Housing opportunities in Georgia

Moving to a new state is not something you can decide on overnight. This is a process that will require planning, organization, and research. Now, there are many reasons as to why someone would move. However, whatever the reason, one of the main things you should look for before moving is the housing options. Because of that, we talk about housing opportunities in Georgia. Before you get in touch with State to State Movers we are going to help you understand the housing situation in the state. Your housing expenses will play a big part in your lifestyle, so it is crucial that you are aware of the situation.

Housing opportunities in Georgia

Georgia is a Southwestern state with nearly 11 million people living in it. The city of Atlanta is both the largest city and the capital city of the state. Moreover, Atlanta houses around 57% of the entire Georgia population. Atlanta is also the economic and cultural center of the Southwestern US region. There are 17 Fortune 500 companies that have headquarters in Georgia. The Peach State, as it is known, is the eighth-most populous state in the US. If moving there, hiring Austin interstate movers can make the process much easier for you.

What is there to know about the Georgia real estate market?

  • The median home value is $269.500
  • Home value experienced an increase of 22% in the last year
  • Properties spent an average of 26 days on the market
  • Forest Park represents the most affordable location in the state
a panoramic view of the city of Atlanta as one of the larger cities that still offers affordable housing opportunities in Georgia
Although there is an increase in real estate prices, the market in the state is very solid and still affordable

The state of Georgia is slowly becoming a red-hot seller’s market for real estate. Although the market has seen an increase of more than 61% over the 5 years period, the housing is pretty affordable still. So, moving from Texas to Georgia might not be a bad idea after all.

The rent is also affordable

The state has a slightly lower median household income than the national average. Namely, the median household income in the state is around $59.000. So, if you are thinking about renting in the state, you should be happy to know it is not that expensive.

a sign that says "for rent" hanging from a building
Paying rent in any of the major cities in Atlanta will still be much more affordable than living in other states; Hence, housing opportunities in Georgia are very affordable

Moreover, this can help you adapt to the city better. A 3-bedroom home is around $2.300 a month in Atlanta, for example. Remember, Atlanta is the largest city in the state. Before you decide to move here using household movers Austin services, know that 36% of the population are renters.

Why consider housing opportunities in Georgia?

The state of Georgia has housing costs that are below the national average. In addition, it has low tax rates, affordable living, and affordable rents. Most importantly, living in a larger Georgia city is still much more affordable than living in New York City, for example. Because of this, you should take the process of considering housing opportunities in Georgia seriously.

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