How to spend weekends in Pasadena after moving

Most people find it rather frightening to adjust to unfamiliar environments. But it’s not necessary to be. The hardest time while moving usually occurs during the first week. Yet, it’s also the most important. First impressions do count. If your move goes well and you enjoy your first weekend, you’re more likely to fall in love with the city. You sure want to know how locals spend weekends in Pasadena.
Of course, since you are relocating, you will probably need to adjust to the local way of life. We’re here to help you make the most of your weekends in Pasadena, Texas after moving. Hiring long distance moving companies made your move go very easy, so it is up to you to make sure you have the best weekends after moving to this amazing place!

About Pasadena, Texas

14 miles from Houston, in Harris County in southeast Texas, sits the busy metropolis of Pasadena. If you are looking for a place near Houston, Pasadena is the best! Long distance movers Texas has to offer will do their best to help you with your moving! The region is rich in history, having witnessed some of the most significant occasions that led to Texas’ independence. The city developed into an industrial giant in the 20th century, housing large-scale enterprises including oil refineries.
There are lots of attractive parks, stunning natural sites, and entertaining events in the city, some of which you can check out and participate in without spending money.

woman standing near boxes after moving and thinking how to spend weekends in Pasadena
Pasadena, TX is a great city to live in.

Top suggestions on how to spend weekends in Pasadena, Texas

Many people picture polluted industry and unpleasant locals when they think of Pasadena, Texas. But that picture is not at all accurate. One of the best places to live in Texas is Pasadena. If you want to move here, long distance movers Pasadena has to offer will help you with your relocation to this great city! It is home to a variety of attractions and welcoming residents. The city provides a wide variety of attractions, including museums, parks, and festivals. It is home to recognizable structures and locations. It is the location of several well-known films in cinematic history and is home to the largest urban nature park in the US. The top suggestions on how to spend weekends in Pasadena after moving are listed below.

family on a field
Pasadena, Texas provides a wide variety of attractions, including museums, parks, and festivals

Visit the Pasadena Historical Society to learn about local history

One attraction you must see when you finally move to Pasadena is the Pasadena History Society. You can visit this place alone, with family or other loved ones, and discover the fascinating history of this lovely city. The Historical Society’s exhibitions and collections are sure to pique your interest. The Pasadena Museum of History, a library, and the Finnish Folk Art Museum are just a few of the amenities on the property.

This place is one that you may visit and leave feeling smarter than when you arrived because of all the lectures, seminars, and tours on offer. If you haven’t found your movers yet, to help you with your move to this city, you should check on some advice for how to find movers before moving to Pasadena TX.

brown wooden bokshelf
The Pasadena Museum History Center, a library, and the Finnish Folk Art Museum are just a few of the amenities you can visit.

Visit Pasadena Little Theatre to catch a legendary show

The Pasadena Little Theatre is the place to go if you’re seeking top-notch theatrical productions in Pasadena. The general public can view wonderful plays and performances at this community theater. The only difficulty you might run into is finding a seat because they are so popular that it is virtually never an issue. You purchase inexpensive, delectable food at the intermission. Also, you can meet the actors after each performance. It is an excellent way to spend a weekend after your move and enjoy! Visiting the theatre is a great way to make some new friendships if you are wondering how to meet people after moving to Pasadena!

empty theater seats
The Pasadena Little Theatre is the place to go if you’re seeking top-notch theatrical productions in Pasadena.

Enjoy the peace and quiet at Armand Bayou Nature Center

If you are moving from Florida to Pasadena TX, you must know that the largest urban nature preserves in the country is the Armand Bayou Nature Center! Bring your family here to appreciate the many ecosystems. Moreover, certain marshes and woods are easily accessible. Also, there are signs at each stop sign that provide you with additional details about the location you are in. The Nature Center is home to up to 370 kinds of local wildlife and an old farm that has been there since the 1800s. You can also take a canoe tour of the nature reserve if you go on the weekends.

Visit Big Island Slough with your family to have some fun after stressful moving to Pasadena

One of the places in Pasadena where you can hang out with your friends or family and have a good time is the Big Island Slough Recreational Center. The Big Island Slough is great if you like being outside. This wetland is a fantastic area to enjoy nature and get away from the rush and bustle of the city. Public access is free. Bring your family here to have a picnic on the weekend. You can pass your time kayaking, fishing, or watching birds.

Have pleasure in hunting and fishing in Burke Crenshaw Park

If you want to, you can sit in this park and enjoy the local fauna. Burke Crenshaw Park has facilities that make it a really pleasant location to be in. There are tables, benches where you may sit with your friends, a playground for your kids, and other things here. The park provides a place for outdoor exercise where you can work out while enjoying the pleasant Pasadena weather. You can climb a hill on the park’s southern edge and stand there to get a stunning perspective of the area.

Shop until you drop at Fairway Plaza

A shopping spree is a need for any weekend, and Pasadena’s Fairway Plaza is unrivaled. The plaza, which has a variety of establishments, including pricey designer boutiques and stores that sell regional antiques, is situated in a prominent commercial area. You can purchase a wide range of products by coming here. This is your one-stop shop for all of your necessities, including electronics as well as elegant clothes, suits, perfumes, and other products. You can stroll into any of the plaza’s eateries for a nice supper after your shopping weekend.

woman holding shopping bags
A shopping spree is a need for any weekend, and Pasadena’s Fairway Plaza is unrivaled.

One of the best ways to spend weekends in Pasadena is to go to Strawberry Park and relax

You are warmly welcomed into Strawberry Park, which frees your soul and body from the strain of the city and your job. This park, which is among the best in Pasadena, has several features that make it a perfect place to unwind after moving to Pasadena. Visit this location and have a picnic in one of the locations with pits with friends or family. Depending on their age, each of your children has a designated play space. There are tennis courts, basketball courts, and volleyball courts. The area is open and secure, and the park is well-lit even at night. Along the pleasant walking track, it’s also a wonderful place for a peaceful stroll. If you are a fan of outdoor activities, Pasadena is the right place for you! If you are still considering moving, make sure to find out all information about renting vs buying when moving to Pasadena.

Spend weekends in Pasadena at Armadilla Lanes

Armadilla Lanes is the place to go if you’re seeking some of Pasadena’s top bowling lanes. There’s a solid reason why this bowling alley is the most well-liked in Pasadena. The food is fantastic, the facilities are wonderful, and the customer service is outstanding. This is a wonderful area to spend time with friends and family over the weekend if you have some free time.

Visit Cinemark Hollywood Movies 20 to see a film

Like all well-known cities across the nation, Pasadena is home to a number of movie theaters, with Cinemark Hollywood Movies 20 being the best. To watch any of the various blockbuster movies, come here with your friends or on a date. The seats are cozy recliners, and the popcorn is excellent.

people watching cartoon in cinema
This city is home to a number of movie theaters, which is a great way to spend your weekends in Pasadena.

If you have children, one of the best ways to spend weekends in Pasadena is to take them to iT’Z Family

If you are considering which place is better, Pasadena vs Boerne: where should you move as a parent, be sure that Pasadena is a great place to live in if you have children and family! There are plenty of activities for children and families and great ways to spend weekends together. The goal of iT’Z Family, Food & Fun is to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time there. Here, there are a ton of activities and games for people of all ages, ensuring that everyone has a good time. A mini-bowling alley, the Monkey Jump ride for children, and bumper cars are all enjoyable for people of all ages. It’s a location where visiting with family and having fun is recommended.

with kids at the playground is how you can spend weekends in Pasadena
There are many places in Pasadena to have a lot of fun with your children and family!

Holly Bay Court Sports Complex can help you increase your heart rate

Many amenities are available at Holly Bay Court Sports Complex to help you stay or get in shape and get that much-needed adrenaline boost. It features a path that’s ideal for bicycling as well as a running trail where you can go for a run with your friends. The trail is lined with trees, so even if you chose to run in the early morning hours, there will be enough shade. There is a park specifically for children, so you can bring your children along to participate in the activities.

Spend weekends in Pasadena at Village Grove Community’s pools

In Pasadena, the Village Grove Community pool is fantastic. It features a sizable adult swimming area as well as a kiddie pool. If you bring your kids, they will like the water-shooting spouting toy that will keep them occupied. There are water slides there that are enjoyable for people of all ages. If swimming is not your thing, you may hire out the front terrace, host a party there and enjoy the weekend!

Attend a baseball game at Satsuma Park

Satsuma Park in Pasadena is a public playground. The basketball courts here are the main draws. These courts are available year-round, and they are even covered, so you can play a game with your loved ones even when the weather is bad. From 6 am till sunset, everyone is welcome in the park. It is a good area to hang out with friends without being bothered and is hidden from inquisitive eyes.

baseball balls and baseball mitt is one of the ways to spend weekends in Pasadena
Baseball courts are available year-round, and they are even covered, so you can play a game with your loved ones even when the weather is bad and spend your weekends in Pasadena.

With Painting with a Twist, unleash your inner artist and spend great weekends in Pasadena

Regardless of your age, visit Painting with a Twist to have creative fun. The local staff is kind and eager to engage with you in order to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Use your imagination to produce pieces of art that even you are amazed by! You will undoubtedly have a wonderful time. Here, everything you need to paint is available. You can even bring booze and food, though you won’t have much time to eat because of how much fun you’ll be having.

Check out the District of Shaw Avenue’s Gorgeous Murals

Discover the city’s artistic side by visiting Shaw Avenue District. The district’s murals are a component of the Shaw Avenue rehabilitation project, which will be finished in 2021. See the vibrant and significant murals that enliven the neighborhood as you explore the region.
Don’t forget to take pictures of the magnificent public art.
Murals that evoke the idea of regeneration were created by seven artists.


You are warmly welcomed in Pasadena. This city is among the most attractive places to live in Texas. With warm people, spectacular buildings, and a long tradition it truly has something for everyone. With these top Pasadena attractions, you can spend weekends in Pasadena after moving, with your friends and family. Be sure you will enjoy it!

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