How to organize a green long distance move

These days, more and more people are aware of the necessity of reducing our carbon footprint. Admittedly, relocations are not as influential as some of the other industries but they contribute nonetheless. If you want to organize a green long distance move, you will need to change your habits a bit and consider eco-friendly solutions. Furthermore, you will want to work with one of long distance moving companies that incorporate green practices. Also, the end of the relocation is not the end of your efforts, either. You will need to continue having a green mindset, relieving our planet of as much burden as you can manage. In this article, we will go over how you can do exactly that.

Organize a green long distance move in 4 easy steps

If you want to do the minimal amount of harm to the planet, here’s what you will need to do:

  • Use green moving supplies
  • Do not buy what you don’t need
  • Go with a green moving company
  • Continue green practices after the move

Of course, changing your lifestyle and spending habits can influence things as well. You can ask your long distance movers Spring TX about the ways that you can help the green effort, even after the move. With all of us doing our part, the planet will endure much longer. With that in mind, let’s start with step one of organizing an eco-friendly relocation.

organize a green long distance move - less is more
The fewer vehicles on the road, the less carbon footprint there is.

Use green moving supplies

Every relocation necessitates the use of moving supplies. You are going to need containers, as well as packing supplies for your items. The trick is to choose the materials that are beneficial to the environment and to minimize the need for more production. Most international movers already follow this logic, and more and more countries are incorporating green policies. The list below will provide you with some of the supplies that are ideal for the task.

Reusable containers

First of all, you may want to stray further from cardboard boxes than normal. Plastic moving containers are all but infinitely reusable, which makes them a lot more green than their cardboard counterparts. Therefore, to organize a green long distance move, you will need to secure these plastic bins. Reusable is the name of the game, which means that you are not buying a new product, you are securing one that is already existing. This creates a smaller demand for further products, which impacts the environment positively. Plastic bins have the additional advantage of being recyclable, as well.

Recycled boxes

However, if you do not want to go with plastic for your relocation, for any reason whatsoever, you have another option at your disposal. You can use recycled moving boxes. Most stores do not have a use for cardboard boxes after they unload their contents and they will be glad to give you a box or several, free of charge. By using these “recycled” boxes, you are creating an effect that is quite similar to reusable plastic containers. You are not adding to the demand, you are using what is already available. 

couple packing a kitchen cardboard box
Try to use second-hand moving boxes, even if they are already labeled

Do not buy what you don’t need if you want to organize a green long distance move

Following that logic, you will want to apply it to just about everything. Use what you have, don’t buy anything new if you really don’t have to. You already have plenty of containers and packing materials in your own home, you don’t need packing services from a professional mover in most cases. Here’s what you can utilize to great effect:

Use your own blankets and other soft items

If you want to protect fragile items, you may consider purchasing moving blankets for the occasion. However, chances are that you already have blankets and similarly soft objects in your home that can be used to a similar effect. Pillows, socks, regular blankets all have a use in the packing process. Of course, if you end up missing some supplies, feel free to buy what you lack. But the more you use your own items, the better. You will reduce the carbon footprint with each and every item you do not buy.

Utilize already existing containers

Moving boxes and plastic bins are not the only containers that are suitable for moving purposes. You can use drawers, various shoe boxes, even trash bags to a similar effect. Basically, anything that can be used as a container serves much the same purpose as a moving box. Sure, it may not look all clean and tidy as a set of cardboard boxes but it’s free and it’s green. So, pack everything you can in containers you already have and only purchase boxes or bins for the rest of your belongings.

Go with a green moving company

When searching for a mover to conduct your green relocation, you need to pay attention to several factors. First, inform yourself about what kind of moving materials do your movers use. More and more movers are environmentally conscious nowadays, and some will go to great lengths to prove it. You will also want to check what type of fuel they use for their trucks. What you are looking for are the companies that have transferred to using biodiesel instead of gasoline/petrol. Biodiesel, as a fuel, reduces much of the waste that gets emitted in the air and all of the green companies will use it to fuel their trucks.

two movers inside a moving van
A green moving company does everything it can to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations

Continue green practices after the move

Lastly, even after you organize a green long distance move, and are over with it, you will still want to be conscious of life choices that impact the environment. For starters, you will need to clean your new home and can opt to use a selection of green cleaning products instead of “regular” ones. Another thing that you can do is change some of your habits with eco-friendly ones. For example, you can change the incandescent lighting in your home to LED-focused one. There are many ways to be even greener and to enjoy a number of benefits that come along. All it takes is a small shift in lifestyle. You will feel a lot better knowing that you are doing what you can.

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