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Moving from one state to another used to be seen as one of the most complex relocation types for quite some time. We here at State to State Move understand how many problems people face when embarking on such a long and complicated journey. That’s precisely why we are set on providing you with moving services that you can count on during your upcoming endeavor. If moving from Texas to Florida is the process that’s currently giving you trouble, then contact our company and request a free moving estimate. You will manage to get reliable and experienced interstate movers by your side with just one action.

A view of Houston's skyscrapers
If you have decided to leave Texas for Florida, do so with style by contacting State to State Move!

State to State Move offers professional moving services and cost-effective prices

People associate many different problems and difficulties with interstate relocation. But one of the main concerns for everyone who is about to go through this process is the final cost of the little adventure. Interstate moving prices are infamous, to say the least. But with State to State Move, your budget won’t have to be one of the issues. We offer reasonable prices which were made after a lot of thought and consideration. Moreover, we would be happy to show you just how affordable our prices are. Simply request a free estimate from our team and we will quickly provide you with an accurate quote that you can count on.

We are big believers in the saying that you should never choose your moving professionals based on the price. That’s why we go above and beyond to offer professional interstate moving services to all of our customers who contact us. Our company has four generations of valuable relocation experience working in our favor and we tap into that knowledge for every customer. Thus, if you are looking for a fine team of movers when relocating from Texas to Florida, you should strongly consider our company.

Moving to Florida requires a thorough planning

There are quite a few reasons someone would choose to relocate to Florida. Nowadays, however, the common reason behind relocations is saving up. The fact is that the state of Florida is quite expensive. Living costs there are 2 percent higher than the national average. Therefore, it’s perfectly understandable if your moving plans turn out to be challenging. Even though health care is slightly cheaper in Florida, moving there can still be a big hit on a family budget. Moving from Texas specifically could be an additional problem. Texas is 6 percent cheaper than the national average. If you take into account the real estate prices, utilities, and everyday living expenses, then moving to Florida from Texas might seem unreasonable. 

Moving to Florida to start a family might be a dream come true for many. However, the housing options in Florida can be quite expensive. Of course, if you’re planning to hire interstate movers Texas has to offer in order to make things easier for yourself, then you need to take the price of relocation into account as well. Keep in mind that the average price for relocating a studio apartment can end up costing you between $1500 and $2000. However, if you live in a large house and need help relocating the entire household, then you can end up paying up to $6000 until everything is done. Therefore, you should start planning really early and get a clear idea of what your first couple of months after the relocation will look like. You don’t want to go into something you’re not ready for. 

a planner
Make sure you plan your every step carefully. Moving to Florida from Texas could prove to be a costly affair!

If you’re moving from Houston to Florida, you should consider employment options there first

Depending on where you live in Texas, the relocation to Florida might be more or less challenging. If you, for example, live in Houston, then it may not be that big of a change. As a former resident of the biggest city in Texas, you could learn to expect slightly larger expenses by the end of your first year in Florida. However, it’s all a matter of perspective. The reason for your relocation plays heavily into what your experience might end up being like. If you have a profitable job opportunity waiting for you in Florida, then you shouldn’t worry too much. You can find plenty of opportunities when you get there, as well. Therefore, you can start contacting some of the best Houston out of state movers. You have over a thousand miles to cross, and it won’t be easy. Rely on the help of our professional movers!

Once you’ve moved from Dallas to Florida, you should wait a bit before you set off on your next adventure

Of course, how your relocation to Florida will go is a question no one can answer in advance. What we can do is tell you that it mostly depends on your lifestyle. If you’re used to lavish dinners in Dallas restaurants and going on shopping sprees in a variety of shopping centers, then you would need to adjust your expectations when moving to Florida. At least for the first couple of months, we would advise against unnecessary expenses. Going on vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando can wait until you settle down. To make your move to Florida from Dallas simple, all you need is the help of professional movers. By hiring cross country movers Dallas residents rely on, you will have a memorable relocation. Our movers are experienced and knowledgeable, therefore, you are bound to have a great moving experience. 

After our movers whom you can trust have transported the last moving box to your new home, you can start planning your next endeavor. But until then, hold your horses and try to minimize the spending. There are 1.148,5 miles between Dallas and Florida and we suggest taking the I-20 E and I-10 E to get there. Waste no time and start planning your move today!

Universal Studios park in Orlando is a perk of moving from Texas to Florida
If you’re used to tourists, then you’ll feel right at home in Florida

Moving from San Antonio to Florida doesn’t need to be stressful and terrifying

If you’re used to the tourists in your hometown, then you’ll feel right at home in Florida. No matter where you move to Florida, chances are that you’ll see a lot of tour guides leading their groups around. Therefore, if you already live in a touristy place, this won’t be too much of a shock. For example, San Antonio is famous as one of the cities in Texas that tourists frequent due to its strong ties with Hispanic culture. If you’ve lived in a place that’s full of people during the tourist season, then you’ll feel right at home in Florida. Just give us a call and our San Antonio out of state movers will be at your service! You have 1.217,4 miles to cross until you reach your destination. That’s a 17 hours drive at the least. Having professionals helping you will make this long haul easier.

You can start looking forward to your relocation when moving from Austin to Florida

Maybe the reasons for your relocation are quite personal. You could not be looking forward to it at all. However, if it’s something you need to do, you don’t need to look at it from a negative aspect. After all, even though you need to move away from your old home, it might end up better for you in the long run. For example, if you live in Austin and you love the beaches where you grew up, you could find that Florida has even nicer spots for sunbathing. Furthermore, there is a whole culture of rolled-up sleeves and a laid-back attitude there! Get in touch with Austin interstate movers and start packing those moving boxes! You have a long way to go, just a bit over a thousand miles. Therefore, you should start preparing as soon as you can.

Don’t let the stress get to you

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer you is to try to stay calm and collected. Moving to another state can be rather difficult for any person. If you’ve never moved before, you’re bound to feel some level of anxiety. That’s why you should lean on experienced professionals and let them take care of the heavy lifting. You can get in touch with cross country movers Florida has to offer and trust them to handle everything with ease

Moving from Texas to Florida without a worry in mind

There is nothing wrong with wanting a stress-free relocation from Texas to Florida. However, we know that with so many different moving tasks to take care of, you might feel naturally inclined to worry about different aspects of your relocation. And while some stress is completely normal during a process as complicated as relocation, you definitely don’t have to let it take over the entire situation. By hiring State to State Move for the job, you will get to experience the worry-free relocation that you have been longing for.

A man stressed out about moving from Texas to Florida
State to State Move doesn’t want you to associate any negative feelings with your upcoming relocation

In our effort to provide you with a moving endeavor that you are going to enjoy, our company has composed a range of versatile moving services. As our customer, you are fully entitled to all of our services, which include:

When moving from Texas to Florida, you are definitely going to use all the help you could get. That’s why we know that our moving services will be just what the doctor ordered at this time which will be very sensitive for you.

Relocate to Florida from Texas in record time

Wasting your time isn’t an option when working with State to State Move. We are a company that values every second of your time as we know how precious it is. Thus, count on us to provide you with a delay-free move that will be a godsend. You most likely already know all the problems that could accompany an interstate move. Our movers are more than experienced in all types of moving problems and obstacles. We have successfully solved all types of issues in the past. That’s how we know we can do the same for your upcoming relocation.

A clock on a pink and blue surface
Use every second of your time by letting us take care of the most important moving tasks

Most importantly, our Texas to Florida moving team will provide you with a unique and personalized approach. A tailored moving plan is important no matter the relocation type. However, a plan that movers make specifically for you is definitely of utmost importance during an interstate move. With State to State Move, you won’t have to be the one in charge of relocation planning, as we know how difficult it can be to plan an interstate relocation. Our professionals will assess the circumstances of your relocation, and take everything into consideration.

State to State Move is a company with all the right qualifications

We understand your worries related to the safety of your items. After all, interstate relocations are known for their unpredictability, as well as the chances of problems. Furthermore, with all the fraudulent moving companies on the market, we know that all of your worries are justified. But once you opt for State to State Move during your Texas to Florida move, there will be no place for such worries. We are relocation professionals that hold all the necessary licenses and qualifications.

Our qualifications, as well as our equipment, will keep your items safe and sound. We know that there are too many chances for error during an interstate relocation. That’s why we will use all of our knowledge and experience to minimize the chances of problems.

Move from Texas to Florida with the right moving professionals

There is no reason to go through more trouble than you have to. Once you contact State to State Move, we will ensure you experience minimal worries and problems. The process of moving from Texas to Florida can definitely be long and burdensome. That’s why we will use four generations of moving experience in your favor. Request a free moving quote from our company, book your moving date with us, and wait. We will take it from there, providing you with cost-effective prices and high-quality services.


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    December 10, 2020

    Will hire them again. We hired Best USA movers last summer when we moved to Florida and they did an awesome job! On the day of the move, they are always on time and work fast and good. Everything was properly packed and wrapped. If you are looking to move anywhere in the Florida, I would highly recommend them!!

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