How to spot fake moving reviews

Like many other things, the moving industry isn’t free from people or companies trying to scam you and steal your money. It’s a common practice to assume you got a top moving company only to find out on a moving day that they’re incompetent and that the reviews that guaranteed their services come from people who were actually paid to claim so. While there are a plethora of fake moving reviews on the internet nowadays, it’s not that difficult to recognize them. Even professionals like long distance movers Richmond has to offer can fall victim to those writing fake reviews. If you want to know how to spot fake moving reviews, please continue reading.

The review is too positive

While many moving companies claim to be perfect, there’s no such thing as perfect. Even the best of the best are bound to improve. In that case, if you notice some reviews being overly complimentary, you should know that they’re probably fake. Another red flag is when the company claims it’s the cheapest among its peers. It’s good to know that even experienced and reliable companies such as long distance movers Texas has, can perform the job, not all companies are in a position to fulfill all customers’ needs.

The review is too negative

For example, if a review that someone left on the page of the long distance movers in Dallas is overly negative it is probably fake. The reason for that is that some people working for other moving companies usually give negative reviews in order to destroy their competition. A good rule to recognize such reviews where they belittle other companies is the presence of offensive language in them.

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Finding five-star reviews online is a good sign of a reputable company

The review is too descriptive

A good review needs not to be necessarily descriptive to convince people regarding the excellent service they provide. A summary of the good and bad points highlighting the moving company’s services is enough to convince customers they’re a reliable company. When you read reviews and notice they’re overly descriptive, it’s a good sign that they’re probably fabricated. If the review of one of the long distance moving companies isn’t overly descriptive then it is a good sign that that company is reliable.

Too many stars and rating

It’s nothing unusual for customers to give a full five-star rating to excellent moving companies. However, no review gets a large number of stars and comments. If you see a review get a five-star rating and loads of comments, it’s probably a fake one.

Being too general

Another red flag that a review may be fake is not getting into the details regarding the services. This usually happens when relocation did not even happen in the first place. Therefore you should be on the lookout when the review lacks important information that can lead you in the proper direction. If you don’t want to become a victim of a fake review, try not to focus too much on the number of “wows” “bests” and “greats” in the review. Just think about this when you are looking at the comments, and you will be able to spot fake moving reviews.

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Learning what fake reviews look like is a good way to spot fake moving reviews

You can easily spot fake moving reviews

Knowing how to spot fake moving reviews online does not necessarily need to be hard. Just by following this simple guide, you will know how to determine the difference between real and fake reviews. You will also avoid the moving companies scamming you. To make sure you’ll be dealing with reputable and BBB approved moving companies, you can check their online reputation.


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