly relies on local property taxes and can result in significant financial gaps between wealthy and underprivileged regions.

a school board
Mediocre education system is one of the reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023. Especially when it comes to people with families.

Texas has also experienced issues with educational equity, particularly for kids from low-income and minority backgrounds. These problems have been addressed in recent years through programs like early childhood education and school choice alternatives. You should consider moving from Texas to Georgia if you want to have access to a more refined education system.

Leaving Texas in search of better opportunities

As you have seen, there is a number of reasons people are leaving Texas in 2023. If you are bothered by any of these, you can always count on the help of State to State Movers. We can help you get anywhere at anytime whatsoever. You can find more useful information on living in Texas on its government’s official website. This is all we prepared for you today. Thank you for reading this article. Happy moving!

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