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Moving and Storage Services

It is not always possible to make the move and move in stride, which involves storing its furniture and cardboard in a safe, accessible and convenient place. Several storage solutions are possible, with advantages and defects. The problem of lack of space today finds many solutions, with storage our storage service you'll find a very useful solution, especially during a moving period: storage, self-storage, furniture storage, etc..  

Why Hire Our Moving & Storage Company?

State to State Move is a full service moving company offering various services such as moving, packing, storage, etc. to clients across New York, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc.

Our services are not restricted to one area of expertise. Our years of service in this business has given us the skill and knowledge to help you move every facet of your house or business, including all household belongings like furniture, hot tubs; as well as commercial property equipment, office furniture, etc. We can handle any size of move and with our professional moving services we will help you relocate successfully, no matter your situation and last minute notice.

Storage Service Quote

Really easy for my move to Florida!

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I found this company on Instagram and was sure they were the company after looking at all of the pictures they shared, of their own work. I'm so tired of seeing stock photos and photoshopped pictures taken from other people. I worked with them to get everything set up and they made everything really easy for my move to Florida. Now I'm all settled in, unpacked and everything made it without anything breaking!

Great job!

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I just used this company to help move my mom to Houston for a new love she has. Though I do disapprove at her age, she insisted that he not have anything to do with relocating her belongings, so we went through the process of hiring a mover. Its is such a hassle to get a good company these days when the internet is full of scam artists. They came out to the condo and took a full survey of all the little things, big things, and the property access. Great job.

What a great experience!

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What a great experience. Having moved myself multiple times I was skeptical about hiring movers. From beginning to end this process was so easy. Booking the date, providing my association with the insurance, and loading/moving everything. The movers were very nice, efficient, and took great care of my things.
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