How to save money on packing supplies?

Let’s face it, whoever is moving, he’s looking into every possibility to save money in this process. So, many will look into the possibilities of completing at least a portion of their moving preparations by themselves. One of the things that you could do is to try and save money on moving supplies. However, while it is possible to save money on moving supplies, we would not recommend doing this. But, we’ll get to that later on. For now, let us point out that hiring professional household movers Florida may do more for your moving budget than simply taking care of the process on your own. After all, by investing in professional moving services, you will be able to save money on packing supplies. There are different bundled offers that professionals can make to you. Most of them include packing services as well.  Ready to save money on packing supplies?

cardboard box
If you wish to save money on moving, use second-hand moving boxes

Why you should not be looking to save money on packing supplies?

The most important thing that you need to do when you start preparing for the move is to make sure that your items are well-protected for when the moving day arrives. Therefore, you should really not be looking into cutting corners when it comes to this.

The whole point about packing your items lies in the fact that the packing supplies are the only thing standing between your belongings and their damaging or even destruction. So, if you are going to invest time and money into making sure that they will make it through the move without a scratch, you had better leave professional long-distance movers Florida deal with packing them. This is, after all, the only thing that you can do in order to be sure that your belongings will make it through the move alive.

What should you do in the case that you are still looking to save money on moving supplies?

In the case that you find yourself in such a dire situation that you are still looking for a way to cut down on your moving expenses, you should try one of the following ways to do so:

  • Hire full packing services Florida professionals to help you out
  • Use second-hand moving supplies
  • Find out how much supplies you will need and their type
  • Use what you have instead of buying moving supplies

Some of the above-mentioned ideas are pretty orthodox, while the rest of them are not. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Hire professional movers to help you out

The first thing that you should reconsider is not hiring moving professionals. They will cost money, that is correct. Still, when you take a look at the big picture, you will realize that your seeking to save money on packing supplies is best complemented by spending money on the professional handling of your items.

To save money on packing supplies, hire professionals to help you relocate
Professional movers are the only ones who can guarantee that your items will survive the move without a scratch

It may feel like the cheapest thing to do would be to pack your items yourself. However, in the case that you fail in one of the preparations for packing, you may end up paying even more money than what you would have spent if you hired state to state movers Florida in the first place. Therefore, if we were you, we would not be taking any chances. In fact, we would let the professionals do their thing. In the meantime, we would be enjoying the right choices that we had made when it mattered. 

Use second-hand moving supplies

If you are still eager to go about this business your way, then let us suggest using second-hand moving supplies to save money on buying new ones.

There are many different places where you can obtain used moving supplies. While Craigslist Florida may be one of them, you should also look at your local bulletin boards and advertisements. After all, there are many people all around the country who are eager to help. So, after they are done moving, they donate their packing supplies. If you can get some, you would be on the right track. They may not be entirely new, but they are going to be in good enough a state to guarantee safety for your belongings…if you manage to pack your items correctly that is.

Find out how much moving supplies you are going to need and their type

In order to not spend more money than necessary on your moving supplies, you should make sure to know how much you are going to need. 

The biggest issue that one can have when trying to save money on packing supplies lies in the fact that you need to know exactly how many pieces you will need of each type of moving supplies. If you do not estimate your load correctly, you will end up spending more money than necessary on moving supplies.

Therefore, before you go on buying moving boxes and wrapping bags, perform a close inspection of your load. Then, buy only what you really need.

Use what you have instead of buying moving supplies

Now, the last thing that we are going to suggest doing today. You should use what you have instead of buying moving supplies. This is the most efficient way to save money on packing supplies.

wool sweaters
Soft fabric items are great for cushioning

The best thing in your possession that you can use are items made from soft fabric. Towels, blankets, and rags are great things to help you with cushioning. Empty pots are good substitutions for moving boxes. Place your items inside, cushion them with your soft things and voila. You are all set to pack your things.


We would always suggest hiring professional movers to help you save money on packing supplies. If you are not in a mood for that, hopefully, the rest of our suggestions are going to help you move on a budget.

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