Two powerful tips to move out of state during winter

Winter time is a season when most people find unpleasant to be outdoors, simply shoveling their driveway is such a challenge, let alone moving to another state that is warmer or less cold. But if you find yourself moving to another state, you will find some actionable tips to make your moving experience during winter less challenging.

Prepare the way for the movers

During winter time, you need to be ready for the move, not only by having your items packed and tagged for a quick moving load, but preparing the outside of your home to allow the moving crew get in the home and safely move your furniture out, because you don’t want the mover to slip while carrying your belongings and damage your furniture while hurting himself.

Be ready for your move to be rescheduled.

Let’s say you agree to move on tuesday morning but monday night there happens a large snow storm, chances are the truck driver will have a hard time trying to make it, depending if the way to your home is a two-lane road and by getting stuck in the way the truck will create a hazard or maybe the snow piles up so the road gets narrowed by it. There are countless of factors that can make your moving company reschedule your move.

    At state to state move, we stay in touch with our customers to keep them posted about what’s happening and when we can pick up your belongings in a safe manner.

    Keep in mind the delay might happen once the truck is loaded and on its way to your destination, but no worries, if you are dealing with a fully licensed and insured moving company you should have total peace of mind with your move.

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