Essential Tips for a Smooth Post-Moving Cleanup

Most people think that when the moving day comes everything is finally over. Still, we can’t agree. You are left with cleaning. Not only the cleaning of your old home but also your new home. After all, post-moving cleanup is crucial to settle into the new home completely. Therefore, make thorough preparation. Contact State to State Movers. Pack carefully. Get everything you need to move successfully. Cleaning will be your final touch to the relocation.

Post-moving cleanup should start ahead of time

It’s absolutely crucial to organize the post-moving cleaning of your new home. Therefore, plan and organize in advance. It’s much easier to clean everything while the house is empty. Interstate movers Orlando will do their job right. You do your part of the job. As you finish cleaning step by step, unpack your possessions.

a man vacuuming the floor
In the case of carpets, let the professionals take care of the cleaning. You can handle the floors.

Choose the type of cleaning that suits you most

First and foremost, clean from top to bottom. Also, clean from back to front. Furthermore, start with dry cleaning. It means to vacuum, dust, or sweep. Then, wash and mop. Moreover, you can choose two more options when doing post-moving sanitizing of your home. While some recommend room-by-room cleaning, the others prefer task-by-task. Still, it’s up to you to opt for the best method. It’s easy to choose when State to State Movers Florida takes good care of your items. We are to present the good sides of both methods.


Above all, remember to unpack in the manner of cleaning room-by-room. Maintain order. By all means, go with the bathroom and bedroom first since you’ll use these rooms first. Then, continue with the kitchen.


Nowadays many prefer this method because of its efficiency and speed. In a way, it makes sense. When you take the supplies you need for cleaning furniture, take care of all the furniture in the house.

Get the cleaning supplies

Take all that you need for cleaning. However, don’t let your supplies go into the moving truck. You are to clean when you move to a new home. Thus, stay organized. What do you need?

  • disinfecting cleaner
  • glass cleaner
  • furniture polish
  • cleaning and dusting cloths
  • brushes
  • a mop
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • a broom and a dustpan
  • a bucket
  • rubber glovesa woman in white t-shirt wiping the door of the fridge

    Make sure to devote your time to the post-moving cleanup of the kitchen. Wipe down and wash the cabinets, drawers, and counters.

Replace certain things

While you’ll be cleaning the house, pay attention to how to sanitize the bathroom. Still, replace toilet seats, shower curtains, and sink handles. This way you’ll be sure everything is perfectly disinfected.

 After a detailed cleaning, enjoy the new place

Altogether, post-moving cleanup is crucial for the new beginning. Therefore, plan and stay organized. Try to do most of the cleaning prior to the moving day. Get all the supplies you need. Choose the method most suitable for you. Still, being prepared is the most important thing.

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