Fresno vs Jacinto City: a comparison between two cities

Life in small cities in Texas could be beneficial in so many ways. Whether you live in one of the large cities, such as Houston or Austin, or in a small one, such as Jacinto City or Fresno, you are in the right place. Today we will help you decide whether you should opt for settling down in some of the small Texas cities. If you are in doubt and can’t decide the best place to move to, reading this article will ease your decision. In this comprehensive article, we will discuss Fresno vs Jacinto City. So, following our tips will enable you to figure out which one is a better place for you. Let’s discover some reasons why Fresno or Jacinto City could be ideal places for you to move to. With our efficient long distance movers Texas trusts you will relocate quickly regardless of the city you choose.

Main differences between these two cities

Whether you are moving for a job, education, or a fresh start, both Jacinto City and Fresno could be phenomenal choices. Nevertheless, it is hard to determine which place will suit you better. If you have never lived in any of these places before, you’ll want to get to know them better. Before you start planning your move and contact one of the finest long distance moving companies to help you conduct your move, learn all you need to know about these two places and their differences. We have gathered many useful information and tips that will enable you to choose your new city wisely.

The buildings in small Texas city during sunset
Let’s learn more about Fresno vs Jacinto City to decide which is the best for you!

Fresno vs Jacinto City-  which one is better?

The first thing you should know, both cities are small and ideal for people who are looking for a slower pace. However, Fresno is more populated than Jacinto City. With a population of 23,921 residents, Fresno is considered a suburb of Houston with a rural feel. On the other hand, Jacinto City has about 9,734 residents, and it is also a suburb of Houston with a dense suburban feel. Are you thinking about moving to one of these cities for a job in Houston? In this case, you might like Jacinto City more than Fresno. Jacinto City is only 8 miles away from Houston, while Fresno is 16 miles away from Houston by car.

Although these two cities are close to each other, they don’t belong to the same county. Fresno is located in Fort Bend County, while Jacinto City is a part of Harris County. But before we learn more about these cities, let’s remember one thing- both cities are in close proximity to Houston. Even if you are coming to Texas from another state, our Houston long distance movers will help you conduct your relocation smoothly.

Are you thinking about making a list that will help you select the perfect city in Texas for you? Here are some differences between Jacinto City and Fresno, TX, to put on your list:

  • there are more homeowners in Fresno than in Jacinto City
  • expect higher income in Fresno than in Jacinto City. The median household income in Fresno is about $79,425, while in Jacinto City, it is nearly $41,784
  • the median home value in Fresno is about  $305,003. The average cost of a single-family home in Jacinto City is $211,025
  • it is cheaper to rent a home in Jacinto City than in Fresno

What to expect if you opt for Fresno?

Fresno is a family-friendly place with an abundance of greenery. Once you find a perfect home and hire one of the long distance moving companies Fresno TX offers, you will be closer to nature and life without the toxic chemicals that you can escape from in large cities. Moving to Fresno means that you can choose any pet you want. Since there are not so many neighbors, you may have chickens, horses, and cows. This is a very safe city to live in, and in Fresno, you don’t have to worry about burglars and crime. This city is home to many top-rated public schools, such as Donald Leonetti Elementary School, Billy Baines Middle School,  Ridge Point High School, etc. This is a quiet area ideal for raising a family away from crowded cities.

wooden fence
Move to Fresno if you love spending time in nature.

Wondering are there any parks and playgrounds in Fresno? Of course, some of the favorite ones are Teal Run North Park, Eldridge park, and Reflection Bay Recreation Center. Here you will have unforgettable moments with your kids and pets. Also, you can take a walk or work out in some of the parks in Fresno. There are few grocery stores, coffee shops, dessert shops, and restaurants in Fresno. If you ask your new Fresno neighbors for any help, you’ll realize you are surrounded by very nice, welcoming people. They will recommend you visit restaurants such as Soliz Casa Del Tacos, Chick-fil-A, and Pizza Hut. Wondering where to order tacos after moving in with the help of the long distance movers in Houston Heights? You can choose between La Michoacana #60, Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen, or Escalante’s. Although these restaurants are not located in the big city, you will enjoy delicious food from them.

Pros and cons of living in Fresno

Just like any other place, Fresno has its advantages and disadvantages. Although this city can offer you beautiful nature, fresh air, and calm, safe, and quiet streets, here you will not find an abundance of restaurants,  shopping malls, and universities. But when you need any of mentioned things, all you need to do is to visit Houston. Since the City of Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States of America, here you can find whatever you need. Although the costs of living in Houston are expensive, living in Fresno will enable you to have a quality life until you are ready for some larger steps.

Wondering who lives in Fresno, Texas? Your neighbors are both single and couples, and most of them are young. If you want to be a part of a thriving and friendly community, you should start looking for housing options in Fresno. Since we are talking about the small city in Fort Bend County, expect to choose between single-family homes in different sizes. And most importantly, moving here can mean you will finally become a homeowner. Affordable housing is one of the vital reasons to pick Fresno for your future address.

Decorated front porch
Expect to enjoy many advantages of living in a place such as Fresno.

Convenient location

Whether you want to start your education or a career in Houston, Fresno might be a good place for you. But since Jacinto City is a bit closer to Houston, consider Fresno vs Jacinto City one more time. All in all, life in such a small city will leave you with plenty of time for your hobbies and things you like. And what when you crave the crowd, rich culture, and history? You will need about half an hour to reach the big city, in this case, the famous Houston. So, even if you are about to hire long distance movers in Round Rock TX, you will not regret if you pick a place like Fresno. Maybe this is a perfect place where you will enjoy the lifestyle you have dreamed about.

What to expect from Jacinto City?

If you are thinking about living in a small city where traffic is minimal, Jacinto City is an ideal place for you. This place is very walkable, and it is also close to freeways so that you can reach the stores or downtown with ease. A walkable and friendly community with adequate services, resources, and authority is reason enough to hire our reliable long distance movers Jacinto City TX, residents love and move here. Although it is a very small city, it is a great place to live, whether you are a young person with a family or a senior looking to retire. If you are looking for an affordable place to rent or buy a home not that far away from your workplace in Houston, you shouldn’t skip Jacinto City. Many of its residents will tell you this is probably the calmest and safest Houston suburb to raise a family.

people in the restaurant talking about Fresno vs Jacinto City
You will enjoy tasty food in Jaconto City restaurants.

Although you will not find many restaurants, shopping malls, and specialized stores in Jacinto City, there are still enough places to find what you need. If you want t  grab your morning cup of coffee, you can do it from Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Don Rey Mexican Restaurant, or The Hellcat Cafe. In case you are looking for a fun dine-in experience, check out places such as Taqueria Taconazo, McCarty’s Grocery, or Taqueria El Sol De Mexico.

This is a great place for families

There are four top-rated public elementary schools in the district and seven public middle schools with excellent ratings. Check out Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions, Carnegie Vanguard High School, and Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. When it comes to parks and playgrounds to spend time with kids, there are a few of them here. Once you come to visit this place, go to Wilkie Park, Jacinto City Parks & Rec, or Herman Brown Park. There you will find playgrounds provide great recreational facilities for children as well as adults. Enjoy a nice family picnic in the shade in the summer months in one of the mentioned parks. Here you can always take a walk along the trail for some weekend activities with your kids.

A teacher talking about Fresno vs Jacinto City to the students
Explore educational options when comparing Fresno vs Jacinto City.

There are also plenty of daycare options for kids in Jacinto City. Some of the childcare centers are Gethsemane Christian Learning Center & Nursery, Childhood Seasons Learning Academy, Early Explorers Learning Acad, and Wallisville KinderCare. Proximity to different daycare centers is vital for parents with full-time jobs.

How to choose between the two cities?

This is one of those questions that none has the perfect answer to. But the right choice can help you have a better quality of life, for sure. Do you want to be just miles away from your new workplace in Houston and need to buy an affordable home at the same time? Your phenomenal choice will be Jacinto City. However, you must know this city doesn’t have all the amenities that you might expect. Before you decide to find a home in Jacinto City, we recommend you spend some time in local restaurants and shops and take a tour across the city.

Our advice will be the same if you are not sure if Fresno is the right place to move to. Only when you have reasons enough to move there will you enjoy every step of the transition. So, visit the city you are considering moving to. Meet locals, take a walk around its streets and try to imagine spending your days in such an environment.

highway during the night
Both Fresno and Jacinto City are in close proximity to Houston.

It is time for a new chapter in a small city in Texas

Although Jacinto City and Fresno are appealing places for some people, others would never give up on life in a large city with endless amenities and options. But if you are about to move your home to one of these small cities, it’s important to make a smart choice according to your needs. So, create a list that includes all your personal pros and cons of moving to each of these two cities. Compare them, and you will know which one the winner is in the battle of Fresno vs Jacinto City. Once you decide and start planning your move, our skilled long distance movers in Live Oak TX will be at your disposal. We will help you speed up your relocation, so don’t hesitate and give us a call whenever you are ready!

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