3 ways to enjoy Pasadena after moving there

Pasadena is one of the best places to live in all of Southern California. People are continually moving here from California, New York, and everywhere in between. Some people moved here decades ago, some grew up in the city and can’t imagine leaving, while some just moved to let their roots here. If you’re thinking about moving to Pasadena, here are 3 ways to enjoy Pasadena after moving there.

Welcome to Pasadena

The word Pasadena translates to “valley” in the Ojibwa Indian language. It has also been interpreted to mean “Crown of the Valley” and “Key of the Valley,” hence the explanation for both the crown and the key in the city seal. On September 22, 1961. the rose was appointed as the official city flower. Located northeast of downtown Los Angeles it boasts a population of around 138,699 people. After finding one of the best long distance moving companies to move your things it’s time to find ways to enjoy Pasadena after the relocation. It’s filled with historic architecture, landmarks, art & cultural institutions, eye-catching retail, and a diverse selection of restaurants and coffees. So without a doubt, there will be ways for everyone to enjoy.

Croswalk and street on a rainy day
The architecture of a city is one of the best ways to see its rich history and traditions, as well as the cultures that influenced its development.

One of the ways to enjoy Pasadena after moving there is through art

There are many things to do and see if you are an art lover in Pasadena. For people who like this kind of thing 3 ways to enjoy Pasadena are simple.

  • Museums
  • Music
  • Theather


There are many different types of museums adorned with a variety of art installations in Pasadena. And all of that is within walking distance of one another. After hiring long distance movers Texas a nice way to get to know the city would be to go and visit some of its museums and art exhibitions.


There are many places in Pasadena that have live music events, concerts, or musicals. All of them waiting for you to go and enjoy. Music is a nice way to relax and feel comfortable in a new environment. It’s also a nice way to socialize with new people and make friends.


One of the ways to enjoy Pasadena after moving there for art lovers is theater. The art of acting is always nice to watch. Especially if you want to go and have a relaxing night with your family or friends.

people visiting the museum as ways to enjoy Pasadena after moving there
One of the ways to enjoy Pasadena after moving there is by visiting museums.

Sports fans will enjoy Pasadena a lot

Same as for the art lovers we have an option for sports lovers. Whether it’s a daily routine or a passion, any kind of sport is nice. Pasadena is known as the home of some nice sporting events. Three ways to enjoy Pasadena after moving there are the following.

  • Rose Bowl Game
  • Aquatic center
  • Tennis center

Rose Bowl Game

In addition to the annual New Year’s Day Rose Bowl game, the stadium is the home field for the UCLA Bruins football team and has hosted five Super Bowls up till now. It’s also home to many events all year round.

Aquatic center

For water sports lovers or swimmers we have the Aquatic center. It was opened in 1990 in the former site of the city’s defunct Brookside Plunge. Located next to the Rose Bowl stadium, it’s known as the training space of many Rose Bowl water sports teams.

Tennis center

Lat one out of the list of 3 things to enjoy in Pasadena after moving there for sports lovers is the tennis center. Located south of the Rose Bowl Stadium stands the Tennis center. And is a nice way to work out with friends.

Woman in pink holding a racket
What’s the point of a healthy mind if it’s not in a healthy body? Get your equipment and go exorcize.

History and arhitecture

There are many things that make a city stand out. Some of those things are history and architecture, and Pasadena is rich in both. For those who like to learn about their surroundings and new home, this is heaven. Long distance movers Pasadena will help you move, and give you some time to catch up with your surroundings.  Pasadena’s history is rich, and it can be seen through its architecture as well. There are many things to see in regards to these two but here are some of our picks for the top 3 things to enjoy in Pasadena for history lovers.

  • Gamble House
  • Old Town Pasadena
  •  Greene & Greene

Gamble House

Designed in 1908 by Pasadena architects, as the winter residence for David and Mary Gamble the Gamble House became one of the best examples of 20th-century architecture. This home is on the National Register of Historic Places. And is still to this day open to the public, and its original interior and furnishing are preserved.

Old Town Pasadena

This may be one of the best options for the 3 things to enjoy in Pasadena after moving. The sheer possibilities here are limitless. Founded in the late 1800s during the latter half of the Victorian era this is the place of Pasadena’s original downtown. Known in the present day as Old Pasadena it’s a nice place to take a walkthrough, and there are many tours.

Greene & Greene

Take a walk around the historic Arroyo Terrace neighborhood. This National Register historic district is the home of nine Greene & Greene houses, as well as the works of other famous architects.

Restaurants and coffees

As for the last thing we could not pick out 3 things to enjoy in Pasadena after moving. Simply because there are too many. If you visited Pasadena at any point before or after contacting professional long distance movers Houston and arranging your move, you are already aware of what it can offer. And it’s a lot. There are many restaurants and coffee shops to cater to all. Depending on your preferences you will find your top three picks and when you do let us know.

Moving can be scary but don’t let that stop you, and after you do move the process of settling in can be hard. But finding ways to enjoy Pasadena after moving there can help you to adapt. So don’t be shy and come join us and enjoy Pasadena.


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