How to Create a Pet-friendly Backyard After Moving

When moving home, you must think about many things. Firstly, you should organize and create a moving plan. Then, you must work on legalities and set an adequate moving budget. Also, you should search for a moving company. And when moving from state to state with a big family, can be quite difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Moreover, if you have pets with you, then the whole story becomes much harder. One thing is certain, you must learn how to create a pet-friendly backyard after moving. Your pet can’t wait so this should be one of the top priorities. Let’s cover this one together and make sure your pets have everything they need.

Starting with the landscape is how to create a pet-friendly backyard after moving

Ok, the first step is to create a nice environment for your pets. No matter if you have a cat or a dog, they must have a fairly big garden to roam out and about. But as you will plant trees, bushes, flowers, and other plants, you must keep an eye out. The goal is to make the grass soft and nice for your pets but at the same time to protect it from your pets. As you may know, pet urine will kill the grass and other plants over time. This means you must use stronger and more resilient plants in general. So, when it comes to the grass in your yard, we recommend using the following:

  • Bermuda grass.
  • Kentucky bluegrass.
  • Fescue grass.
  • Zoysia.
two dogs in a backyard
Plant grass and work on the landscape as soon as possible. Your pets need a nice carpet to walk upon.

You can find seeds or already assembled patches of grass at your local Lowes or any major garden center. Although, if you are moving on short notice, you might not have time to plant and wait for it to grow. Hence, figure out what would be the best solution for your time and budget. On the other note, obviously, you must inspect the entire area before you even contact your long distance moving companies San Antonio. You should prepare and secure the parameter as well to create a plan on how to create your pet’s habitat.

Dedicate a potty spot

As we already stated, pet urine and feces will kill the grass and most of the plants. Therefore, you must create a designated potty spot. One way to solve this problem is to teach your pet to use the designated spot. Or you can mitigate the damage by using spots with gravel, and pebbles, or create an artificial area that you can easily clean. Also, you can teach your dog to go potty outside of the yard which means you must take them out for a walk more often. And no matter what you decide, you must solve this problem somehow if you want to keep your yard in order. If you have to, take your dog out on a leash until they are done potting.

Deal with toxic plants and chemicals

If you decide on planting exotic flowers or any kind of plants, you must research thoroughly which ones are toxic for your pet. There are quite a few that can do minor damage but the serious ones can kill your pet within minutes. Hopefully, you will never get in touch with any of those. The list of those plants can be obtained from the nearest pet poison control center. But we will tell you which ones are common in most gardens. These are daffodils, oleander, Lilly of the valley, tulips, hyacinths, dieffenbachia, regular Lilies, cyclamen, azalea, and sago palm. There are a few more probably but the best practice is to read everything there is about the plant you want to introduce to your garden.

tulips in the field
Some plants and flowers can be toxic for your pet. Learn how to create a pet-friendly backyard after moving before you plant anything.

Some are even poisonous to humans or can endanger other plants. Hence, obtain the knowledge before you even hit the road with your long distance movers Dallas. Have a plan in mind and purchase plants upfront or plant seeds way before moving. And one more thing, you must be mindful of the chemicals you are using to maintain your garden. Use only safe non-toxic and pet-friendly chemicals. Those can be purchased from the nearest landscaping store.

You must have a strong fence

If everyone we have mentioned failed and you are still having trouble keeping your pet away from plants and having them use the potty area, we have a solution. How to create a pet-friendly backyard after relocating? Simply add more fencing. It might sound cruel but you would do it anyway. At least around the property to keep your pet safe and inside. Also, you will keep the passengers safe as well. But if you add a fence inside your yard to divide designated areas where your pet can roam freely, then you can solve this problem. At least temporarily because you still must teach your dog to follow the rules. So, strong fencing is required and we suggest you use an electronic dog fence, underground pet fence, wooden panels, or chain links. Depending on the size of your dog, you will choose the most useful one.

Your pets shouldn’t own the garden

Everything we have mentioned so far should help you learn how to create a pet-friendly backyard after you move. But the goal is to create a safe place for you and your family as well. Your pet can’t own the yard and behave like a boss. You must establish ground rules if you want to keep your garden accessories, plants, and other things you have in your garden safe and sound. Hence, to prevent digging, scratching, or territory marking, you should mark it before your pet does. There are pet-friendly solutions that can help a lot. You can use sprinklers, plants with thorns, orange peels, hot sauce, or vinegar. Mark the territory in whichever way you like and as soon as your pet tastes it once, they will stay away from that area for good. It might sound silly at first, but it works like a charm.

Siberian husky outdoors
Teach your dog from an early age to avoid certain areas important to you.

Now you know how to create a pet-friendly backyard after moving. Keep your pet happy and safe

The goal is to keep your pet in order but at the same time, they must be happy and enjoy the new environment. There should be areas that are off-limits and they should have their favorite spots as well. A place where your pet can feel safe. You must build a dog house and always have fresh water nearby. Use this place for feeding as well and your pet will soon figure out that this is their spot for daily routine like feeding, sleeping, and playing.

Now you know how to create a pet-friendly backyard after moving. All that is left is to prepare for moving and find a reliable moving company to assist you. You should consider using packing services that long distance movers Texas offer so you can have more time for your pet. Good luck and stay safe.


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