Moving from New York to North Carolina

Relocations that cover longer distances, such as moving from New York to North Carolina require a proper preparation process. There will be a lot to do so it is always best to start early. You will definitely need to look into some interstate moving companies NYC based, for your move, as long-distance relocations require their help. You will have plenty to do anyway, even with them doing all the lifting and transporting. This article is going to showcase all that you need to do to properly prepare for such a relocation.

How to prepare when moving from New York to North Carolina?

Here is what you will need to do:

  • Inform your family and involve them in the moving process
  • Determine the moving budget and create a moving checklist
  • Book a professional moving company
  • Transfer utilities
  • Search for a job, place to live, and school for your children in advance
  • Transfer your medical records

All of these are very important tasks and we will try to explain how you should approach each one. All in order to help you have an easy relocation without inconveniences.

A mother and daughter talking about moving from New York to North Carolina.
Tell your family that you are moving from New York to North Carolina.

Inform your family and involve them in the moving process

The first thing to do, once you realize that you are going to be moving is to inform all of your family members of that decision. Some of them will be more than willing to help you, so you might as well let them. Relocating is kind of a big deal for everyone, not just you. Having your family members around and helping can really liven up the atmosphere. Not to mention making it a lot easier on yourself. While the state to state moving companies will do all the lifting, you will need to do plenty of other things for your move. Your time will be valuable as you will need to juggle work and other obligations with the necessities of your relocation. And that is where your family comes in, to free up a bit more of your own time.

Determine the moving budget and create a moving checklist

Before you start looking into moving companies, however, you will need to determine how much money exactly are you working with. Setting the moving budget is really important as it might free up a lot of your time that you would spend considering services that you, in fact, cannot afford. Due to the nature of relocations, you can always pay more for convenience and you need to know what you can afford.

After you have that wrapped up, it is time for the next most important task. The creation of a moving checklist. This handy document will serve as your point of reference in the whole process. Basically, whenever you think of a task that needs doing, no matter how big or small, write it down on the list. If you want to make the list more fun, there are many moving checklist templates already good to go, simply take your pick! But for the most part, a simple piece of paper will do. Put the checklist somewhere where you will be able to see it every day. Sticking it on the fridge door is a surefire way not to miss it, for example.

Book a professional moving company when moving from New York to North Carolina

Booking a moving company is really easy. But finding out which moving company you want to entrust your belongings to may prove a bit more difficult. There are many moving companies that operate in New York and some are simply better than others. You always want to talk things through with a moving company before you come to a decision, though. In the case of State to State Move, you can simply contact us and ask us everything that you need. And you do need to ask plenty of questions, especially if it is your first move. Whatever you feel is unclear, ask for an explanation. Don’t ever be shy to ask for clarification.

A meeting about the move.
Hire a professional moving company at least two months before the move.

Also, if you are going to be booking movers, try to have as long a period between booking and the moving day. This is to ensure that you will be able to get the exact date that you want, as moving companies can be quite busy at times. Especially in the prime moving season, which is summer.

Do not forget about the utility companies

You will also need to transfer all of your utilities to your new home. The process differs for each utility type. With some, it is more or less instant, with some you need to wait a couple of days or even weeks. So it is best to start informing yourself about it as soon as you can. You can even ask your household movers about it, they get those questions a lot and they most likely know the answer. All in all, this is something to do sooner rather than later. You need to know what is the transfer period and you can usually schedule it whenever you want, anyway.

Search for a job, place to live, and school for your children in advance

On the off chance that you haven’t done this already, you definitely need to make sure that you have a job lined up and a place to stay. Also, choosing a good school for your kid is something you need to consider before you move, not after. Having these things sorted out will do wonders for your mental health. It will remove many insecurities that might be creeping in the back of your mind.

A little girl at school, reading.
Find an adequate school for your children.

Transfer your medical records when moving from New York to North Carolina

Finally, you will need to visit your doctor and get the transfer procedure going. Even if you did not choose a new doctor yet, your old one might need some time to prepare all the necessary records. Again, this is one of those things that is better done sooner rather than later. Definitely do it before you relocate, though. It might get complicated to get some of those records if you can’t get them in person.

That mostly covers moving from New York to North Carolina. Do note that every relocation is different and that you may need to change things up a bit to better suit your own needs.

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