Is Houston Heights the right choice for you?

Houston is one of the biggest cities in Texas. With a population of 2.2 million people, it is also one of the most densely populated areas in the state. There are 88 neighborhoods in this city, plenty to choose from for your move with State to State movers. But today, we will focus only on one of them – Houston Heights. Located in North-west central Houston, it is one of the neighborhoods closest to downtown. If living close to the center of an urban area sounds appealing, then you probably wonder, is Houston Heights the right choice for you?

Houston Heights is a historic neighborhood

This small neighborhood in the heart of Houston is home to 25,000 people. Since it is located in Haris County, it is a bit more spacious that other parts of the city, offering even a suburban feel. People that live here love the area and the community, and they would also recommend our Houston long distance movers. Thanks to its numerous benefits – which we will discuss below, many people decide to stay here and commit to buying a home. This results in 62% of the population owning their homes, leaving little room for rental properties. It is one of the best neighborhoods for young people in the area, with 19% of the population being families with children. If you are a family person and wonder – if Houston Heights is the right choice for you, you might have your answer already.

Picture of a happy family
Many families call Houston Heights home

Overall low cost of living

The housing market price increases have affected the whole world, not just cities in the USA. Even though there was a price increase of 14.7% in Houston, it is still more affordable than in other metropolitan areas. Housing prices are higher than the national average, at $598,000, and rent at $1,400 per month, but you have to agree, that it is still affordable. Apart from housing costs, other factors make the cost of living affordable:

  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare, etc.

The cost of these is 8.3% lower than the average, making Houston one of the most popular moving destinations for a move with our long distance movers Houston Heights TX. This is especially true for millennials, who are flocking into the city daily.

Houston Heights is a diverse neighborhood

Since there are so many millennials moving into Houston, and Houston Heights, it is normal to expect that those will be adults from all over the world. Even though US citizens also move between states, many Hispanic people get attracted to Houston. All of them have the option to make complete their move with some long distance moving companies Texas, and so do you. So, more than one-third of residents in this neighborhood and Houston, in general, identify as Latino. This has more benefits than having Spanish-speaking friends – a diverse cuisine and arts from all over the world can be found in one city.

Picture of people who are enjoying Mexican music
If you are wondering is Houston Heights the right choice for you, be ready for a diverse and happy community

So, is Houston Heights the right choice for you?

The question is Houston Heights the right choice for you will greatly depend on the type of person you are. As good as this neighborhood is, every one of them comes with bad sides attached. For this city, it is the intolerable summer heat and humidity, bugs, a constant hurricane threat, and heavy traffic. The choice is yours in the end, so choose wisely after closer inspecting the city of Houston. We wish you good luck!

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