Top 10 Cities for Homebuyers in the US

If you are hoping to become a homebuyer soon, you’ll need to take a sheer amount of information into account. Due to many factors that affect the housing market throughout the US, making such an important decision might be challenging. We all do realize home prices have gone up all across the US in the last two years. It is the main reason why you should look elsewhere for more affordable options. Since home prices vary from city to city, you’ll need to find the most promising markets for homebuyers in the US. Luckily, reading this article will remind you of some of the best cities for homebuyers in the US. Once you find a perfect investment property, we at State to State Move will enable you to relocate seamlessly. Let’s consider some of the best options for those trying to cope with soaring home prices.

Some of the most appealing cities for homebuyers in the US

In case you are living in Texas and looking for an affordable real estate market, we have excellent news. You have plenty of options, both within your current state and out of the state borders. As one of the finest relocation experts, we did collect up-to-date information on housing markets by cities and filtered them with our customer’s experiences in mind. As a result, we have highlighted some of the most popular cities among homebuyers in the US. Since there’ll be a lot of jobs in front of you, let’s cut straight to the list of cities you should consider.

Here are some of the cities with the hottest housing options:

  1. Buffalo, New York
  2. Columbia, Maryland
  3. Austin, Texas
  4. Raleigh, North Carolina
  5. Tampa, Florida
  6. Jacksonville, Florida
  7. Boston, Massachusetts
  8. Atlanta, Georgia
  9. Nashville, Tennessee
  10. Cincinnati, Ohio
Buildings near the body of water
Florida is home to some of the top cities for homebuyers in the US.

Reasons why these places are considered some of the top cities for homebuyers in the US

Many factors determine the livability of a certain city or town. And livability is often equivalent to the growing or decreasing population of a certain place. With this in mind, you do realize buying a house is not just a financial investment. Whether you will opt for getting a rental property or you are going to live in a city after a home purchase, you will want it to be livable and safe. For this reason, you will care about the crime rates, local amenities, walkability, educational institutions, access to transportation, shopping, dining, and recreational options. All mentioned things are important when you want to make a good investment, whether you will live in your new property for a while or not.

If you are looking for a new city for more opportunities, make sure the one you are about to choose can offer you the life quality you seek. To help you select a perfect city in the US as a homebuyer, we will share with you some interesting and useful information about some of the most interesting cities in the nation lately. So, let’s discover more about the cities from the list above. While you are reading about cities rated as suitable for prospective housing options, you might recognize an ideal one where you want to invest in your future property.

Buffalo is a city of good neighbors

If you have ever heard about “The City of Good Neighbors” and are not sure which city has this nickname, now you will remind yourself they were talking about Buffalo. This is the second-largest city in New York State, and it is known for its kind, friendly residents and welcoming sense of community. There are more than one million residents living in Buffalo metropolitan area, and this number significantly increased during the pandemic. With its friendly residents, diverse culture, and growing population, it is not surprising how Buffalo has become such an attractive location for many families and young professionals.

The median listing home price in Buffalo is nearly $165,000, and this city offers affordable apartments. Although you can find more affordable housing here compared to other places in NY, about 60% of its residents choose to rent. It is because Buffalo homes are short in supply and tend to sell very fast once they are listed for sale. Why do so many people want to purchase a home in Buffalo? Well, there are plenty of safe and affordable neighborhoods in Buffalo to choose from. So, start your search for a home on time.

A happy man in one of the cities for homebuyers in the US
If you are considering moving to New York, you should think about Buffalo.

This city has a strong economy, low unemployment rates, and a strong job market. This city has many diverse sectors (technology, research sectors, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, etc.) that attribute its expansion and development. Before moving from Texas to New York, with the help of our experts, you can choose whether you will keep your vehicle or not. This city has excellent transportation options, which means you will not even need a car.

Columbia is an excellent city for future homebuyers

Columbia is one of the cities you should not skip when looking for a healthy real estate market. The median home price in Columbia is about $465,945. Although it is not cheap to buy a home in this city, it is a wise investment, according to many real estate agents. This city is home to many young professionals due to its thriving tech industry, convenient transportation options, warm summers, and abundance of things to do throughout the year. Living in Columbia also means you are close to numerous schools and universities, which is important for families with kids. This city is home to many parks, lakes, but also sports clubs. Columbia is a perfect destination for those looking for amenities needed for high-quality living. So if you are considering moving from Texas to Maryland, Columbia should be on the top of your list!

Find a perfect home in Raleigh, North Carolina

Lately, many people have been moving from Texas to North Carolina. This state is home to many cities with affordable costs of living but also many other amenities. One of those mentioned affordable cities is Raleigh, with costs of living slightly above the national average. There is a steadily increasing number of people moving to Raleigh due to the ultra-low cost of living here. Also, Raleigh offers many affordable housing options, regardless of the size of the home that you need. The average single-family home in Raleigh is about $600,000. Although the city has a popular rental market, many homebuyers are looking for a suitable home here.

A concrete building in Raleigh
Raleigh is an ideal city for future homebuyers.

There are many reasons why Raleigh is among the most attractive cities for homebuyers in the US. Besides excellent higher education institutions, Raleigh is known for low unemployment rates and plenty of job opportunities. It is especially attractive for doctors and nurses, which makes the city a great place for medical professionals. The city of Raleigh has a rich culture, beautiful nature, and an excellent culinary scene. From museums, festivals, sporting events, and tours to many recreational options, you will never get bored in Raleigh.

Austin is one of the most appealing cities for homebuyers in the nation

If you are living in Texas and not sure if you are ready to leave the state, we have an excellent recommendation for you. Since many statistics say Austin is still one of the best cities for homebuyers, you can make a wise investment without crossing the state border. Many people come to this famous city because of the great weather, rich culture and art scene, new housing development, rich food and nightlife scene, and easy access to the outdoors. Austin is a proven choice for those who are looking to purchase a rental property.

River near buildings in Austin
Undeniably, Austin is one of the best cities for homebuyers in the US.

The economy in Austin is growing and tech-driven, while housing is affordable compared to many other cities in the nation. Costs of living in Austin are very low, and unemployment rates are lower than the national average. These factors explain why so many homebuyers are interested in the Austin housing market. Our long distance movers in Texas will be there for you if you are coming to this amazing city from another city in the state. You don’t need to leave the state to make a smart home purchase. Instead, start your search for suitable housing options in Austin.

Choose between Tampa and Jacksonville

If you are getting ready to start a new chapter, the state of Florida will be your right choice. The two most appealing cities in Florida for future homebuyers are Tampa and Jacksonville. The median home price in Tampa is about $614,497, which is higher than the national average. Despite high housing costs, this city keeps attracting homebuyers. As Tampa’s housing prices are expected to continue to rise, purchasing a property in this city can bring you solid profit. This is a perfect location for retirees but also people of all ages.

aerial view of one of the best cities for homebuyers in the US
Are you thinking about buying a home near the beach? Then pick Jacksonville!

Before moving from Texas to Florida, you should know the median home price in Jacksonville is about $285,000. The local economy in this city is strong. So, you can count on plenty of job opportunities in many different fields, and the weather is amazing. For all these reasons, Jacksonville’s home and rental values are very competitive.

Boston is a great city for homebuyers

Whether you are looking for a job or higher education, Boston is one of the best places to be. This city has a rich history and top-notch educational institutions. Also, it is home to numerous companies from all around the world. Boston is home to many professionals, families, and students. Boston consists of many convenient neighborhoods, it has excellent transportation, dining, and shopping options but also many parks. Although the median listing home price in Boston is $799,000, this is still one of the most popular cities in the country among homebuyers. If you decide to move here, count on us to help you relocate. Our movers will make moving from Texas to Boston simple and stress-free!

Atlanta is constantly growing

With a mild and humid subtropical climate, a plethora of attractions, and rich culture, Atlanta is a desirable spot for people of all ages. Affordable costs of living compared to the national average and the variety of job opportunities are reasons why this city attracts so many people. The median listing home price in Atlanta is nearly $399,000, which is why many families are moving from Texas to Georgia. Whether you are moving for a job or a better future for your children, consider Atlanta as one of the best cities for homebuyers in the US.

The people in the stadium
Atlanta is home to many professionals, students, and families.

Nashville is perfect if you love music

Looking for a city where you can improve your life quality? Nashville is the perfect place for you! The median home price in Nashville is approximately $445,000, and the city has many different neighborhoods to choose from. After you hire us to help you with moving from Texas to Tennessee, you can count on affordable living costs, many job opportunities, and nice weather. Nashville is known for its culture, which includes music. This city has amazing restaurants and museums, but also magnificent countryside scenery just outside the downtown.

Cincinnati is great for people of all ages

If you are not a big fan of big cities, but you don’t want to buy a home in a small town either, you should think about Cincinnati. This is one of the most popular cities for homebuyers in the US. With a population of 313,028 residents and many peaceful neighborhoods, Cincinnati is ideal for people of all ages. It has a vibrant downtown, plenty of beautiful parks and landscapes, and lots of fun things to do and places to visit. The city is an ideal location for students since it offers abundant higher educational options as well as moderate costs of living. The median home price in Cincinnati is nearly $228,000, and its housing market is considered competitive. Our movers will be there to help you with moving from Texas to Ohio after you purchase a home in Cincinnati.

Book your move to one of the best cities for homebuyers

Now that you know a bit more about the best cities for homebuyers in the US, you can start planning your relocations. When you are ready, make sure to contact us. You can rely on us to make the transition to the city of your dreams seamless. We invite you to take a look at our blog section to learn more about the moving process and how to prepare for the move. With us by your side, you can rest assured that you will arrive safely and swiftly at your future home.

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