Boston or Washington D.C – where should you move after college?

Are you trying to decide whether you should move to Boston or Washington D.C after graduating college? Moving is surely a new chapter in your life. It is a chance for a fresh start and is fun, exciting, and thrilling. If you are a young professional, it’s unlikely that you’ve moved already. But if you have, you know how difficult it can be. Unless you do it properly, it can turn out to be hectic and time and energy-consuming. If you don’t believe us, that’s probably just because you’ve never moved on your own. However, if you don’t want to do it by yourself, you can always look up the moving companies state to state. That way, you will be able to find the perfect movers that suit your needs!

Let’s say a few words about Boston

To paint a better picture of these two cities, we need to say a few words about each one. Boston is located in Massachusetts, with a population of almost 685,000. It’s in Suffolk County, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best places to live in the entire state. If you are moving from Texas to Boston, the first thing you will notice is the urban feel of the big city. Also, there are many places for young people, such as nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, and parks. Also, you will never get bored because Boston hosts numerous events throughout the year. Check out Boston Marathon, Boston Caribbean Carnival, or Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular. And with Boston’s strong community, we are sure you’ll blend in and enjoy Farmer’s Market and other community festivities.

Aerial view of Boston MA
Boston has a strong economy, a great job market, and fun activities. You can’t go wrong if you choose this one!

The only bad thing about Boston is that owning a car can be expensive. Because the traffic is more than terrible, you’ll waste a lot of money on gas. Not to mention that you’ll spend hours in traffic, and once you finally find a parking spot, you’ll overpay it generously. Luckily, public transportation in Boston is excellent. Use the MBTA bus or subway and cheaply get anywhere you need to be. Also, Boston has a strong cycling community, so we are sure you’ll consider this option. Heading out on a bike can be a real money saver, and it is fun.

A few words about Washington D.C as well

If you are moving from Texas to DC you will notice the difference immediately. After all, you are moving to one of the most important cities in the entire US. The US capital has a few unique features. Firstly, it is not much bigger than Boston and has around 700,000 citizens. It’s located in the District of Columbia County and has the most substantial political presence out of all cities in the US. It is nicknamed “The Government City” and with a strong reason. Not to mention that the FBI headquarters are located here. This makes it probably the safest city to live in in the entire world. Although, it can get a bit uncomfortable knowing that every third person is working for the government. But if you are a law-abiding citizen, this shouldn’t bother you much.

Despite being full of army personnel, police officers, and FBI agents, it is still a place where you can have a ton of fun. There are more than enough pubs, restaurants, coffee places, and numerous community events. And Washington is surprisingly green, with quite a few parks and playgrounds to have fun at. So, we are sure you’ll have an incredible time while searching for an apartment, a job, and a promising future that lies ahead. If you decide to relocate here, make sure to book long distance movers Texas on time. This way, you will ensure a smooth relocation to Boston.

Which one is cheaper – Boston or Washington D.C?

If you’re a young professional who has just graduated from college, you must be in search of a new job. Finding a job online is a great way since there are plenty of ads as well as social media that can help you with it. One example of it is LinkedIn, where you can connect with other people as well as find a job. Also, when wondering about Boston or Washington D.C, you need to think of the job and your career.

Knowing the pros and cons of the two locations can work to your advantage. Firstly, both places have a strong and healthy economy with a promising job market. However, both locations are more expensive than the national average. Boston is almost 25% more expensive, while Washington is ranked 13th among the most expensive cities in the US. Luckily, better-paying jobs will compensate for the difference and increased costs.

a person counting money before moving to Boston or Washington DC
Both cities are somewhat expensive. Do the math upfront and prepare an adequate budget!

But one thing is sure. Boston is way cheaper than Washington when it comes to real estate and groceries. And when we compare them in utility costs, they are pretty much the same. This means you must find a good job first if you have decided to live in either of the two locations. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are qualified because both Boston and Washington have great job offers. Especially in government-related jobs, healthcare, the IT sector, retailing, finances, and education.

How to decide if you should choose Boston or Washington D.C?

If you are moving out for the first time, you are probably asking yourself this question. It’s an entirely individual thing whether you’ll choose Boston or Washington D.C. Ask yourself, what do you want from the new place you’re moving to? Do some in-depth research, ask your friends, consult with family members, and check out your budget. Put it on paper and see which suits your personality, goals, and budget more. Both are good choices, and the differences are pretty small. It all comes down to what your goals for the future are. Hence, figure this out first, and then contact your movers to obtain free moving estimates. Once you realize the living costs, you must also prepare for the moving costs. Start from there, and your plans will unfold nicely.

two movers loading the vehicle
A reputable moving company is all you need to have a stress-free relocation whether you are moving to Boston or Washington D.C

Get ready to move

Once you decide where to move, you should start looking for a reputable and affordable moving company. And as we have said before, you should start doing this well in advance. Just to be ready when you set a moving date with all the info and prices in your hands. Once you search online and find the long distance movers Dallas you like the most, give them a call. Communicate about moving services, packing services, storage services, or anything else you might need to have a smooth relocation process. Also, before you agree and hire any company, check FMCSA to confirm they are legit. Your movers must have all the licenses, knowledge, tools, and experience. Luckily, most reputable companies do. So, hire a good one and secure a seamless transition.

Now you should be able to decide whether to move to Boston or Washington D.C. At least we hope we helped a bit and you won’t spend hours on your research. Just make sure you obtain all the info as soon as you graduate. Later, you’ll have a much easier time, no matter where you decide to move. Good luck.


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