Best places to move to from Texas

Texas is an amazing state and it’s definitely hard to replace it. However, when it’s time to move, you need to find the best place that will replace Texas. And that is very hard to do. Thankfully, you can always count on moving companies state to state to make the relocation smooth and efficient. But what are the best places to move to from Texas? Let’s take a look at some of our suggestions that we know will fit your lifestyle.

California is one of the places to move to from Texas

There’s no denying that a lot of Texans choose California as their new location. However, there are certainly some pros and cons to that decision. The first negative part of that relocation is the money. To be more precise, the taxes. That’s something people moving from Texas to DC don’t feel as much as the ones going to California. However, you can be sure that the great weather and a huge number of opportunities will be able to balance things. There’s a good reason why it’s one of the states that most Texans migrate to.

A view at Los Angeles
California is one of the places to move to from Texas

Colorado is a state many choose to move to

The state of Colorado is definitely a place that will attract many people from Texas. Especially ones that like change after a big move. On top of that, Colorado is very similar when it comes to the taxes and overall friendliness of the locals. For that reason, it’s very much like moving from Texas to Boston as you will have a big support group in your community. That’s why if you’re looking for places to move to from Texas, Colorado needs to be on top of your list. It’s definitely a version of Texas with colder weather, but you will definitely feel welcome.

Oklahoma has many similarities to Texas

One of the states that not many people are mentioning is Oklahoma. It has a lot of similarities to Texas. There’s a number of cities that are on the rise and you can expect a big boom of people to relocate to Oklahoma. Of course, it’s important that you prepare for such a move with storage services and everything else you’ll need. You will feel at home in Oklahoma quickly as it really is one of the states to watch out for. Especially if you’re moving with a family.

Norman, Oklahoma
You won’t regret Oklahoma as your new home state

Whatever of our advice you choose, it’s hard to replace Texas. However, with our top places to move to from Texas, we’re sure it’s going to make the whole process easier. Whatever state from the list you choose will have some resemblance to the state of Texas and can make you feel at home, while still offering you something new and exciting. Anywhere you go don’t forget to enjoy it. Be it that you’re moving alone or with your family, you will have a lot to do.

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