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So, you have finally made the decision of moving to a new location? Congrats! This will be the beginning of a new chapter in your life. However, before you start enjoying your new place, there are some things you’ll have to take care of. There are many pre-move tasks that can’t be considered as exciting, but hey, the faster you complete them, the sooner your move will be over. Some of these pre-move tasks are quite obvious, such as gathering packing supplies, hiring movers, and so on. But, no matter how important one pre-move task might be, we can easily forget about it when the moving stress emerges. This is why most people forget to notify others about their change of address, which is a big mistake.

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Do you know who to notify before and after moving?

In order to help you out with notifying people that you’re moving, we have prepared a comprehensive guide regarding this topic. By reading it, you’ll get the idea on who you’ll need to inform that you’re moving before the big relocation. Therefore, keep reading to get the necessary pieces of information!

Why it’s necessary to inform people about your change of address?

Whether you’ll be moving to a distant country with the help of reliable movers or just a few blocks away, notifying people that you’ll be changing your address is of the utmost importance. Even though this doesn’t seem like an important thing to do, it actually really is. If you forget to do this, a lot of things might happen.

Forgetting to notify people about the change of address means you won’t be getting your mail.

Imagine the situation in which you’re waiting for an important letter to come. Days will just pass by and you still won’t get your long waited letter. Instead, it will be delivered to your old address and who knows what can happen to it. And, what about bills, magazine subscriptions, and other important stuff? Don’t risk losing some of your mail just because of an address mix-up. Instead, notify everyone ahead of time about your change of address and you’ll avoid unnecessary confusions. 

Who to notify first that you’re changing your address?

Now, let’s find out who should you notify first. Heads up, the list will be long and you’ll want to grab a pen and start writing things down. Let’s make together a change of address checklist! 

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If you want your home maintained, notify your lawn, pool, delivery and housecleaning services.


If you want to keep your home maintained, you’ll want to notify your lawn, pool, delivery and housecleaning services.

After hiring household movers to help you with the relocation of your home, you’ll be ready for completing other pre-move tasks. The moment you choose the date for relocating, you should plan when to notify local utilities about the change of address. With this plan, you’ll know that you won’t be paying for utilities in an unoccupied home. In addition to this, it’s necessary to set up utilities in your new home. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than moving into a home with no running water or electricity! Therefore, make sure to set up these before moving in:

  • Telephone
  • Television 
  • Internet 
  • Electrical and gas utility
  • Water
  • Garbage services
  • Sewer utility

And, let’s not forget about notifying your neighbors that you’ll be moving your home. You can throw a party before the relocation and invite all of your loved ones. This will be the perfect way of saying goodbye to your old home.


Moving offices to the new location is an excellent starting point for its growth. However, commercial relocations aren’t as easy as they might seem. During relocations, your business might suffer if you don’t pay attention and work very hard to keep the productivity levels high. However, with the help of reliable commercial movers and quality short term storage , this relocation will already be way easier. You can let the pros relocate you, while you deal with your business. This will also give you a chance to notify all of your clients and customers that you’ll be moving. Make sure to inform them ahead of time. And, there’s no need in telling you that you’ll also have to set utilities and complete other things that are already listed above.

a dog in a box
If you own a pet, you’ll need to notify the veterinarian.

Other people and services you should notify about the change of address

What have we told you, the list on who to notify about the change of address will be quite long! And, unfortunately, there’s more to this. Here are other people and services you’ll have to contact and inform them about your upcoming relocation.

  • Healthcare. Whether you’re moving abroad or to a new city, you’ll have to change doctors. To do this, your new doctor needs to get all of your medical information from the old doctor. Therefore, you have to notify them that you’re moving so that they can send your medical records to the new hospital.
  • Veterinarians. In case you have pets, it’s necessary to take them to the vet before the move. This way you can also get their records and maybe also get a recommendation on some good vets in your new neighborhood.

Education. If you have children and you’ll be moving with them, it’s necessary to notify their schools about this transition. You should do this too if your kids are in private schools and universities. Notifying people who work in schools can help your kids feel good about their upcoming relocation. That’s why you shouldn’t avoid talking to your kids’ teachers and school principal.

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