How To Pack Your Shoes Ahead Of The Big Move

Packing shoes is usually one of the last things people think about when dealing with a long-distance relocation. As a result, they end up stuffed into a bag or piled into a box. It might not seem important at the moment, but when you think about the worth of all the shoes you’re moving you’ll realize how much it will cost you to replace them if they get damaged due to careless packing. Whether you opt for hiring professional movers like State to State Move or pulling off a DIY Florida move, you’ll want to know how to properly pack your shoes ahead of the big move.

Throw out or donate the ones you’ve been ignoring for a long time

Many of us tend to save the old ones just in case we might need them in the future. But if you’re being realistic, some of them you don’t even remember you have. The best advice we can give you, in this case, is to finally get rid of them. There’s no good reason why you would spend time and money moving the shoes you’ll never use. Instead, if some of those shoes are in good condition – give them to those in need. Most cities have drop-off points or outreach centers that collect donations. For example, if you’re in Miami you can donate your shoes through the Miami Rescue Mission or Soles 4 Souls drop-off points.

You can ask your long distance movers Miami to help you take the shoes and other belongings you’d like to donate to the location.

shoes in different colors
Get rid of the unwanted ones before you pack your shoes ahead of the big move

Clean before you pack your shoes ahead of the big move

After you’ve sorted out your shoe inventory, ensure that all the shoes are clean. This goes without saying: you shouldn’t donate dirty shoes. And packing dirty shoes for a move is never a good idea. Relying on the state to state movers Florida is only part of the job for ensuring safe transportation. Keeping them clean will protect them and prevent the dirt and bacteria from spreading onto other items during transport. This is especially important for your leather shoes. If leather dries out it can crack. After removing all the dirt, you should polish them with a wax or cream polish. This helps moisturize the leather while adding a layer of protection to repel water and dust.

Organize the shoes before packing

Next, organize your shoes in pairs and groups: shoes for moving day, shoes out of season, and shoes you wear often and that you’ll need easy access to. Consider making an inventory that lists each pair of shoes you’ll be moving. This will allow you to check off each pair of shoes during unpacking to ensure that nothing is lost. If you’d rather leave the packing to someone else, you can hire your State to State movers for packing services as well. If not, you’ll have to learn how to do it yourself.

Pack your shoes ahead of the big move to protect them and make them easy to find
Organize your shoes in a way that will make them easy to pack and find when you need them

How to pack your shoes ahead of the big move

How you pack your shoes is going to affect if they reach their destination in the same condition you left them in the truck. The longer the transport, the more protection they’ll need. Moving from Orlando to another state will mean your Orlando long distance movers will be driving for quite some time, so follow these steps to take care of your shoes:

  1. Fill the shoes. This will protect their natural shape. Fill them with scrunched-up paper to prevent them from being crushed and damaged.
  2. Wrap them. It’s best to use packing paper or bubble wrap, depending on how fragile the shoes are. This will prevent little scuffs and marks that would ruin the material and the look of your shoes.
  3. Pack them. If possible, pack each pair in their original box. Otherwise, use cardboard boxes or plastic containers. If you have empty space in the box fill it up with bubble wrap to stop the shoes from rattling around. Use elastic bands to ensure the boxes don’t open during transit.

Better safe than sorry

It might all seem too complicated and like a waste of time but you don’t want to risk having to spend additional money on the new shoes. Putting some extra time and effort beforehand to pack your shoes ahead of the big move properly will give you peace of mind. Everything else is on your State to State movers to do for you, so you can relax.

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