Room By Room Unpacking Guide

Once the stressful relocation part is behind you, you need to deal with the aftermath. You may feel the urge to start unpacking as soon as you move into your new home. But, remember that now you don’t have to hurry. You can relax, as you don’t have your moving date as a deadline. Our team of moving professionals you can trust has some practical tips for you. What room to start unpacking first? How to unpack? Let’s find the answer to these questions and more, in this room by room unpacking guide.

What To Consider Before You Start Room By Room Unpacking

To be surrounded by piles of cardboard boxes in your new house will be uncomfortable. So, you will feel as if you have to be quick with the unpacking. But, before you start your room by room unpacking in a rush, prepare your strategy first. This will save you time and make the process smooth and efficient. Ideally, you’ve asked your household movers to leave each box in their pertaining room. Before you start unboxing the items, have a floor plan ready. Know exactly where each piece of large furniture will be placed. If you reassemble it first, you’ll have to carry that bulky piece around, trying to find a good place for it. So have your fool-proof plan and prevent post-moving moments of high tension. With your room by room unpacking strategy in place, let’s proceed to the next important question.

Bulky furniture item - Room By Room Unpacking Guide
Make a floor plan and set up the bulky furniture items first, for efficient room by room unpacking

Which Room To Start Unpacking First?

Specialists at long distance moving companies San Antonio unanimously agree that the golden rule for smooth unpacking is to do it room by room. But when it comes to what room to set up first, there is no single answer. You will hear and read different opinions and advice, and arguably, most say that you should start with the kitchen. However, it’s best to consider the time of the day that you arrive at your new place. Based on this, your priorities will change. For instance, if you move in early morning or afternoon, start unpacking your kitchen essentials. But if you arrive later in the day, you’d like to take a shower and go to sleep after the long moving day. In that case, unpack your bathroom and bedroom essentials first. In our room by room unpacking guide, we’ll follow this order:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Livingroom

Unpacking Your Kitchen

You will be glad you’ve hired long distance movers Dallas once your kitchen appliances and frail heirloom crockery have made it safe and sound to your new kitchen. Your room to room unpacking adventure starts here. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also the part of the household that hosts the largest number of items. Yet, you don’t have to unpack everything in a single day. To have your kitchen essentials ready for use, will give you a more homely feeling, and you’ll save on takeouts. Focus on setting out your large appliances first – the stove, oven, and fridge. Then hook up the smaller gadgets, such as coffee maker and toaster, and proceed with your tableware. Before you even know it, your kitchen will be fully functional, and your room by room unpacking in full swing.

Kitchen Room By Room Unpacking
Start with setting up your kitchen appliances, and unpack the utensils, to create a homely atmosphere for your family at your new house

Proceed With Unpacking Your Bathroom

Your new house will feel more like home once you have your bathroom set up. Preferably, you already have the bathroom fixtures installed and the water running before you start your room by room unpacking task. Once your bathroom tiles are sparkling clean, start taking out the essentials first. Hang the shower curtains, put out some towels, stock up your cabinets with medications and body care products. The restroom is among the first areas of your home that should be fully functional. Each time you feel like you need to refresh and relax, it will be readily available. So, sort out the basics first, and then gradually purchase everything else you may need.

Bathroom - Room By Room Unpacking
A bathroom is essential to your household, so when you do your new home room by room unpacking, consider setting it up as soon as possible

Bedroom Has A High Priority on the Room by Room Unpacking list

A bedroom is one of the most important areas in a household. That’s why setting it up should have a high priority on your room by room unpacking list. As we said before, first assemble and place the bulky items at their designated spots in your new home. The bed is the crown of your bedroom. Thus, start by putting the bed frame together, and place the mattress. Then assemble the drawers and the rest of your bedroom furniture. Take some bedcovers and pillows out. Fill in your drawers with seasonal clothes and essentials. In due time, take out your decorations and sort out the rest of your belonging. If you do your room by room unpacking gradually, and prioritize the basics, it won’t feel like hard work at all.

In your bedroom set up the essential furniture first, and leave the unpacking of lighting and other decors for later

Take Your Time With Setting Up Your Livingroom

Although we spend a lot of time in this area, you should take your time when setting it up. This is because the vast majority of your living room essentials need to be arranged in a way that appeals to your taste and feel of a home. In your first days after the move, rather stick to your basic needs when you do your room by room unpacking. Chances are, you already have your furniture placed in the area. From there, you need to take out your rugs, curtains, decorative items, and the like. Possibly, you’ll need to do some readjustments of the furniture layout, so to create optimal comfort. To install your entertainment systems, you’ll need to call the cable company. Allow yourself the necessary time to comfortably settle into your new home, and focus on your living room after you’ve done your essential room by room unpacking previously.

Above we’ve given you some practical tips in regards to the most frequently used areas of the household. Prioritize the setting up of those, and leave the rest, like utility areas or the garage for later. If you follow our guide, it will help you to put up the list of your individual needs for room by room unpacking in the most effective way. So, make good use of our tips, and best of luck in your new home.


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