Moving from Universal City TX to Columbia SC

Moving to a new state is a difficult decision.  For your out of state moves Texas movers can provide you with easy relocation. You must relocate to a new state that you may not be familiar with and spend your life there. Yet it’s also the beginning of a brand-new, wonderful journey! You’ll need a solid plan and dependable movers to complete your move. They will assist you if you’re moving from Universal City TX to Columbia SC. With a team of experts prepared to handle all potential concerns as they arise, moving from state to state will be less stressful. A solid plan is also necessary to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

You have a very important duty to complete. Learn as much as you can about the new location. In order to make the transition to your new city simpler for you, it is imperative that you learn all the pertinent details about the area.

Moving from Universal City TX to Columbia SC doesn’t have to be difficult

Moving out of Texas need not be difficult. Relocations are incredibly exhausting, but they may be smooth and straightforward with a sound strategy and the long distance movers Universal City TX has to offer. You can use so many actions in order to make your relocation stress-free:

  • before deciding on the relocation date, locate a new residence
  • consider all of the moving tasks when you plan your relocation
  • before moving, update the address, transfer utilities, and engage a moving company
  • be conscious of the variations in taxes and living expenses
couple unpacking boxes after moving from Universal City TX to Columbia SC
Relocations are incredibly exhausting, but they may be smooth and straightforward with a sound strategy.

What is Columbia SC like?

A typical Southern town with a contemporary touch is Columbia, South Carolina It is two hours from the ocean and also has a thriving downtown arts scene and commercial community. The region’s abundance of oak, pecan, and magnolia trees aids in the preservation of its country’s character, and the city skyline reflects the state capital’s status as a developing industrial zone. The population of Columbia is just big enough to support chic shops, cafes, restaurants, and other establishments that make city life enjoyable, but small enough that traffic is generally light and the streets are rarely overcrowded.

The main university in South Carolina is located in Columbia. Students that attend the University of South Carolina are a major source of the city of Columbia’s liveliness. While a lot of Columbia’s businesses and neighborhoods are interposed with USC’s buildings and student housing, it is not always evident where the institution ends and the rest of the metro area begins on many of the campus’s borders. Residents and the student population thus have a strong bond.

key on key hole
You need some time to get used to your new home.

What is it like to live in Columbia SC

The second-largest city in South Carolina after Charleston, the attractive tourist attraction two hours to the southeast, is Columbia, which has a metro population of 136,632. The capital city of Columbia has a lot to offer families, single professionals, and retirees seeking a laid-back lifestyle with a heavy dose of the outdoors, even while it may not have the beaches and ocean breezes of its seaside sister city. Moreover, Charlotte, North Carolina is just an hour and a half away, which is advantageous for any generation.

You will find very friendly people in Columbia SC

There is truth to the idea of Southern Hospitality. Although it could take some getting used to if you’re coming from a society that is more aloof, folks here are incredibly welcoming. Because it’s likely that they migrated from somewhere else as well, Columbia’s hospitable residents enjoy welcoming all new arrivals.

When you stroll down the street, it’s common for people to grin at you and wave to you from the front porches where they’re lounging in the evening. You’ll eventually get to know these familiar faces and like the small-town atmosphere of this major city.

friendly people
Columbia’s hospitable residents enjoy welcoming all new arrivals.

If you are moving from Universal City TX to Columbia SC, better get used to heat

Some people enjoy the heat, but if you are moving from Texas to South Carolina, you’d better enjoy it a lot! People often use the term “famously hot” to describe Columbia. It reflects both its subtropical climate and protracted, humid summers as well as its expanding reputation as a superb location to live. It’s also steamy. With an average high temperature of about 94 degrees Fahrenheit, July is the hottest month.

Geographically speaking, Columbia sits in the middle of the state, thus there is no likelihood of a refreshing Ocean breeze. Throughout the majority of the Southeast United States, there are often afternoon thunderstorms during the summer. The good news is that they quickly give way to a nice evening breeze.

The coldest month is January, with an average low temperature of 35 degrees F. In reality, snowfall occurs once or twice a year.

sky and sun
If you reside in Columbia, you’d better enjoy the heat a lot!

What does living in Columbia, South Carolina cost?

The cost of living in Columbia is more than 6% less than the national average. With healthcare being 28% below the national average, there is the most pronounced disparity when compared to the rest of the country. Healthcare professionals, who make up around 29% of the workforce (together with those in the education sector), are attracted to Columbia because there are about 11 hospitals in or close to the city.

Housing costs

Home prices have increased dramatically in Columbia over the past year, by a whopping 23.5%, just like they have in almost every other American city. As of April 2022, the average property value in the city was $206,954, which is still less than the national average but a hefty sum by Columbian standards. In May 2022, the median rent in Columbia, South Carolina increased by around $255 over the previous year to $1,450 per month.

a house with lights on you will buy when moving from Universal City TX to Columbia SC
House prices in Columbia SC are less than the national average.

One of the most important things to know when moving from Universal City TX to Columbia SC is to find out how is the labor market

A total of 60.5K people are employed in Columbia, with the major employment sectors including health care & social assistance, educational services, and retail trade. There was a 1.85% increase in employment in Columbia.

In 2020, Columbia’s median household income was $47,416. The nation’s capital has also just been ranked No. 10 on WalletHub’s list of the “Best Places to Start a New Career in 2022” — excellent news for recent graduates! — for its diversity in the workforce, accessibility to entry-level positions, average beginning salaries, and annual job growth rates. In addition, three of the city’s top five most profitable businesses are in the healthcare sector; the University of South Carolina is ranked second.

What are the best neighborhoods to settle down in when moving from Universal City TX to Columbia SC?

One of the top areas in Columbia, South Carolina, might easily become your new home.

  • Seven Oaks: Nine miles to the northwest of Columbia’s center, Seven Oaks provides all the facilities one would expect from a suburban area, but with a distinctively Southern flair. Professionals who work downtown and don’t mind the 15- to 30-minute drive, depending on traffic conditions, love the neighborhood. The majority of the homes are from the mid-century era and have an average value of $220,722.
  • The Cayce Riverwalk: This developing community along the Congaree River, only 10 minutes from downtown Columbia, is popular with students and young families. The typical property value in this area was $179,625. Twelve miles of walkways and boardwalks as well as numerous acres of parkland are available along the Three Rivers Greenway’s Cayce Riverwalk. Also, restaurants and shops are easily accessible.
  • Shandon: This established neighborhood of Columbia has well-kept lawns and walkways, although it is a bit dear by regional standards, with a typical property value of $392,418. Shandon is nearby to the commercial and retail areas of Five Points and Devine Street and is a short stroll from the campus of the University of South Carolina. Sims Park and Emily Douglas Park, are popular with retirees and residents with kids.
  • Elmwood Park: Elmwood Park is a prime example of an urban renewal that was successful. The region eventually became a sought-after historic district with a variety of architectural types and a warm, family-friendly atmosphere that includes seasonal porch parties and street fairs. The average cost of a house is $301,951. Elmwood Park was the first recognized “suburb” in Columbia, however, it is now included in the downtown area and is close to the shopping and entertainment areas.

What can one do in Columbia, South Carolina when moving from Universal City TX?

There are so many interesting things to do in Columbia. No matter how you prefer to spend your leisure time, this vibrant city has a lot to offer. 

Many Columbians share a passion for sport, attending football and basketball events at Williams-Brice Stadium or Colonial Life Arena, respectively.

The Columbia Museum of Art, the Koger Center for the Arts, the Township Auditorium, as well as a number of live music venues and galleries around town, are great places to experience Columbia’s art and music scene.

There is a ton of entertainment for families in this area. The EdVenture Children’s Museum offers interactive scientific and technology activities, while the South Carolina State Museum has a planetarium, observatory, and 4-D theater. There are at least 2,000 animals and more than 4,200 plant species housed in the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden.

While people use the Saluda River itself for canoeing and kayaking, hikers can see the remnants of the factory there on the woodland trails close to the gardens. There are several parks in the metro area, and numerous other parks, rivers, and lakes, including Congaree National Park, are reachable by car.

You can visit mountains or the beach anytime

After discussing some of the city’s best attractions, it’s time to discuss Columbia’s fantastic location, which is a major factor in why so many people are choosing to relocate there.

Basically, you can easily visit both the ocean to the east and the mountains to the west from right in the midst of South Carolina. You can travel to South Carolina’s almost 3,000 miles of tidal coastline if you want to take a brief break from the heat. You’ll find yourself doing it as frequently as possible because the area has some of the nicest beaches on the whole east coast.

seashore with waves
If you move to Columbia SC, you will have easy access to the beach.

What is the food like in Columbia SC?

While the classics will never go out of style and are still well represented here, Columbia SC dining has its origins in Southern comfort food and is rapidly growing. Columbia has started to attract creative chefs, and diverse neighborhoods are sprouting up all around the city. For instance, the Congaree Vista neighborhood is a noteworthy dining destination, especially along Devine Street, where various quaint eateries welcome customers for al fresco dining among the oaks.

people dining
Columbia SC dining has its origins in Southern comfort food and is rapidly growing.

Columbia SC is a very dog-friendly city!

Dogs are quite popular in Columbia! There are many dog-friendly establishments. You are welcome to bring your dog to many of their parks, eateries, and retail establishments, all of which welcome pets. If you are one of those who loves pets, Columbia is the right place for you! Contacting moving companies state to state is all you have to do to make your and your pet’s life heaven!

white dog
Columbia SC is a very dog-friendly city!


The city of Columbia, which is smack dab in the midst of South Carolina, is a thriving center of the arts and culture. If you are moving from Universal City TX to Columbia SC, you’ll find lots to enjoy in Columbia, whether you appreciate the outdoors, culture, music, fine food, politics, or the thrill of living in a college town. You will have access to the renowned state history museum, the art museum, the stunning South Carolina State House, the award-winning Riverbanks Zoo & Gardens, and miles of trails that run beside the Broad, Saluda, and Congaree Rivers. If you decide to move to Columbia, South Carolina, you will not make a mistake. This great city has something to offer to everyone!

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