Fun family activity ideas after moving to South Florida

Relocation to South Florida will certainly be one of the best decisions you have made so far. First of all, it’s one of the most popular destinations in the United States of America. It’s very urban and it has a lot of population. You are going to have many new job opportunities definitely. Plus, the possibilities for the education for your children will be various. Moving from state to state will bring you many new changes. Therefore, we suggest you relax a little bit by using some of our family activity ideas after moving to South Florida. That is a great way to cope with the stress of relocation, which unfortunately happens very frequently.

One of the activities for the whole family can be visiting Biscayne National Park

If you use the help of a professional and reliable relocation company, moving from Texas to Florida is not going to be tricky at all. They will do all necessary tasks in a record time. And after you move, you have to visit Biscayne National Park. It has beautiful aquamarine water and a lot of picturesque coral reefs. On this island, there is evidence of different prehistoric cultures. Many people visit it for boating, fishing, and diving. While others come for the pleasant wind and serene surroundings. And the good thing is there is no entrance fee you have to pay. You can take boat tours, do paddling and kayaking,  or visit the institute. Everglades National Park is located nearby which you can’t forget to visit.

Fish in the water
If you go to Biscayne National Park with your family, you can see amazing coral reefs underwater and swim with tropical fish.

One of the family activity ideas after moving to South Florida is going to an amusement park

If you have small children, they are certainly going to love this! Amusement parks are adored not only by kids but also by adults. There are a couple of them in South Florida such as:

  • Uncle Bernie’s Amusement Park – There you can find rides for all ages, a surprise kind of entertainment, and fair carnival foods.
  • Dezerland Park – Trampoline park, karting, mini-golf, and arcade are one of the services. And your children can even celebrate birthdays there.
  • Park Everglades – It offers a lot of outdoor activities.
  • Coconut Cove Waterpark and Community Center – The season is almost coming, so why wouldn’t you enjoy the pool?
  • Santa’s Enchanted Forest – Dazzling lights, delicious food, and Santa are waiting for you.


amusement park is one of the family activity ideas after moving to South Florida
Spending your free time in a theme park will be very relieving for the whole family.

Visiting the butterfly world in Coconut Creek will be a life-changing experience

For the purpose of a cross-country relocation, interstate moving companies Houston are here for you. It will definitely guarantee you a relaxed mind. Butterfly World is without a doubt one of the most magical family activity ideas after moving to South Florida. This butterfly house, which houses over 20,000 colorful flying insects, is the first of its type. Furthermore, it’s home to a variety of beautiful and amazing birds. Working since 1988, it’s going to astonish literally anyone. You will even have a chance to feed parrots. It’s going to be a very educational and unique experience. And prepare to walk a lot, because butterfly world in Coconut Creek is pretty big.

Blue butterflies and mushrooms
One of the family activity ideas after moving to South Florida can be having an amazing experience while hanging out with various types of butterflies.

Let’s have some fun with the whole family at Miami Beach

You definitely must explore Miami Beach. If you and your family don’t visit it, it will be like you didn’t feel the spirit of South Florida at all. It’s a vacation city on the coast of Florida’s Miami-Dade County. Except for breathtaking beaches, there is also Miami Beach Architectural District. It has a huge historical significance. This cultural neighborhood is home to the world’s biggest collection of Art Deco structures. While you are already here, we suggest you visit some of the museums and galleries such as:

  • The Bass Museum of Art
  • Jewish Museum of Florida
  • The Wolfsonian—Florida International University
  • Romero Britto Fine Art Gallery
  • National Geographic Fine Art Galleries

Of course, when you visit Miami Beach, the water may be your primary goal. South Pointe Park, for example, is one of several beach-based parks that provide particular activities. This park on Miami Beach’s southern point was recently refurbished. And it offers amazing views of cruise ships passing by on their way out to sea.

Miami Children’s Museum as a family activity idea after moving to South Florida

Relocation to South Florida with cross country movers Florida can represent a big change. This especially applies to your children. You must find a way to help them to cope with the stress. And there is no better option than visiting Miami Children’s Museum. It will provide a diverse spectrum of multidisciplinary arts. Except that, cultural, community, and communication experiences are guaranteed. This is very important because the purpose of this visit should not be just fun, yet educational. Before all, they are a non-profit educational institution. The ticket is not expensive at all. Plus, once a month you can enter there for free. Set aside some free time and go there to enjoy.

Fort Lauderdale will take your breath away

Fort Lauderdale is famous for a lot of stuff, such as its beaches, events, and good entertainment. It’s called the “Venice of America”. You can do shopping on Las Olas Boulevard, or ride on a gondola on the canals. Also, it’s less expensive than Miami. There are miles and miles of beaches and parks to explore. And surely you will never get bored here. If you are into restaurants and tasty food, visit Kaluz or Steak 954.

As you have seen, family activity ideas after moving to South Florida are numerous. If you are still not sure about where to go, check out Flamingo Gardens or West Palm Beach. On the other hand, go to Miami Zoo or Lincoln Road Mall.




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