Moving to Texas with toddlers – How to do it

Toddlers and relocation don’t sound like a good combination. Everyone who has small children knows just how much is hard to raise toddlers. It’s a full-time job with little free time for anything else. For this reason, moving with toddlers can be challenging but not impossible. However, preparing for relocation with toddlers alone is not the best decision, especially if you are moving long-distance. In this case, your best option is to hire one of the long distance  moving companies. Professional movers will not just offer you the help you need but also support, advice, knowledge, etc. Your relocation with professional movers will be safe and comfortable. Now, you need to decide where to move with your family. Texas has many good choices for families with small kids. Therefore, here are a few tips for moving to Texas with toddlers.

What should you know when moving to Texas with toddlers?

Choosing a new city for living in is hard, especially when you are moving to the second-largest state in the US. For a variety of reasons, Texas is a favorite relocation spot for retirees and families with kids. The pleasant weather, the lack of income tax, and the abundance of employment options are a few common reasons. Of course, every city will have its advantages and a few disadvantages, but most cities in Texas are good for living. Now, big cities with over a million residents are not the perfect match for families with small kids. The better option is a smaller city such as South Huston where you can buy a big, nice home with a huge yard. Moving to South Huston won’t be hard if you hire long distance movers South Houston. Some other good cities for families are the following:

  • Missouri City
  • Pearland
  • Jacinto City
  • Fresno
Mother and child looking at sunset
Texas has many great family-friendly cities

Missouri City

Many would argue that the best place for families with kids is a smaller city located near a big one. In this case, that would be Missouri City. There are many reasons why you should move here with long distance movers Missouri City TX. First, the city is located only 18 miles from Huston which means you can easily commute as you will need about a 30 min car ride. Now, Missouri City is not exactly a small city as it has a population of almost 80 000. Besides the usual great restaurants and shopping sites, Missouri City provides a fantastic educational setting that allows children to develop to their greatest potential. The social environment is inclusive and gives room for people from all over the world to interact and share ideas. Missouri City is a wonderful area to live and raise a family overall.


When you are moving to Texas with toddlers, one of the cities you should consider is Pearland. A bustling city just south of Houston in Pearland, Texas. It has lovely parks, an easy commute, and a strong focus on families. This city has plenty to offer everyone because of its close proximity to the Gulf Coast and its thriving local economy. Pearland has a ton of things to do, from its plethora of parks and recreation facilities to its thriving shopping centers. Many colleges are close by, making this a great location for students or professionals wishing to expand their job options. Education is also of the highest level here. For this reason, you should definitely move here with long distance movers Pearland TX. The sense of community is strong which means many nice neighborhoods with lovely but affordable homes.

Moving to Texas with toddlers
Pearland is a suburb of Huston

Jacinto City

If you are truly looking for a small city to move your family to, then Jacinto City is a place for you. Jacinto City is a very small city with a population of almost 10 000. There are many advantages of moving to Jacinto City with long distance movers Jacinto City TX. Usually, the sense of community in smaller cities is strong as everyone knows everyone. This means crime rates are very low and your kids will be able to run and play freely on the streets. The biggest con of living in a small town is the lack of job options. However, this can be easily fixed, especially if you move to Jacinto City. Jacinto City is a suburb of Huston, and the distance is less than 10 miles. Therefore, if you don’t manage to find a good job in Jacinto City, you will certainly find one in Huston.

Moving to Texas with toddlers- is Cypress a good city for kids?

The next good option for you would be to move to Cypress. The city offers a variety of reasons to move here with long distance movers in Cypress TX, such as well-maintained neighborhoods, a wealth of employment options, and a close-knit community. Additionally, the city is the largest so far on this list as it has a population of over 100 000. The recreational amenities that are typically found in metropolitan areas, such as waterparks, fitness centers, gyms, playgrounds, campgrounds, trails, golf courses, resorts, and shopping areas, are all present in Cypress. There are plenty of enjoyable activities available both inside and outside. Residents of Cypress work in lucrative and in-demand fields. In comparison to the US median, Cypress’ median household income is significantly greater at $99 000 annually. There are many job options in Cypress and the surrounding city of Houston.

two kids sitting on swing
Cypress has all amenities as bigger cities


Another good town for you and your family is Seguin. It’s a lovely small town to move to with long distance movers Seguin TX with many advantages. The town is on the smaller side, as Seguin has a population of almost 30 000. Locally, everyone knows everyone. Around town, many events are held. San Marcos, New Braunfels, and San Antonio are all easily accessible. Real estate is in high demand as the city’s population rises and new districts are developed. The town has everything you need for a comfortable life, but it can become a little bit repetitive. The biggest problem of living in a smaller city is a lack of entertainment options. While Seguin has a couple of entertainment options, they are still limited. Luckily, you can easily travel to San Antonio or some other big city close to Seguin.


The final town here that you should consider is Fresno. This town, with a population of almost 30 000, is a definition of a family-friendly city. It’s clean and with a lot of trees, so the air is also cleaner than in bigger cities. Most residents are doing some sort of gardening and growing their vegetables. Since there aren’t many neighbors, any kind of animal is allowed. You might have cows, horses, chickens, etc. If you move here with long distance moving companies Fresno TX, you and your family will be able to experience a true rural lifestyle. Another great pro of living in Fresno is the low crime rate. Because it is a small town, the crime rate is extremely low. Most people will flourish in this uplifting, friendly environment. For this reason, Fresno could be one of the cities to consider when moving to Texas with toddlers.

picture of a small pig
You can keep all kinds of different animals in Fresno such as pigs, chicken, etc

How to prepare for relocation when moving to Texas with toddlers?

Now comes the hardest part and that is moving preparation. If you want to prepare for your relocation properly, then you will need time, dedication, and hard work. However, every parent knows that free time doesn’t really exist when you have small children. You can’t just leave your toddler in one room unsupervised while you are packing items in another room. For this reason, you will need someone to take care of your kids while you are preparing for relocation. Now, finding last-minute childcare could be challenging, but possible. There are a couple of solutions such as your family helping or hiring a nanny. This way, your kids will be taken care of while you have more free time to focus on moving preparation.

Try to stick with your kid’s routine

Toddlers might not understand what is going on around the house, but they will understand when their meal is missing, or playtime is. For this reason, you should try to stick with your usual routine of feeding, playing, and napping as much as possible. However, it will be hard to keep your toddlers’ usual routine if you pack their room first. Therefore, you should leave your kid’s room for the last to pack and the first to unpack. When packing up your baby’s things, be careful to label properly each box. This way, finding items you need for your baby during and after your relocation will be easier. Also, don’t forget to pack an essential box for your kids. Beside usual items, you should also pack a favorite toy of your kid, a blanket, a pacifier, bottles, etc.

mother and kid sitting on a bed
When moving to Texas with toddlers, you should try to stick with your kid’s routine

Start preparing for your relocation in advance

One thing is for sure, you can’t prepare for a relocation with a toddler in just a week. Even a month is probably not enough time. Usually, moving preparations last a month or two depending on the size of your home and the distance. As you have a small child or children, you will have a lot of belongings to pack. Small kids usually have much more items than they need such as too many clothes and toys. However, as toddlers grow fast, they outgrow their clothes fast. For this reason, you should consider decluttering some of the items before your relocation. Packing items that you won’t use anymore will only cost you money and time. There are always charities where you can donate your decluttered items to people less fortunate. As you will need time to accomplish everything, you should start at least a month or two in advance.

Don’t move by yourself

The biggest mistake you can make when moving to Texas with toddlers is to move by yourself. Trying a DIY move with toddlers will be too stressful for you. Additionally, if you are stressed all the time, your kids will be as well. So, to avoid unpleasant situations right away at the start, you should hire professional movers. As moving with toddlers is hard, you will need to find a good and reliable moving company for your relocation. Start your search by picking up a couple of moving companies that have a moving service that you need. Read moving reviews from previous customers and choose at least three moving companies to contact. Ask them anything you want to know and have doubts about. Also, the final step is to ask for moving quotes and choose the one that offers you the best one.

Moving to Texas with toddlers with professional movers
Hire a moving company for your relocation

Try to keep calm and focused when moving to Texas with toddlers

It’s very easy to say to someone not to feel stressed and to stay calm. However, the reality is completely different, and something it’s impossible to be calm about. Regrettably, toddlers and young children are prone to picking up on stress in their environment, especially when it comes to their parent’s emotions. This will simply exacerbate a child’s anxiety. Toddler unhappiness can be detected by changes in sleep and eating patterns, as well as by unexpected temper tantrums and weeping bouts. It’s crucial that you maintain composure throughout the relocation in order to keep your kid as peaceful as possible. For this reason, you should get help from professional movers and your family and friends. While professional movers are packing your belongings, your family can babysit kids at their homes.

Unpack your kids’ rooms first

The kitchen, bathroom, and kids’ room are the first rooms to unpack. For this reason, when you are finished moving to Texas with toddlers, you should also follow this order of unpacking. Moving with kids won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible. You will need a good moving plan and a lot of help from different sources. But in the end, you will successfully move to your new home in Texas.

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