Beautiful hidden gems to visit in the US this spring

America has always been a dream destination for many people around the world. The American dream seemed appealing for a long time, and it still does – resulting in America’s ever-growing population. 331.9 million people reside in the USA, and the population keeps growing at a steady rate of 0.38% per year. People who live in America also like to transit and move between the 50 states, so much so, that the average person moves 11 times in their life. This makes it one of the countries with the most developed moving industry, where State to State Move is one of the best companies. If you are new in the country, or a particular state, these are the hidden gems to visit in the US this spring.

Our list of the hidden gems to visit in the US this spring will mention various states

The USA is a country that spans an area of 3,796,742 square miles. This is a vast region that covers different types of terrains and climates. As a result, you get countless natural and manmade monuments. Many of them are worth being part of our list of hidden gems to visit in the US this spring. But today, we will focus on the less popular attractions:

  • North Carolina
  • Maryland
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • Boston
  • The District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
Picture of young people ready for hidden gems to visit in the US this spring
The USA features many natural and manmade sights

North Carolina

North Carolina is the 28th largest and 9th most populous state in the USA. Approximately 44.4 million domestic visitors came to North Carolina for either leisure or business. NC is not as touristically popular as other states in the US. But it has sites worth visiting that even some local people don’t know about. Gorges State Park is one of the very well-hidden gems, that only experienced adventurers can get to. Located in the Western Part of the state, the Gorges State Park is a forested solitude. Its peace is only disrupted by the sound of water from the numerous waterfalls. Camping is the favorite activity in this park, but you need to put in a lot more effort if you want to experience this area to the fullest. If you just finished moving from Texas to North Carolina, embark on this journey only once you feel well-rested and ready for adventure.

Castle Mont Rouge is worth visiting

No list of hidden gems to visit in the US this spring would be complete without an abandoned castle. The Mont Rouge Castle holds a sad story to it when it could have been a spectacular gallery. A famous local artist constructed this place to serve as his studio. But his plans were destroyed due to his wife’s death. Now the abandoned building is rotting away under a no-trespassing sight. But that doesn’t stop curious people from entering and getting a glimpse of this forgotten beauty.


Maryland is the 8th smallest state and the 18th most populous in the USA. 35.2 million people visit Maryland each year, so it is even less touristically active than North Carolina. But even though a small state, it is full of mysterious places that attract the brave and adventurous. Continuing onto the previously mentioned natural attraction, we wanted to shed light on a hidden gem in Maryland that has very low popularity outside this state – the Crystal Grottoes Caverns in Boonsboro. If you are moving from Texas to Maryland, you should know that this site is close to one of the biggest cities in the state, Frederick. According to popular belief, the caves have more formations per square foot than any other cave in the world. The grottoes have beautiful rock formations and stalactites, that are easy to enjoy thanks to the accessibility of the cave and the people who put effort into maintaining it.

Picture of the insides of a cave
Some of the hidden gems to visit in the US this spring will require you to wear thicker clothes

One of the hidden gems to visit in the US this spring is Molasses Reef

Florida is without a doubt one of the most popular states in the USA for tourists. 173 million tourists visit it every year, and those that do, often decide on moving from Texas to Florida. Even though it is one of the smaller states, it is full of attractions that are globally popular. But today, we will discover the hidden gems to visit in the US this spring, in case you are in Florida. The Molasses Reef is a true hidden beauty, accessible only to those that want to take a dip in water that is constantly cold. But if you do, you will be rewarded by swimming among beautiful marine wildlife, which is truly an experience. Just make sure to visit it during the week, as weekends tend to get crowded.

Florida has more to offer

The Sunshine State has good reasons for attracting so many visitors, and the best ones are not even known to a wide public! The Three Sisters Springs is part of a wildlife reserve in Crystal River, that features manatees and crystal clear water. Surprisingly, swimming is not forbidden, so you can swing alongside these gentle giants if you dare! For those who don’t want to get wet, they can enjoy the Floridian sun and stroll around the reserve and admire the beautiful, calming nature.

New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the biggest states, ranking first in population density. 96.6 million tourists paid a visit to this in 2020, which is close to the average. If you plan on moving from Texas to New Jersey, the 1,700 miles that you will pass will be well worth it. New Jersey might have a bad reputation for not having many natural attractions. But the man-made ones make up for it. Taking a detour from the natural attractions that we previously mentioned, in New Jersey, we will talk about Kings Spa – a marvelous Korean spa center. Being one of the largest spa centers on the East Coast, it features multiple floors of amazing immersive experiences that will take away all the stress of everyday life. The most luxurious treatment you can get is the 24k gold Egyptian pyramid sauna room, which is like all the other services more popular during the weekends.

Picture of a person who is getting a massage
Relaxation is very important


Boston is the capital and most populous city in Massachusetts, therefore the most touristically active city in the area. On average 3 million tourists visit it each year, but most of them visit the mainstream popular sites in the city. Luckily, our list of hidden gems to visit in the US this spring features the less popular spots, that includes the Long Wharf North. Camping is usually available outside city borders, but moving from Texas to Boston will give you a new perspective on this activity. In one of the four Boston Harbour Islands, you will be able to camp without leaving the city limits. Many people decide on leaving their car behind after moving, and in Boston, you might even not need it for running everyday errands. Not having a car won’t stop you from enjoying great sites since you can see Jamaica Pond, and hike to Thompson Island all while not leaving Boston!

You can find hidden gems to visit in the US this spring in the District of Columbia

District of Columbia is the federal district where the capital of the USA is located in. Washington might seem like it doesn’t have any secret spots in it anymore. If you have recently decided on moving from Texas to DC, then the city will still be relatively new to you. The internet is swarmed with information about mainstream sights like the Lincoln Memorial. But what about the Decatur Terrace, informally known as the Spanish Steps? This site, originally built in 1911, is usually not part of sightseeing tours, but it is worth seeing. Their main purpose was to make it easier for residents to descend from the steep hill between S Street and Decatur Place. Today, it serves as a resting place for tourists that happen to stumble upon this place, where they can even get a bite at one of the restaurants. We recommend Boqueria Dupont, a Spanish restaurant that is close to the site.


Georgia is one of the larger states in the USA, ranking as the 24th largest. It is also a densely populated state, that also gets a fair share of tourists every year. Around 7 million people visit Georgia every year, which is responsible for around 20% of GNP. Most of these tourist visit the Stone Mountain and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park. But if you plan on moving from Texas to Georgia, you will have the time to see the hidden gems to visit in the US this spring that are located in this state.

Picture of pebbles
Some of the hidden gems to visit in the US this spring feature pebbles

What attractions are there off the beaten path in the Peach State?

The Rock Garden is one of those sights that you won’t see advertised in many places, and it is quite the sight. It is located in Calhoun, behind a church, so it is no wonder that it is a hidden gem. It is a mad made attraction, built by a member of this church and his family. They started the project in 2007, and they have added miniatures of many important landmarks from all across the world. The interesting detail is that they are made from pebbles, seashells, glass, and wire. It might not be the most spectacular thing to do, but we recommend it as a destination for a family trip.


The Volunteer State is one of the smallest states on our list, but that doesn’t mean that it has nothing worth visiting. So much so, that an amazing number of 119 million domestic visitors came to Tennessee in 2018. Due to the pandemic of 2020, that number decreased drastically. But the number of visits is slowly picking up where it left off. But if you are moving from Texas to Tennessee, you should pay a visit to the places that are off the beaten path. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with visiting Dollywood and Graceland. But there is beauty in the less famous places too. The Great Smoky Mountains are a famous sight, but the Firefly Swarms – not so much. Even though part of a highly visited area, this particular location doesn’t get many visitors. As amazing as it is to see fireflies light up in the dark, they can be seen in very few places, mostly because of pollution.

Thrill seekers will also love Memphis, Tenessee

The Voodoo Village or the “St. Peter’s Spiritual Temple is a sight that we don’t recommend for people who don’t like to get frightened. This site features a collection of sculptures and other artwork that has a scary vibe to them. To make the situation worse, many scary stories float among locals about the place. Many claims to have seen dead animals hanging from the trees or their cars simply shutting down near private property. Whether the stories are true or not, you need to check by yourself!

Picture of a typewriter writing about the hidden gems to visit in the US this spring
Thrill seekers will love visiting Memphis

Final thoughts

This is a big country, and there are many other hidden gems to visit in the US this spring. The places that we suggested are in no way the only places that you should see when you visit the USA. Our goal was to give you a starting point for your journey in each state. You can build upon it in your interests. Also, spring is the perfect state for visiting the USA. The temperatures are comfortable during this time of the year in every state. Just make sure to have an umbrella and a change of clothes with you, since most attractions from our list are outdoors. We hope that you have learned something new, and gained inspiration for a memorable trip. Good luck and have fun!


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