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Moving long-distance takes a lot of time, knowledge, experience – and nerves. That’s why it’s best to hire our specialized long distance movers Austin! State To State Move Florida has extensive experience in international relocation, as well as all the moving resources you need! We can do all the packing, loading, unloading and transport. All you need to do is call us today and get a completely free moving estimate – we promise affordable prices wherever you move!

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Hire our specialized long distance movers Austin that will help you move!

Save money with our long distance movers Austin

Need to move long distance? We are here for you! Our company owns a modern fleet of vehicles that meet all the technical requirements for the operation of transportation abroad! Besides our experience and our knowledge, our employees have a reputation and years of experience in international transport. In addition to transportation, our long distance movers Austin offer quality packing services in Florida that will help you save time and money. Besides this, we provide all the following services:

  • loading things at an agreed address
  • delivering your items to an agreed destination
  • loading and unloading of bulky items such as pianos, sofas etc.
  • getting necessary permits and preparation of documentation
  • performing customs procedures
  • storage services
  • cargo and moving insurance
  • representation with state authorities

Great transportation services for long distance relocation

No matter if you are moving to or from Austin, we can move you safe and fast! Our fleet is made up of modern vehicles that meet all the technical requirements for long distance transportation or moving abroad. With this, our movers will do everything possible to move you to your new destination as easy as possible.

Woman taping moving boxes
Our employees have a reputation and years of experience in international transport.

Long distance relocation is certainly a specific type of moving service. Among other reasons for possible complication, you need to get all the necessary documentation and make a detailed relocation plan. Our moving company has the extensive experience, knowledge and technical capabilities to do this rather serious work. With all this, you can always use our storage services that are very useful when it comes to long distance moves.

Your international move is easier with us

Long distance move can also mean that relocation has to go from one country to another. They are more complicated than moving in the same country, or in the same state, because of one or more interstate borders crossings. Crossing borders also means:

  • Collecting papers, permits and various documents required by each state
  • Each state has its own legislation and specific procedures that must be followed
  • Various fees and charges
  • Each country has its own customs and procedures
  • Things that you move have to be packed in a certain way according to regulations
  • The carrier must have permits for international transport
  • Your items have to be labeled and listed and labels must match the contents of the boxes
  • Sometimes you also need additional security requirements such as to secure your items in a specific way

This is why international relocation are time-consuming. Plus, you need to make long routes with adequate vehicles. Long distance move is not a DIY option to pack your old Volkswagen van and get on the road. That’s why hiring a reliable moving company is always the best solution. Moving far away is a job for professionals.

We move all your items swiftly and safely

With all this in mind, you may ask why would anyone carry things long distance? The answers are more than logical! Buying new things is expensive…  And furniture and home appliances can be very expensive overseas. With this, clothing and footwear are also expensive, and why you should buy double? Other than that, people have emotional attachment to things. With this, some people like to be surrounded by works of art, paintings, books, or other things that have been carefully collected over the years.

Reasons for long distance relocation

There are also several reasons for long distance or international relocation. We will list some:

  • Looking for or getting a new job
  • Relocation (opening) of a company or representative office in another country
  • Learning or studying abroad
  • Starting a family in another country
  • Emigration – seeking new and better living conditions for yourself and your family

Easy relocation at any time of the year

We can move you all year round! Our movers also do relocation on a door-to-door basis, where you hand over the keys of the old and new addresses, and then we pack your things. Of course, our workers have adequate boxes, adhesive tapes of stretch film and other necessary material. For international relocation, no ordinary self-service box can be used, things must be packed to the required standards.

a long highway
You can even go on vacation while our long distance movers Austin do their job!

Then we secure things and prepare them for safe transport. They must be well closed, wrapped with stretch films and glued with adhesive tapes. Of course, we transport your items to the requested address anywhere in the world! We also do the unloading and dismantling furniture or any other items. When we unpack your furniture, we arrange it according to your wishes.

Your engagement is this process is minimal! This means you do not have to be physically present during the move, and you can track it in real-time via GPS. Plus, you can even go on vacation while our long distance movers Austin do their job!

Call us 24/7 – we are here to help you move

Long distance relocation doesn’t have to be a stress – just contact our long distance movers Austin and let us help you relocate! You can call us 24/7 free moving estimate with no obligation! State To State Move is at your service anytime you need a professional moving company.

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Sandra Banks

September 12, 2019

They called to let me know they were entourage and arrived on time. Crew had a positive attitude and seemed to enjoy their job. I would highly recommend these movers.