5 Tips for Downsizing Your Texas Home

Leaving your old home is never easy. Even if the new one that awaits is much better on paper, leaving the place where many happy memories were created can hurt. It takes time to get used to it. So, the least that we at State to State Move can do is help you with some moving advice. Whether you are yet to move or trying to organize your place after you’ve moved, these tips will help you with downsizing your Texas home.

A step-by-step approach is the best way for downsizing your Texas home

There are a few things you can do in order to downsize your home in Texas easily:

  • Make a plan
  • Declutter room by room
  • Remove things you no longer need
  • Donate and gift some of the items to your friends
  • Make use of all the space you have

Right at the beginning, the most important thing you need to do in order for this downsize to be successful is to take a deep breath and start jotting things down. Don’t forget to start on time. Plan every task early, preferably a couple of months ahead. With a good plan and helping hand of Houston long distance moving companies, your relocation and downsizing will be just fine.

A woman writing down a plan, that helps with downsizing your Texas home
Make a thorough plan and take a step-by-step approach if you want to have success with downsizing your Texas home.

Go over each room individually

Go with a room-by-room approach and try to visualize how your new home is going to look. Make an inventory list and after measuring space in your new home, things will become more clear. One more thing important to plan ahead is the hiring long distance movers San Marcos TX, so keep that in mind.

Get rid of things you don’t need but not by throwing them away

This is a great way to downsize your Texas home. It will allow you to have much more space which is crucial if you want to be able to set things up your way. However, throwing items you don’t need isn’t necessarily the best option. There is always an option to sell your old stuff online, and we all know that some extra money won’t hurt, especially in the process of relocation. The other option is to donate it to charity. It’s a noble thing to do and someone who is struggling would really appreciate it.

Brainstorming with your friends

Every major event in life is better when shared with your loved ones, and moving and downsizing are not different. Bring some friends to help, maybe they will be willing to take some items you no longer need and there will be less stuff for long distance movers Texas you choose to carry. If not, they may have some creative ideas. In the end, even if none of this happens, at least you’ll be able to spend some time with people you love.

a group of people sitting on the grass
Talk with your friends, maybe they’ll have some ideas.

Make the most of your space when downsizing your Texas home

This is what you do after the move. Make use of all the space you have. Walls for example are usually empty and you can put them on large shelves and bookcases. You’ll be able to place many small items, maybe even some of the bigger ones, according to your taste.

There you go. These were the top 5 tips for downsizing your Texas home. Don’t worry, with a good plan and help from long-distance moving companies, your relocation will be a success. When it comes to downsizing, be creative and let your imagination do its thing.  All the best in your new home!


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