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Every move is stressful for those who move… and the same goes for both corporate and household relocation! There are a lot of things to consider. Is everything packed properly, are fragile items well-secured, how to bring out heavy appliances or machinery or other bulky or heavy object or pieces of furniture? So if you are looking for reliable corporate movers, we’re here for you! State to State Move will move your office stress-free and take all responsibility for your upcoming move. Contact us today! Get the best moving quote on your upcoming relocation!

mover packing items
If you are looking for reliable corporate movers, we’re here for you!

Professional relocation, drivers and workers

Our corporate movers are people with years of experience managing all types of relocations. Reliability and accuracy are what make them stand out. A professional team of our workers will carry out loading, transporting and unloading of your office items… Thus saving you the stress and physical effort that each moving brings! Of course, we can perform the service of dismantling and assembling furniture with the utmost care and packing things into boxes. By using protective foils, we will protect your furniture, archives and everything else. Our guarantee is to make the whole moving process complete without any damage! In this way, you will have a stress-free move. Of course, we are here to give you tips on how to relocate easier and we even have a moving guide you can look up.

Our corporate movers have the best vehicles for your relocation

As the corporate move is different than household relocation, so we usually suggest you get a truck moving service. One thing is to organize your office… and completely another to relocate it! Truck moving service means renting a truck with the driver. Besides, the truck moving service is a great solution. This is because the truck is a vehicle that can load a large number of goods and furniture that needs to be transported to a specific location.

The moving truck offers a much larger cargo area than a van or smaller truck. In that way, you can do the whole relocation in one tour. If you are moving a larger office, and if there are a number of things that need to be moved to a new location, especially that bulky office furniture, we recommend moving with a truck. The equipment of our trucks used for transport will make loading and unloading safely. Again, we will provide additional security to the items in the cargo area.

state to state movers
Our corporate movers are people with years of experience managing all types of relocations.

Here are some of the relocation services we can offer:

  • Moving assessment – you can always request a moving quote without any obligation 
  • Van transportation if your office is small
  • Transportation by a smaller truck
  • Moving and transporting with a larger truck
  • Professional workers with years of experience
  • Accuracy and responsibility
  • Furniture dismantling and on-site assembly
  • Packing and protecting things
  • Loading and unloading of your items
  • Transportation of heavy and special items (safes, pianos, cash registers, stoves, etc.)
  • Disposal of unnecessary and old items at official landfills
  • The best prices for moving

We also emphasize that all the vehicles we own are regularly maintained and technically safe. We also have various equipment that to ease loading and unloading as well as safe transport of goods of all sizes.

We are professional, prompt and conscientious

Any agreement between us will be honored within the agreed time and at a very reasonable price. All contractual obligations will be done professionally, promptly and conscientiously. You can always contact State to state Move, as we have several offices across the country and we are at your disposal 24/7!

Reliable corporate relocation services

New businesses are opening up and existing ones are growing and moving to a larger, more functional and comfortable space. And to us, it doesn’t matter if you are relocating large companies, offices, business or manufacturing space. Moving company State to State Move provides relocation services to companies and business of all types of activities and various capacities. We can arrange a track transportation of office furniture, archives, and objects. With this, we can provide truck transportation of oversized inventory, various machines and production facilities. We specialize in moving companies and business premises across the country, as well as long-distance and international relocations.

Moving price tailored to your needs

Moving a business is often a complex and serious business. And we know how to carefully pack and relocate oversized furniture, important items, heavy items, safes, and archives or complicated production machines. Our company consists of professional and experienced people who will in the shortest possible time professionally and effectively dismantle your office furniture. Then, we will carefully pack it so that it will not be damaged in transport, transport it by van or truck to a new location and re-assemble it.

corporate movers pack items for relocation
We know how to carefully pack and relocate your important items

All you need to do is contact us! State to State Move is your reliable moving partner… and you can always rely on when you need to move your office space! Accurate assessment, detailed preparation, and efficient implementation will save you time and money.

Corporate moving from start to finish

Moving a business or business premises begins with our free estimate of the required time and cost of moving. Classic office relocation services include loading items on a van or truck, transport of company inventory and unloading items from our vehicles. The complete relocation of the company also includes additional services. This can be anything from the packaging of inventory in special cardboard boxes for relocation, additional protection with stretch foil, dismantling and installation of office furniture, machinery and equipment and the sufficient number of professional staff to move within the scheduled time.

Call for a free moving estimate now!

State to State Move will relocate your business and office premises quickly, professionally and at a great price. Our corporate movers work across the country, long-distance and international relocation of business premises and relocation of business inventory in the region. And it all starts with a free estimate with no obligation! All you have to do is give us a call. Join the long list of satisfied companies we work with over the years!

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    Jennifer Leach

    October 21, 2020

    I would hire them again The movers were professional and easy to talk to. I have moved a lot and this is the first time my experience has been so quick and easy. They were on time and very professional. I appreciate movers that are this friendly and efficient.

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