The benefits of expert cleaning services

You probably already know that moving companies in NYC offer a wide variety of moving services. From local to long-distance moving, from residential to commercial relocation, professional movers can help you with every step of the relocation. In addition to the standard moving services, many also offer storage or specialty moving of pianos and pool tables. You may be considering some of these as you prepare for your upcoming move. But you probably haven’t thought about expert cleaning services. And why would you? Most people don’t realize just how much cleaning is involved in the moving process until they have to do it themselves. But there are many benefits to hiring professionals to clean your home when moving. So it may be time to consider this option.

What do you get when you pay for expert cleaning services?

If you own a business, odds are that you pay for commercial cleaning services. And if you have a big house, you might also be relying on residential cleaning services for it. But what does professional cleaning entail when you’re moving? In short, a crew of cleaning professionals will make sure that your house is spotless top to bottom.

Vacuum cleaner people use when providing expert cleaning services.
Professional cleaners will vacuum your floors if you hire their expert cleaning services.

A typical cleaning service will include:

  • dusting all surfaces including the hard-to-reach areas like between the blinds, tops of shelves, and behind radiators
  • wiping down all the doors, windows, glass surfaces, and even walls
  • vacuuming the floors, both carpets, wood, and tile
  • sweeping and mopping the floors with appropriate cleaning supplies
  • sanitizing the bathroom (including showers and toilets)
  • cleaning every inch of the kitchen including sinks, faucets, and even appliances

Additional cleaning services

Just like long distance movers Long Island offer additional services like piano moving, packing, and furniture disassembling, professional cleaners may also offer extra services. These vary from company to company and will in part depend on what is included in the basic offer. Usually, additional services include cleaning power outlets, hand-wiping more valuable items, checking the vents, fixing the grout in the bathroom, gutter cleaning, and other more difficult or time-consuming cleaning tasks. Make sure to talk to the cleaners you hire about what exactly their services entail so that you’re all on the same page and there are no unpleasant surprises.

Person cleaning a mirror.
If you’re in a hurry, you’ll have better things to do than wiping down mirrors.

Why might you need expert cleaning services when moving?

Not everyone who moves gets professionals to clean their homes. Many people simply hire long distance movers NYC for the basic relocation services and do the rest themselves. Why should you be any different? And when is it better to let experts handle the cleaning? Professional cleaning services are your best option when:

  • You’re moving on short notice and don’t have the time to clean your home
  • You’re renting and want your deposit back when you move out but that hinges on the house being spotless
  • The home hasn’t been cleaned in a while so there’s a build-up of dirt and clutter you can’t deal with yourself
  • You’re selling the house and want it to be as appealing to potential buyers as possible
  • The new home hasn’t been lived in or cleaned in a while and you don’t want to spend your first days in it dealing with the mess

Where can you get the best cleaning services from?

In some cases, professional movers offer cleaning as a part of their relocation services. Usually, these are not included in their standard package so you will have to pay extra for them even if you’ve hired the same movers for something else. However, the benefit of getting your cleaning services from your movers is that they can organize it all to work in tandem with packing and unpacking – your home can then be ready for moving in no time. Otherwise, you can contact a professional cleaning company in your area.

Why are expert cleaning services worth the expense?

There are many benefits to paying for professional cleaning services when moving. If you’re not on a tight budget (and sometimes even if you are), these can tip the scales in favor of spending that little bit extra to ensure that your home is spotless.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time

Much like packing, cleaning usually takes longer than you expect, especially when you need to clean your entire home top to bottom. And you have to keep in mind that cleaning will be far from the only thing you need to do. You’ll also have to pack, figure out storage, transfer utilities, say goodbye to friends and family, and do a dozen other important things. You’ll have a lot more time for those if you hire professionals to clean your home.

You can focus on more important things

Moving consists of a hundred little tasks you need to complete every day. Many of them are far more important and far more interesting than cleaning. After all, wouldn’t you rather spend the day enjoying local events and getting to know Long Island than cleaning your bathroom? If you get professional cleaning services, you can. While cleaners deal with your home, you can focus on other things you’d rather be doing.

Two women at a bar.
Spend time with your friends instead of cleaning the kitchen.

It’ll be easier to get your deposit back, sublet or sell

If you’re moving out of a rented property, you’ll want to leave spotless so that your landlord has no reason to keep your deposit. An expert cleaning crew will do a better job of ensuring that than you would. And if you’re planning on subletting or selling a home you own, you’ll want to show it to potential buyers in the best possible light. Professionals will do a better job of making the house presentable than you and they’ll do it faster. Ultimately, the price you pay for cleaning services will pay off if you can sell or lease your home for more money because of them.

You can start off your new life in a perfectly clean house

Expert cleaning services are not just for the home you’re leaving behind. You can also hire a cleaning crew for your new home. Even if you’re buying a brand new house, odds are that it won’t be spotless when you move in. From dust-gathering everywhere because there’s no one to clean it to various people bringing in the dirt as they arrive for viewings to movers making a mess as they unload and unpack your boxes, your new home will need cleaning after you move in. Instead of doing that yourself when you’re already exhausted from the move, you can hire professionals. That way you’ll start off your new life in a clean space without having to work hard for it yourself.

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