The most pet friendly places in Texas

Imagine how anxious your pets might become during a move as it can be difficult for people as well. When they are introduced to a new setting or when there is unexpected activity in their house, they are prone to being anxious. It’s difficult to move with four cats and a fish, for example. These problems don’t have a simple fix, especially if you are moving to unfamiliar territory and you don’t know whether it is good for your pets. However, there is always a solution. If you are moving to Texas, you can hire some of the moving companies state to state right away. We will tell you what are the most pet friendly places in Texas, just keep reading. You will know what to expect and how to be ready.

Is Texas pet-friendly in general?

Texas can’t pride itself on being among the top ten pet-friendly states in the U.S. However, it is in the top 20, in high fifteenth place. Typically, the places and states that have more residents are pet-friendlier than those with a smaller number of people living there. Those states that are pet-friendly, including Texas, have a sizable number of stray pets, a significant number of pet-friendly apartments, and animal safety rules that make it simpler to keep and safeguard dogs, cats, and other animals. So, that is a good reason to contact some of the best interstate moving companies Texas has to offer and prepare your pets for relocation.

A cat looking at a laptop
Most landlords in Texas allow pets in their residences

Unfortunately, not every city prioritizes pet ownership and animal welfare. Some landlords are strict when it comes to keeping animals in rented houses and apartments. But, don’t worry. Here is the list of cities in which you won’t have any problems and your pets will enjoy:

  • Dallas
  • Bellaire
  • San Antonio
  • Columbus

Dallas is one of the most pet friendly places in Texas

Dallas is the third city in Texas when it comes to size, but it is the first when it comes to the number of people living there. The population of this city is 1 939 000 residents. So, it is no wonder that it is one of the most pet friendly cities. There are more than 600 000 cats and dogs in Dallas. This means that almost every third resident in Dallas has a pet. If you were worried until now, you can be sure that living in Dallas is good for your pets and you can organize cross country movers Dallas residents love to transfer your belongings. Of course, some neighborhoods are better for pets than others.

For example, in Uptown there is Katy Trail. You can walk and run with your dogs there without worrying that they are going to get lost. There is also a place called Mutts Canine Cantina where dogs can be free, plus there is a restaurant for them. Also, Plano, a suburb of Dallas, is among the best places to live if you like pets. It is among the best pet-friendly communities in the U.S. based on criteria such as pet health and wellness and outdoor pet friendliness. Many neighborhood eateries welcome dogs, especially outside.

Four people and a dog in a park talking about pet friendly places in Texas
There are many pet friendly places in Texas

Living with pets in Bellaire

Bellaire is also a city that is full of pets wherever you go. Regulations in Texas don’t allow residents to have more than four pets at the same time. If the case was different, people in Bellaire would probably have much more. In some buildings, there is a policy that no more than two pets are allowed. Nevertheless, this is a great area for your pets. There are more than 10 pet-friendly restaurants there, and some of the most popular are Enoteca Rossa and Lemongrass Cafe. So, long distance movers Bellaire TX has to offer can start preparing for relocating your things soon. You will like living in Bellaire, but your pets will adore it.

One of the best places in Bellaire if you have a dog is Officer Lucy Dog Park, where dogs can enjoy themselves. There are some rules that must be followed there, including the fact that no small children can visit the park, nor dogs can be without a leash. But, in any case, that is a great park for all dogs.

Pet-friendly San Antonio

San Antonio is another pet-friendly city in Texas, especially for dogs, because most of the residents have at least one dog. The most famous attraction in San Antonio is River Walk, an area that is completely open to walking dogs. Apart from this area, there is also King William Street, which is great for dogs and their owners. The owners enjoy the amazing architecture and great buildings, while dogs have a nice long stroll.

Also, the 750-foot Tower of the Americas at HemisFair Park is one of the most famous spots in San Antonio. This 92-acre park is simple to locate from anywhere in the city thanks to the tower. The views from the tower’s observation deck and café, built for the 1968 World’s Fair, must be breathtaking. But pets are not permitted in the tower. However, looking at it from the outside is also worth it. Don’t hesitate to call some of the long distance moving companies in San Antonio TX residents recommend to help you with your belongings. San Antonio is a spectacular place to live and it’s one of the most pet friendly places in Texas.

A man and a dog in a cafe
There are many cafes where pets are allowed

Columbus is also pet-friendly

Columbus is also one of the pet-friendly cities that exist in Texas. There are many hotels, parks, and restaurants where you can go with your dog and you can enjoy your time. Landlords are also flexible, and if you rent a residence, you can live with your pets there. There are long distance movers Columbus TX who will help you get ready for your move. The popular Hound Song Brewing Co, which creates amazing beers, is a lovely place for you to take a dog and relax.

Enjoy the pet-friendly Texas

As you can see, Texas is pretty pet-friendly and we have mentioned only some of the most pet friendly places in Texas. In most of the other cities, they can enter the stores on a leash and be outdoors in most cafes. So, get ready, prepare your pets, and enjoy your move to Texas.


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