Bastrop TX vs Dayton TX: Which is right for you

You are looking to escape to a smaller town, with wide open spaces where you can finally breathe. You also need access to all significant institutions, like hospitals, schools, post offices, banks, etc. Texas is an ideal state to start living peacefully so you just need to make a choice, which is Bastrop TX vs Dayton TX. All you have to do now is research and find long distance moving companies that could help you accomplish your mission successfully.

Old barn with a Texan flag painted on the roof
In Texas you will be able to start afresh

Bastrop TX vs Dayton TX- how to decide

We all long to have a home of our own and not worry about a rent increase. That’s why Texas is becoming one of the up-and-coming U.S. states. One of the reasons people move here is because most people are eligible to own a house, have a shot at good schools, and have a diversified lifestyle. Bastrop TX and Dayton TX are on the rise as there are plenty of open spaces and possibilities to build your dream house. On the plus side, you can decide to live in one of these cities but commute to work in Houston or Austin, both of which are in the vicinity.

used up Texas sign across a sunny sky - Bastrop TX vs Dayton TX
Texas decision: Bastrop TX vs Dayton TX

Local move

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and already live in Texas and you are just looking to have a nice, quiet place of your own. This takes so much of the pressure off because it only requires you to find a reputable moving company. If you are living in Texas and looking to move either to Bastrop or Dayton, you should look at the website for long distance moving companies Texas. State to State Move has received thousands of reviews from satisfied customers. You can visit the site, get a free moving estimate, and start planning your move.

Almost empty highway with some trees on the side of the road
An interstate move is all kinds of difficult

Interstate move to Bastrop TX

If you are moving from a different U.S. state, things are a little bit different. For this kind of move, there is a lot more organization going into it. Transition is a lot harder and there is a lot of stress. State to State move can help you with that because of their long history in moving and their long-distance movers in Bastrop TX are just the people you need. Since they are a local company, they can also help you with changing your driver’s license or finding a nice hotel to stay in, until you are finished moving.

Interstate move to Dayton TX

However, if you decide that Dayton is more of a town to your liking, State to State moving company is again here to assist you. They have a team of reliable long-distance movers in Dayton TX, which you can call and arrange everything, from making a list of all the things you want to move, to packaging (their team specializes in packing all kinds of things) and to the move itself so you don’t need to break a sweat. Since you’ll be working with professionals, you can relax and visit some of Dayton’s sightings such as the Old Spanish Trail.

Figuring out your budget

Whether you are moving within the state or interstate, moving costs are very high. They depend on various other reasons, besides distance. You need to take into account the following variables that influence the cost of moving:

  • number of items you need to be moved and their size
  • cost of moving is seasonal, the warmer the weather, the more expensive the move
  • insurance cost on some of your valuables
  • cost of storage units

Considering all of this, it is best to contact State to State move and get a quote from their website.

two-man carrying a box
Why stress and pack yourself, when you can hire movers to do it for you

Packing everything up

You are faced with the decision of which things you’ll keep and pack for your move. Packing can be so demanding and time-consuming, that it is best to be left to the pros. State to State Move’s packaging team, consisting of hard-working, well-coordinated, and punctual professionals will help you. They will treat your things as if they were their own. The only thing you need to do is to lay out all the things that need packing and watch them do their magic.

Storage options

Some things hold sentimental value, but you can’t fit in in your new home. You can throw them away, donate or sell or you can place them in a storage unit. Whatever the size of your items, you can place them in a storage unit. This is also one of the many services that State to State move offers. You just need to decide the location of your unit based on where you decide to live: Bastrop TX (nearest storage is in Austin) or Dayton TX (nearest storage unit in Houston).

Before you leave your old home

Usually, there are a lot of things that need to be finished before you move either to Bastrop or Dayton. Here is a short to-do list:

  • notify your bank about the change in address
  • notify your local Post Office about the change in address
  • place all your subscriptions to newspapers and magazines at your new address
  • cancel all of your utility bills
  • arrange a garage sale so you can get extra cash
  • donate some of your things to charity

You must do all of these things promptly, so you’ll have enough time to rectify it if something doesn’t go as planned.

Settling into your new home

The move went spectacularly, you’re pleased with the services provided by Austin long distance movers and now you need to settle into your new home. Based on your extensive research, you even made the tough decision, Bastrop TX vs Dayton TX. If you made a decision and you are living in Bastrop, good on you! Because of its vicinity to Austin, you can make a day trip and visit Lady Bird Lake. If your choice of city is Dayton, then you can go sightseeing in Houston, TX, and visit NASA Space Center and a lot more. Whichever your choice of city is, there is a lot that the great state of Texas can offer. The only thing left for you is to plan and explore the beauty of Texas.

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