Moving to Helen Georgia

The process of moving involves lots of stress and uncertainty. But when you move to a place that suits you, you will have more motivation to endure the negative sides of moving. If you want to have a nice moving experience, we recommend hiring State to State Movers. When researching which place to move to, most people first look online for basic information and ratings of a certain city. In this guide, we will list you the most important facts about moving to Helen Georgia, and the pros and cons of living here.

General information about Helen Georgia

Helen is a beautiful little town in Georgia. 574 people call this town home, and most of them are young professionals and retirees. The majority of people that live here own their homes and they enjoy a suburban feel with lots of space. Even though the town is small, it has quite a few entertainment options like parks, bars, restaurants, etc. If you are thinking about moving from Texas to Georgia, keep in mind that people in this town tend to lean conservative. In case you want to move to Helen with your family, your kids will have a good education since the schools here are highly rated.

Aerial view of a small town
Moving to Helen Georgia means moving to a really small town.

Pros of moving to Helen Georgia

Even though it is a really small town in the county of White, it might be the right place for people who are looking to move to a calm place with the help of some cross country movers Dallas. For a town this small, it offers various benefits.

Cost of living

The cost of living might be the most important factor when deciding on a new place to move to with the help of some interstate movers Cedar Park TX. The good news is that the cost of living when moving to Helen Georgia will be lower than the national and state average. Some areas will be higher or lower than others, but the average of groceries, utilities, healthcare, etc is less expensive than somewhere else.


Compared to other cities in the state and the whole USA, the educational system in Helen has a better rating. If you are moving with kids, the quality of the educational system is also an important factor to consider. Moving to Helen will ensure that your kids have the best education possible.

Girl is studying after moving to Helen Georgia
The educational system in Helen has a good rating.

Cons of moving to Helen

Sadly, nothing can be perfect, and therefore there are also bad sides to living in this city, like:

  • Population size – even though Helen has seen a small, steady increase of residents in the past 5 years, the population is still very small. If you are a person that loves small areas with a close-knit community, this would be a good thing. But if you are someone looking for diversity and meeting new people, this might not be for you.
  • Crime rate – crime rates in Helen are higher than in other rural areas in the state. Half of the population thinks about their safety every day.


When thinking about moving to Helen Georgia, research as much as you can. Learn everything that interests you about the place you want to move to, to be prepared for what awaits you. We wish you good luck and a successful move!


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