Pros and cons of moving to DC in 2022

Life in the year 2022 has brought a lot of changes in the way people live across the USA. People are moving in search of a better life more than ever. State to state moving companies have never had so many demands for relocations to DC. DC has as always been an interesting option for those looking for employment. Here we’ll take a look at some pros and cons of moving to DC in 2022.

Why are people moving to DC in 2022?

Washington offers plenty of employment opportunities. Apart from being home to four Fortune 500 companies, more than 150 embassies are located there. Add to this countless political and non-profit organizations. And if you consider the quality of schools on offer whether public or private, you can’t go wrong by moving here with your family. Why wouldn’t people be moving from Texas to DC? Don’t worry not everyone living in Washington works in politics. Employment opportunities in DC are endless.

people visiting a house for sale before they consider the pros and cons of moving to DC in 2022
DC is a great choice for families!

Getting around the city

When talking about the pros and cons of moving to DC in 2022 we must mention the transportation. Washington has one of the best metro networks in the country. Next to being one of the busiest metros in the country, it is also one of the cleanest and the best organized. If the metro is not your thing and you prefer a more active lifestyle then Washington is the city for you, it is ranked as the nation’s third most bike-friendly city. Also for those more active people, the pedestrian network is great. When you add the rich cultural background in the city, taking long walks in DC is a joy.

However, there is a big con hidden behind it all. If you choose the least popular option to drive yourself then beware of the traffic. When moving to DC consider how far is the location of your new home to your workplace. Commuting is one of the most tedious things in Washington. And weekends are not much of an exception. Traffic gets even worse during the tourist season. Fining an empty parking spot is almost impossible.

The weather in DC

Generally, mild springs and autumns make these months great for living in DC in this period. This is, of course, the ideal time to visit if you are only coming as a tourist, although the summer months are the most popular ones. And it’s probably the best time to organize your move in this period. The best interstate moving companies Texas has to offer, will of course advise you to plan your move in the spring months. The weather is warm enough to get everything done, but not too hot to complicate things.

On the other hand, you are in for a very humid summer. Although temperatures don’t often go above 90F the humidity really gets on one’s nerves. When you add the huge amount of bugs in this period it makes it difficult to enjoy life in DC in the summer.

a leaf
Before you decide to move think about the pros and cons of moving to DC in 2022.

Balancing leisure and work can be complicated

In a city full of workaholics and ambitious people it is very difficult not to get swept up in the lifestyle. Meeting new people and forming relationships is not the easiest when living in DC as people are generally more career-oriented. As we mentioned before this contributes to great job stability and plenty of opportunities to earn well. But don’t be fooled when there are plenty of opportunities to earn the cost of living is also high. And life in DC doesn’t come cheap. Here are some average costs to help you see the bigger picture:

  • Average D.C. rental price: $2,234
  • Average utility cost/month: $147
  • Median home purchase price: $580,000
  • Average grocery bill/month: $304
  • Average public transportation/month: $141
  • Avg annual salary: $73,000

When you get the opportunity to catch a break, which sadly isn’t often, Washington offers some of the best parks you could find. The national cherry blossom festival from March 20th to April 12th  is a must-visit. US National Arboretum offers plenty for those who enjoy walking in nature. Miles of trails and plenty of bonsai trees found here make it easy to connect with nature. We can’t go further without mentioning Rock Creek Park. 1760 acres offers a lot of outdoor opportunities. Hiking, horse riding, tennis or golf, you name it, it’s probably available in the park. Getting the right balance will be difficult in DC.

Museums and diversity

There is plenty to see and do for everyone, therefore you will never have a dull moment once you move from Texas to DC with long distance movers Houston has to offer. There are more than 70 in DC. Being considered the third best city in the country for Millennials means that the spectrum this city has to offer is huge.

Lots of people bring a lot of diversity. It has evolved from a political city to a multicultural and multiethnic community. Washington, DC prides itself on its openness and inclusivity. DC area is very open to LGBTQ+ members. The difference in culture and opinion is something the city prides itself on it.

The White House
There are many things to see and do in DC.

Consider the pros and cons of moving to DC in 2022 before you make a final decision

Depending on what you are looking for but Washington is one of the safest cities to live in in the US. Yes, it can be rather expensive to live here but there is more than enough opportunity to earn money. With good organization and a bit of luck, you can get the best of both worlds. Great job, with a good salary and good working hours, so you will have time to enjoy the parks and gardens that this area has plenty of.

Before making the final decision you should weigh out the pros and cons of moving to DC in 2022 and see whether DC is for you. Hopefully, we’ve given you all the information to help you make the final decision.




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