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H Heidi Carson
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September 14, 2020

Not hectic at all. I am yet to understand why people say relocations are hectic and undesirable. For me, it has never been so. I have always had it easy and lovely. The fact that I have been seeking the services of State To State Move has made it easy for me to move. Their services are very efficient and timely. I love being their client and I hope it will always be so. I am not aware what would have happened if not for these movers. Whatever it could have been, I am certain the services couldn’t have been as effective as what I received last week. The relocations were good enough and the crew involved did their best. Their perfection was evident in the way they were handling the furniture and other important properties.

D Dewey Richardson
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September 14, 2020

So awesome. It has been so awesome knowing you. I pride myself in hiring you out. I know it wouldn’t have been the same with other moving companies. Your professionalism was so evident when your crew moved me from North Carolina to South Carolina. You involved your best; it did not take me much time to realize that. It was amazing - beyond my expectation. For once, I felt protected and cared for. The kind of services they offered me left me thinking. The diligence with which they handled the relocations left me with so much in mind. You deserve more of my praises.

E Eric Rand
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September 14, 2020

I would recommend them! Moving is stressful, but the folks made it much less so! The guys were very respectful of our belongings and made sure every piece was safely wrapped before moving to the truck. They were quick and efficient and at the same time attentive and careful.

C Catherine Dabney
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August 17, 2019

He and his team were very willing to work around my schedule, and they were very accommodating and understanding. They are reliable, friendly, and easy to work with! I would highly suggest State To State Move!

J Jimmy Torrez
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August 16, 2019

I decided to leave my dads house and move to a different state. I found their service on google and they contacted me very fast and the price was great! In a few days, I moved out of state and everything went successfully, Thanks for their world-class service! 10/10

S Sandra Banks
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September 12, 2019

They called to let me know they were entourage and arrived on time. Crew had a positive attitude and seemed to enjoy their job. I would highly recommend these movers.

M Mariamanda Ruiz
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July 29, 2019

I really wanted to move to Miami, Florida, so I took the chance and did it! The moving process had no setbacks at all and went just great. I have no regrets of using their service! Highly recommend their state to state moving service.

F Fidel Lopez
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August 7, 2019

We had a phenomenal experience. Showed up 15 minutes early. Were efficient and professional. Smoothest move I’ve ever experienced. Thank you so much - telling everyone we know about our experience.

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