Best DMV neighborhoods to move to

Moving is a strenuous enterprise that takes up a lot of time and energy, even when you have everything figured out. If you are not quite sure where to move to, it is even more exhausting. In case you live in Texas and are looking for one of the best DMV neighborhoods to move to, it is best to consult professionals. One of the top Texas moving companies State to State Move, will help you narrow down the search. Find the best place for yourself and your family in the Washington DC area and have a seamless relocation.

Best DMV neighborhoods to move to

If you are looking to move from Texas to DC, Virginia, or Maryland part of the DMV area, bear in mind that this is an extremely high-end and expensive region. It boasts top schools and healthcare facilities, historical landmarks, and abundant nature. There are a lot of high-ranked towns in the DMV area, but some of them really stand out. A few of the top places for a living are:

  • Arlington, VA
  • Takoma Park, MD
  • Petworth, DC

Arlington, VA

Those who are moving from Texas to Virginia should know that this historic county provides a very good quality of living. It includes the Pentagon and the Arlington National Cemetery, as well as numerous universities and grad schools for law and politics. It offers a great variety of housing types and lifestyles, so anyone can fit in. Arlington County is regularly found on the top of the lists of best places to live in. For instance, the most desirable place to live in this area and the whole country is Bluemont. This neighborhood offers an abundance of restaurants, cafes, parks, and excellent schools.

Arlington landmark
Arlington is considered as one of the best DMV neighborhoods to move to

Takoma Park, MD

This place is the perfect choice for those moving from Texas to Maryland. The majority of residents here own their homes, and it takes only a short drive to reach the Washington DC center. The interesting fact is that anyone over 16 can vote in the municipal elections, which makes this place ideal for politically active people. It boasts a number of highly-rated schools and very safe neighborhoods. Numerous festivals take place in Takoma, and the town also offers a thriving art scene. If you are environmentally conscious, then you will love the efforts this town invests in sustainability.

Petworth, DC

Famous for its community events, Petworth is the perfect place for people who like to socialize. The low crime rate is one of the most appealing characteristics of this town, as well as a good network of walking trails and bike trails. The restaurant scene is breathtaking, as well as the festival scene. This budding neighborhood offers a variety of activities for the whole family.

a colorful facade of a townhouse
Colorful townhouses, low crime rate, and top-of-the-line schools attract a lot of newcomers

Remember to choose a reliable moving company, no matter where you are moving to. Choose one of the best DMV neighborhoods to move to and leave Texas effortlessly and with style.

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