Moving from San Marcos to Columbus

The reason why you are moving from San Marcos to Columbus may be very exciting. However, you can’t avoid moving preparations. You need to decide about the moving date. Afterward, you will have to find the right company providing the State to State Move. Also, you will have to complete decluttering and find the packing supplies. Then, you will need time to pack the things that you what to move to Columbus. As you can see, moving preparation is a time-consuming process. Though the driving distance between San Marcos to Columbus is only about 1 ½ hrs., you will need days off work to prepare for the move.

A river, bridge and building that you will see after moving from San Marcos to Columbus.
A city panorama that you will see after moving from San Marcos to Columbus.

What to expect after moving from San Marcos to Columbus?

To start with, the living costs in Columbus TX are 17.1% cheaper than in San Marcos. Which is good news for you. The biggest factor in the cost-of-living difference is Median home cost. This means that purchasing the same size house in Columbus, you will need about 44% less than for one in San Marcos. If you are not moving for a job, this means you will need one. The main industries in Columbus, TX are accommodation & food services, retail trade, and health care & social assistance. Of course, there are also other companies to look for a job. If you have school kids, no problem. There is a lot of good quality school there. So, before long distance movers San Marcos TX, you can complete the school and job issues.

What you should know about Columbus TX before moving

Columbus TX is located 74 miles west of Houston. It is a seat of Colorado County. It is also a picturesque place, with The Colorado River running through it. Besides affordable housing, and good job possibilities, Columbus TX has a stable climate. It has rainy springs and very hot summers. However, in the period from June to November you have to take care of safety. This is hurricane season in Texas. So, living in Columbus, you should always follow the news. That way, you will be ready in case of possible trouble. Before long distance movers Columbus TX relocate you, talk to your family. Specially to your kids. Prepare them and explain that they should not ever disregard the warnings.

Clouds in the sky above the house announcing the arrival of the hurricane.
Prepare your kids that they should never disregard the hurricane warnings.

What are the interesting places to visit after moving to Columbus?

Like many other Texan places, Columbus is having a lot of historical sites. Living in Columbus, you will have many opportunities to enjoy them. However, the first places you should enjoy after moving to Columbus TX are the city most famous sites:

  • Stafford Opera House – it was built in 1886 by cattleman R.E. Stafford
  • Confederate Memorial Museum – that honors Colorado County soldiers who served in the Civil War
  • Santa Claus Museum -it holds three main collections with nearly 3,000 Santa figurines
  • Old brick store – the oldest brick house in Columbus
  • Water Tower
  • Brunson Building (Live Oak Art Center)
  • Antique Tool Museum

There are many more interesting things, and it will take a long time to visit them all.

What to do after moving from San Marcos to Columbus?

After moving from San Marcos to Columbus, and unpacking, you can take a break. You can use your time to meet the neighbors. Also, check where the closest shops and other institutions are. Check what are the best restaurants in the town. You can also take some time and check places that are good for your children. Here, we are giving the Columbus city data, that can help you. From this site, you can learn a lot about your new town.



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