How to move your piano with ease

Moving any large piece of furniture is difficult. It’s even more difficult when you can’t properly disassemble it or when it’s a weird shape or when it’s very expensive. And pianos happen to combine all of that and more! Not to mention, pianos are more than just furniture. They can be a hobby or a career, an antique, a family heirloom, a place of gathering on holidays. The emotional attachment we have to them combined with their objective value make it very important to move them safely. Luckily, with the help of State to State Move, you can move your piano with ease and entirely stress-free

Move your piano with ease with the help of professional movers

Everything is easier when you have help. Moving is no exception to that. And the longer and more complicated the relocation, the better it is for you to rely on professional assistance. If you’re moving to another state, for example, interstate movers Texas are pretty much a necessity. If you’re moving a business, you definitely shouldn’t do it without the help of a commercial moving company. And if you’re moving a piano, then professional piano movers are exactly what you need.

Grand piano in a room.
Moving a piano is a lot less fun than playing it, but you can do it with some help.

Piano movers are experienced experts who know exactly what they’re doing. They work in teams, so there’s never any concern over a piano being too big or too heavy to lift. They also have all the equipment they might need to more your piano in a way that’s safe for them, the piano and your floors. Finally, one of the biggest advantages of hiring movers is the fact that you don’t have to do anything yourself. This makes your relocation a lot less difficult and a lot less stressful. And who wouldn’t want that?

Move your piano with ease without the help of professional movers

Although professional moving services always make moving a piano easier, it is still entirely possible to DIY this task. However, we do have to warn you: you’ll need to put in some serious preparation and work into it. Still, if you follow a few important guidelines, you can do it without too much trouble.

Gather all your supplies

Having the right tools makes any work easier. This is no less true for packing. You’ll need all sorts of supplies to pack up your household: boxes of various shapes and sizes, packing paper, tape, markers, even screwdrivers and drills if you want to disassemble your own furniture. Usually, these come as a part of your movers’ packing services. But you can also get packing supplies from your movers without hiring them to do the work.

In order to move a piano specifically, you’ll want to prepare:

  • a screwdriver for disassembling
  • a moving dolly or moving straps depending on the weight of the piano and the layout of your home
  • moving blankets to protect your piano and floors
  • durable tape that you can use to keep the moving blankets in place
  • rope or straps to hold your piano in place during the move

Make sure to gather all of these before you start the process of moving your piano.

A screwdriver you will need in order to move your piano with ease.
The right tools will make the job much easier.

Disassemble as much as you can

Unfortunately, most pianos cannot be disassembled fully the way you would disassemble most furniture. The keyword here, however, is most. There are different kinds of pianos – from spinnets to studios to grand pianos, each type is different. If you know someone who understands pianos well or has some sort of an instruction manual for your specific piano, now is the time to consult them. But don’t worry even if you don’t; the internet is a magical thing.

Do some research on the exact type (and model) of the piano that you own. Find out which parts are detachable and which aren’t. Figure out the ways to disassemble as much of the piano as you can. This will always make it easier to move. Even if it doesn’t help with the weird shape that some pianos take, it will definitely help with the weight you’ll need to carry. However, keep in mind that you need to reassemble your piano later on. Make sure all parts are packed securely, loaded onto the moving truck close to each other and labeled. Use an inventory list to keep track of them. Losing a part could spell disaster for your piano!

Remove any potential obstacles and plan your route

Regardless of whether you’ll be carrying your piano or using a dolly, you don’t want anything to stand in your way. Pianos are notoriously heavy yet notoriously fragile. So just shoving them around with a plan is not going to work! You’ll want to measure your doors and hallways first to make sure you can even fit a piano through them. Then you’ll want to plan out the most straight-forward route out the door, one that avoids as many stairs, tight corners and narrow passages as possible. Finally, you’ll want to remove everything that’s in your way from other furniture to moving boxes to pets running loose.

Make sure your piano can fit around the corners and down the stairs before attempting to move it.

While the piano is important, you should keep your own safety in mind as well. Make sure that you are well-rested before moving a piano, that you don’t have any injuries and that you’re wearing good clothes and shoes that won’t catch on things or make you slip. Be mindful of your technique when lifting the piano as well. You don’t want any injuries!

Get friends or family to help you move your piano with ease

There is no way for you to single-handedly lift a piano. So even if you don’t hire professional movers, you’ll need someone to help you if you want to move your piano with ease. Ask your friends or family to join you for a day of heavy lifting. You can entice them with food and drinks at the end of the work. But remember to communicate throughout the process – it’s important to know who’s pushing and pulling, who’s walking where. This will prevent any potential injuries and disasters.

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