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To decide to relocate is one of the things that you need to think thoroughly. After all, it is one quite big change. Many would agree that Florida is one of the most attractive states to live in. So, when you come to a decision that your family will be moving to the State of New York, you should also make sure to have reliable long distance movers Long Island standing by your side ready to help. Highly trained moving crews here at State to State Move are your best bet to move without a fuss. With our help, your move will be easier than you ever could have imagined. Therefore, come inside to get to know us. 

long distance movers long island can help you relocate with ease
Long Island has a lot to offer, so get help to move here easily

Why choose State to State Move as your long distance movers Long Island

Before we go any further, we believe that it is very important to say a few words about our long distance movers NYC. After all, we are the moving company that is not going to do business with a partner that we know nothing about. Therefore, we would not expect you to do the same either. So, before we move on to how essentially we can help you relocate, let us help you get to know us.

State to State Move is a moving company that focuses on long-distance moves. With the experience and the thirst for knowledge that we have been nurturing since the foundation of our company, we are eager to develop and change together with the industry. Not only do we follow trends, but we do our best to be spearheading them. As one of the industry leaders, you can be sure that the top long distance movers Long Island will be there to help you change your place of residence. The key to our success lies in customer centricity and in careful selection process and training of our moving crews.

People are an integral part of State to State Move

Obviously, it is the moving crews here at State to State Move that do the heavy lifting. So, we can freely say that they represent the heart of our company. As you can imagine, that heart needs care and attention. We provide our moving crews with thorough moving training that provides them with the skills necessary to perform even the most complicated of relocation processes. No matter whether you need help with a household move Long Island or you may need to relocate your company, our moving crews will put our moving resources to good use and come up with an immaculate moving plan personalized to fit your needs.

In the meantime, our attention to client division will be there to help you out at any moment. Regardless of the question, you may have, we will make sure to provide you with a satisfactory answer.

Therefore, if you are looking to relocate easily and effectively, you should get in touch with State to State Move. With us, your relocation will be in safe hands.

Services that State to State Move can provide you with

Now that you know why State to State Move should be your designated long distance movers Long Island, it is the right time to take a look at the moving services that we can do for you. Some of the basic ones are the following:

Obviously, these represent just a part of our portfolio. In the case that you happen to require a kind of help that has not been listed here, go ahead and get in touch with us today. We will take a close look at how we can help you out and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Corporate moving

While residential moving affects only the family that needs relocating, the situation is far different when it comes to changing the address of a company. In this case, not only is the business going to feel the consequences, but the families of the people working in it will too.

Obviously, this is not the situation that you should want to be in for long. After all, your goal should be to prepare for the move and execute it quickly. Therefore, you should make sure to get in touch with the best long distance movers Long Island has to offer. State to State Move stands by ready to help.

Florida coast
Moving long distance to our out of Florida is what we can help you with

With our moving crews at your disposal, your move is going to be a textbook one. Thanks to the knowledge we obtained over the years, we will help you relocate efficiently. In record time, your business will be entirely operational again. So, if you happen to need help moving to or out of Long Island, get in touch with us. You will be glad you did.

International moving

One of the types of move that few people will undertake is international moving.

Moving to another country most definitely is one of the most complicated ones. The logistics and the paperwork make it so. Therefore, it is important to have reliable long distance movers Long Island by your side. State to State Move is ready to help.

Our moving crews and our international connections will make your international move a piece of cake.

USA passport
Let us help you with your international move

Full packing service

Ultimately, we need to take a look at the importance of packing. This is the process that will be detrimental in whether your belongings will survive the move or not. 

With professional help from State to State Move, you can be certain that your items will be ready for use as soon as you settle in. Our moving crews are well-trained for packing and transporting your items. After all, safety comes first with State to State Move.

So, if you need help packing, call us. Let us make sure that your items are well-protected.

Contact State to State Move!

State to State Move is the best long distance moving company out there. Therefore, we should be your long distance movers Long Island. All that you need to do is to contact us. Share your needs with us and we will make sure that you move with ease.

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    Vonsin Faniyi

    November 20, 2020

    Top Notch Service! I must say very good communication and professional service. We were blessed to have a very hard studying crew for both parts of our movement fortunately. Furniture was packed well, arrived safely, and all was in one piece, nothing was broken. I appreciate their less quote and more hard work.

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