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Moving from Houston, Texas, to St. Paul, Minnesota, as a family-oriented person can offer a variety of positives without dwelling on any negatives about Houston. Here are some reasons to consider the move:

Four Distinct Seasons: 

St. Paul, MN Four Distinct Seasons

  • St. Paul experiences all four seasons, which can provide a more diverse and balanced environment for your family. You’ll enjoy the beauty of changing leaves in the fall, snow activities in the winter, vibrant springs, and warm summers for outdoor fun. Spring: With the arrival of spring, you’ll witness the city coming back to life after the winter chill. The sight of trees and flowers blooming is a refreshing experience. It’s an ideal time for outdoor adventures such as hiking, picnics, and visiting botanical gardens. The gradual warming of temperatures allows for more comfortable outdoor play and family gatherings. Spring also marks the beginning of the festival season in St. Paul, with numerous family-friendly events and fairs to enjoy.
  • Summer: St. Paul’s summers are warm and pleasant, making it perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities. You can spend quality time with your family by exploring the city’s parks, going on biking adventures, or having fun at one of the many lakes. Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” so you’ll have ample opportunities for swimming, boating, and fishing. Summer also brings a vibrant cultural scene, with open-air concerts, festivals, and fairs, offering countless options for family entertainment.
  • Fall: Autumn in St. Paul is a breathtaking season, with trees displaying brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. It’s an ideal time for family hikes in the many nearby state parks, allowing you to soak in the beauty of the changing foliage. The crisp air invites cozy family gatherings around bonfires and the enjoyment of fall treats like apple cider and pumpkin pie. Fall also marks the start of the school year, providing a sense of renewal and excitement for your children.
  • Winter: St. Paul’s winter season can be magical, with a blanket of snow covering the landscape. This season brings opportunities for outdoor winter sports like ice skating, sledding, and skiing. Building snowmen and having snowball fights can be delightful family activities. The holiday season is celebrated with enthusiasm, and you can experience festive events and light displays that add to the warmth and charm of the city during the colder months.
  • The presence of four distinct seasons in St. Paul allows your family to enjoy a well-rounded and diverse range of activities throughout the year, promoting family bonding and creating lasting memories in each season.

Natural Beauty: 

St. Paul, MN Natural Beauty

  • Minnesota boasts stunning natural landscapes, including the Land of 10,000 Lakes. You’ll have access to numerous parks, hiking trails, and water activities, offering an array of opportunities for family outings and recreation. The natural beauty in and around St. Paul, Minnesota is one of the city’s most compelling features for a family-oriented person. The region offers a plethora of outdoor wonders that can enrich your family’s life and create memorable experiences.
  • Lakes and Waterways: Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” and for good reason. The state is dotted with pristine lakes, many of which are within easy reach of St. Paul. These bodies of water provide endless opportunities for family adventures, from swimming and fishing in the summer to ice skating and ice fishing in the winter. The shimmering lakeshores and serene waters offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Parks and Trails: St. Paul is surrounded by lush greenery and abundant parks, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Families can explore a myriad of hiking and biking trails that wind through picturesque forests, offering an up-close encounter with nature. Parks like Como Park and the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area provide family-friendly amenities such as playgrounds, picnic areas, and wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • Changing Seasons: The four distinct seasons in Minnesota bring a unique charm to the natural beauty of the region. In the fall, the landscape transforms into a vibrant tapestry of red, orange, and yellow leaves, creating an enchanting backdrop for family hikes and scenic drives. Winter blankets the area in snow, turning it into a winter wonderland for skiing, snowshoeing, and building snow forts. Spring sees the resurgence of colorful blooms, while summer brings lush green landscapes and opportunities for camping and stargazing.
  • Wildlife: Minnesota is home to diverse wildlife, and St. Paul’s proximity to natural areas ensures your family can observe and appreciate a variety of animals and birds. Whether it’s birdwatching, spotting deer, or tracking animal footprints in the snow, your family can connect with the local fauna and foster a deeper appreciation for the environment.
  • The natural beauty in St. Paul provides an exceptional backdrop for family adventures, instilling a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the environment. Whether you’re exploring serene lakeshores, hiking through pristine forests, or experiencing the changing seasons, the city’s natural wonders will undoubtedly enhance the quality of life for your family.


St. Paul, MN Education

  • Minnesota consistently ranks high in education quality. St. Paul, in particular, has a strong public school system and numerous private and charter schools. This can provide an excellent environment for your children’s academic growth. The education system in St. Paul, Minnesota, offers several compelling advantages for family-oriented individuals. Moving to St. Paul can provide your family with access to high-quality educational opportunities, ensuring that your children receive a well-rounded and enriching learning experience.
  • Strong Public School System: St. Paul is home to a robust public school system with a reputation for excellence. The St. Paul Public Schools district provides a diverse array of educational options, including specialized programs and magnet schools that cater to a wide range of interests and abilities. With a focus on inclusivity and diversity, this system aims to provide equal opportunities for all students, ensuring a supportive and enriching learning environment.
  • Private and Charter Schools: In addition to the public schools, St. Paul also boasts a variety of private and charter schools. These institutions offer alternative educational approaches and specialized curricula, allowing you to find the best fit for your child’s needs and interests. The presence of these options promotes healthy competition and innovation in education.
  • Higher Education Opportunities: St. Paul is part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, which includes the nearby city of Minneapolis. This area is home to several renowned colleges and universities, providing exceptional higher education options for your family’s future. Access to top-tier institutions can be inspiring for your children and instill a strong focus on academic achievement.
  • Community Involvement and Support: St. Paul values community involvement in education, and there are numerous programs and initiatives aimed at supporting families and students. This includes parent-teacher organizations, mentorship programs, and after-school activities that foster a sense of belonging and support for your children’s educational journey.
  • The education system in St. Paul prioritizes the well-being and growth of students, offering a diverse array of options to cater to their individual needs and interests. Whether you choose a public, private, or charter school, you’ll find a strong commitment to providing your children with the tools and resources needed to succeed academically and personally.

Family-Friendly Community: 

St. Paul, MN Family-Friendly Community

  • St. Paul is known for its welcoming and family-oriented community. You’ll find numerous family-focused events, activities, and support networks to help you integrate and make friends. St. Paul, Minnesota, is renowned for its family-friendly community, making it an ideal destination for those who prioritize a supportive and welcoming environment for their loved ones. This strong sense of community fosters a host of advantages for families in the area.
  • Active Community Organizations: St. Paul is home to a plethora of active community organizations and associations that cater to families. From parent-teacher associations to neighborhood watch groups, these organizations provide a platform for you and your family to engage, connect with neighbors, and make lasting friendships. This sense of community involvement can enhance your family’s social network and support system.
  • Family-Centric Events: St. Paul hosts a wide range of family-centric events and activities throughout the year. These include family festivals, art fairs, outdoor movie nights, and cultural celebrations. Such events not only offer entertainment for all ages but also create opportunities for your family to bond with others in the community.
  • Parks and Recreation: The city places a strong emphasis on parks and recreational facilities. St. Paul’s parks are well-maintained and equipped with amenities like playgrounds, sports fields, and walking trails. They provide a perfect setting for family outings, picnics, and recreational activities that promote physical health and outdoor enjoyment.
  • Supportive Network: St. Paul’s family-friendly atmosphere is underpinned by a sense of support and care within the community. Neighbors often look out for one another, providing assistance and camaraderie. This can be especially valuable in times of need or during significant life events.
  • The family-friendly community in St. Paul encourages a warm and inclusive atmosphere that can contribute to a strong sense of belonging and support for your family. Whether you’re looking to build new friendships, participate in community events, or simply enjoy a safe and welcoming environment, St. Paul’s family-oriented community can offer the ideal setting for your family’s well-being and happiness.

Safety and Low Crime Rates: 

St. Paul, MN Safety and Low Crime Rates

  • St. Paul often ranks as one of the safer cities in the U.S. This can offer peace of mind and a secure environment for your family. Safety and low crime rates are crucial considerations for any family-oriented person, and St. Paul, Minnesota, excels in these aspects, making it a highly attractive place for families to settle.
  • Low Crime Rates: St. Paul consistently ranks as one of the safer cities in the United States. The city’s low crime rates are a testament to the effective law enforcement and community policing efforts in place. Families can feel secure in their neighborhoods, knowing that crime is relatively rare, and their children can grow up in a safe environment.
  • Community Policing: St. Paul places a strong emphasis on community policing, fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and residents. This approach promotes communication and collaboration, allowing families to feel more connected to their local police officers and contributing to a sense of security within the community.
  • Safe Public Spaces: The city takes pride in maintaining safe public spaces, including parks, recreational areas, and downtown areas. This ensures that families can enjoy outdoor activities and leisure without apprehension. The focus on safety contributes to a higher quality of life, as it allows families to explore the city and engage in various community events without worry.
  • Active Neighborhood Watch Programs: Many neighborhoods in St. Paul have active neighborhood watch programs, where residents work together to keep their communities safe. These programs not only deter criminal activity but also encourage neighbors to look out for one another, creating a supportive and vigilant environment that enhances safety.
  • The combination of low crime rates, community policing efforts, safe public spaces, and active neighborhood watch programs makes St. Paul a welcoming and secure place for families. You can have peace of mind, knowing that your family is living in a city that prioritizes safety and actively works to create a secure environment for all residents.


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    So very impressed with State To State Move! From the booking, where they answered all my questions very quickly, to the actual move was amazing. They called when they were 30 minutes away, showed up before the scheduled start time, moved quickly the entire time and didn't complain about the inordinate amount of stuff we had. We paid cash which I thought they appreciated, the quote was a little over but I blame that solely on myself for just having so much stuff. So worth the money.

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