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Relocations aren’t always the most peaceful periods in life. The list of tasks can often seem overwhelming or even impossible to accomplish. Logistical, as well as emotional challenges of the move, are normal. Furthermore, moving doesn’t have to be so tedious. You can always hire professional help and completely relax! That’s why we at State to State Move make sure that every customer has their needs met. Moreover, the peace and security of your items are our biggest priority! We understand that moving is usually life-changing in many aspects and to say goodbye to your old life isn’t the easiest thing. However, the transition can go smoothly with our crew at your disposal! Whether you relocate locally or long-distance, our friendly and specialized crew is ready to execute all tasks for you! Rest assured moving from Texas to Tennessee will be a joyful journey with our help!

a couple carrying boxes before moving from Texas to Tennessee
We provide excellent moving services and make sure moving from Texas to Tennessee goes smoothly.

You will realize how moving from Texas to Tennessee can go easier than you expectedAs a fully licensed and registered moving company (which you may confirm in the FMCSA’s database), we aim to provide services tailored to our customer’s needs. We value hard work, continuous growth, and transparency.  Apart from Texas, our business is situated in several states:

People opt for moving from Texas to Tennessee for a prosperous and peaceful life

Over the last two decades, Tennessee has seen an increase in popularity due to a solid economy and many job opportunities. Moreover, the taxes are much lower compared with Texas and the prices are among the most affordable in the US. The index score for living costs in Tennessee is 87.6, which is quite lower than the average national cost. Paired with low tax rates, this city is a paradise for anyone wanting the best life standard. The job market is thriving and attracts many young entrepreneurs. In addition, Tennessee has diverse cultural offers and excellent entertainment in general.

The next big reason people decide to relocate to Tennessee is the quality of food and air. Many who opt for a healthier and active lifestyle can find an excellent quality of groceries. Also, Tennessee is a paradise for many who enjoy nature and outdoor activities. The hospitals are among the best ones in the US.

We make sure to improve the quality of services and ensure you have a memorable moving journey

We’ve been working hard to establish our customer-oriented business to make all our clients satisfied. Once you decide to move, you will get a unique personalized quote tailored to your needs and wishes. Moreover, the services we provide are some of the best in the country. We strive to improve both our crew and the quality of all moving services we have. In addition, you can check various testimonials that will tell you a bit more about the way we work. Also, feel free to contact our team of representatives in case you have any additional concerns. We will be happy to tell you more about us and answer all your questions.

a guy checking moving boxes
You can choose from a wide range of excellent services.

You can find an extended range of services on our website:

Our movers will efficiently execute a household move from Texas to Tennessee

You deserve to relax while a team of professionals does every moving task for you. Rest assured our capable and friendly crew will take care of all your belongings. They also specialize in heavy loads so you don’t have to worry about bulkier items.

Commercial moving service is one of the best in the country

There is no need to worry about your office inventory with State to State Move crew at your disposal. They will properly pack and relocate everything – from furniture and electronic devices to paper and miscellaneous.

International moves are possible when you hire State to State Move

Today’s world is a much more different place. That further influenced the different needs of a modern client. Relocations across the ocean have become a new normal. That’s why we work hard and finally specialized in international moving services.

Military relocations are no longer challenging

Various military duties take up a lot of time and effort. However, military moves can pose as a challenge to soldiers due to logistical, and even emotional reasons. Luckily, we recognize the needs of our soldiers and we make sure that they have a stress-free move.

We take care of an entire packing process

Packing is no longer your worry since you can rely on our professional packers. They will take care of every item – from bulkier to easily breakable ones. Your items will be protected from breaking and leaks.

Your possessions are safe in our storage units during the move from South Carolina to Tennessee

Our storage units are climate-controlled and spacious enough for all your belongings. There is no need to worry since we provide a maximum level of safety. Everything you put into our storage unit will remain in one piece and persist throughout the move.

a guy in purple shirt packing boxes
Packing is no longer your worry.

You are a phone call away from a successful relocation from Texas to Tennessee

Once you pick the approximate dates for the move, make sure to give us a call! Years of experience have shaped our company into one of the best long-distance movers in the market. Besides professional services, we also offer expert advice. We will make sure to help you thoroughly prepare for moving from Texas to Tennessee. The whole moving experience will be both enjoyable and stress-free! With our team at your disposal, anything is possible! We will help you settle in your new home quickly and efficiently! Grab your phone, contact us, and get a free estimate today! The State to State Move crew is expecting you!

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    Vonsin Faniyi

    November 20, 2020

    Top Notch Service! I must say very good communication and professional service. We were blessed to have a very hard studying crew for both parts of our movement fortunately. Furniture was packed well, arrived safely, and all was in one piece, nothing was broken. I appreciate their less quote and more hard work.

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