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      Are you in need of long distance moving companies Charlotte NC? Well, you’re in luck because State to State Move is here for you! We can pack your items, transport it wherever you need to and unpack it once we arrive to your new address! As one of the finest long distance moving companies in the country, we promise the utmost care and concern for your belongings. Plus, we offer a completely free moving estimate with no obligation! Call us today and let us take care of every part of your move – from beginning to end!

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      As one of the best long distance moving companies Charlotte NC we offer a completely free moving estimate with no obligation!

      We are one of the best long distance moving companies Charlotte NC

      Relocation are by nature demanding and difficult, and long distance moving is particularly complicated. It’s not the same to gather a team, pack up and move from one Charlotte NC neighborhood to another, or from one to state to another, and even abroad – and cross international borders and move things to another country! That’s why our workers are one of the best teams among long distance moving companies Charlotte NC! Still, you may be wondering why are people moving long distance in the first place. There are many reasons and we can help with any type of relocation!

      There are many reasons why people decide to move long distance:

      • Various business reasons – including the offer of a better position or relocation of a business to another country. One of the reasons can also be getting a new job
      • Studying or learning away from home
      • Marriage and other family reasons
      • Emigration – seeking new and better-living conditions for yourself and your family

      Fast turn around from pickup to delivery

      Moving long distance means moving things to another state, country or abroad. Depending on where the relocation is, the requirements of different countries can be different. Some are more stringent, while some are more indulgent, some ask for one paper, others some others. That’s why you need to know the regulations of all countries, as it is not the same to move to Europe or to other states in the US. And State to State Move knows every detail you can expect!

      However, often people when they see what it takes to get their stuff to another place, they simply give up on moving furniture. And once they arrive in a new environment, they have to buy the same or similar ones again. But – the furniture is very expensive! Secondly, people are emotionally attached to things and function better if they are surrounded by familiar items and things they love. Is there anything more beautiful than showing your new friends or business partners some valuable family furniture, a painting, a vase. And a professional moving company will know how to properly move your items.

      USA passport
      If you move further away or even abroad, sometimes it’s necessary to collect certain permits.

      Among other relocation services, you can opt for our professional packing services! All your items will come undamaged and in the same condition they were before the move. Besides, it’s cheaper to move you items than to buy new ones! And our experienced workers know how to pack your things for a long distance transportation.

      What does it take to move long distance?

      If you move further away or even abroad, sometimes it’s necessary to collect certain permits. To obtain these permits, many documents and papers must be submitted both from your country and from the country of travel. It is necessary to be well acquainted with all customs and non-customs procedures, especially if traveling to EU countries. Besides that, things need to be properly and securely packed in separate boxes, which must be ticked and listed. Customs authorities are carefully looking at this list to see if it matches the contents and markings on the boxes containing the packed items. Boxes must be packed according to standards (not from the local grocery store), well sealed with adhesive tapes or wrapped with foil. Also, some authorities may require that certain things be secured in insurance companies. Transport requires a special vehicle licensed for international transport.

      As you can see, it takes a lot of time, knowledge, experience and nerves to fulfill all these necessary requirements. The best advice is to hire professional relocation company such as State to State Move who have experience in long distance and international relocation and the necessary resources to perform all tasks effectively and efficiently.

      Fully Licensed & Insured

      We are fully licensed moving company with the United States DOT ensuring you quality and reliability for any long distance moving services you need.

      Family moving into new home
      By hiring a professional and efficient moving agency, such as us, you can move comfortably to any state or country.

      Here are just some of the advantages you’ll have if you hire us:

      • more than two decades of experience,
      • alternative solutions, faster procedure,
      • forwarding and customs clearance,
      • professional drivers both for long distance and international relations,
      • safe and well maintained vehicles
      • professional packing services
      • safe storage at you disposal 24/7

      Over 20 years of experience – call us today!

      By hiring a professional and efficient moving company, such as us, you can move comfortably to any state or country. Just contact us, and one of the finest long distance moving companies Charlotte NC will carry out a free relocation assessment, prepare a good logistical plan, collect all the necessary information and documents. Once we make preparations, we provide an adequate means of transport, pack your belongings to meet the required procedures and rules, transport it to the desired destination safely and accurately on time, and unpack and dismantle things. This is all done at very competitive prices, without unplanned costs and unnecessary nervousness.

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        Mariamanda Ruiz

        July 29, 2019

        I really wanted to move to Miami, Florida, so I took the chance and did it! The moving process had no setbacks at all and went just great. I have no regrets of using their service! Highly recommend their state to state moving service.