How To Get Ready For Moving From Dallas To Orlando?

A huge number of people will think good before deciding to move to another state. The myth that surrounds this entire process is that this relocation would be expensive, take a long time to complete, and be difficult in general. Well, a couple of decades ago maybe, but today, moving to another state is extremely easy and people do it more often. Replacing Texas with Florida is a common moving route, especially for younger generations and people who plan on retiring. And while combinations of cities vary, statistics still prove that there are a couple of locations residents of both states prefer. Today, we will give you a better insight into moving from Dallas to Orlando, and everything you should know about your upcoming move!

It all begins with a decision

They say that your relocation begins when you start thinking about it. And while this is completely true, a lot of things will depend on the time you have on your hands. Moving to another state surely is more complicated as it takes more risks. But with the right help of interstate movers and a good moving plan, you can still pull it off. Take your time to cinder every option. And make sure that you are ready to make this huge step. Once you are sure about moving to Orlando, you can start making a moving plan.

Disneyland in Orlando
Moving from Dallas to Orlando will be an experience of a lifetime, especially for your kids!

Since this process is quite essential and will determine the rest of your relocation, it is very important to start acting right away. Those who are moving for the first time should stick to the original plan and a good moving company, as that will help you speed up the process.

Get the basic facts straight

The total driving distance between Dallas and Orlando is 1,089 miles which is not something to ignore. No matter how you decide to go there, using your vehicle or getting on a plane, you must think about your transportation as well. Any airline company will get you much cheaper tickets if you reserve them on time, so count on getting one for around 41$. On the other hand, you will find using your vehicle much more suitable for moving from Dallas to Orlando. Yes, it may last longer, but if the weather is nice you can make some stops along the way and turn it into a fun road trip!

While you enjoy your road trip cross country movers Dallas trusts will take care of transporting your items, so there is no need to take boxes with you. Instead, your vehicle should be spacious for you, your family members, or even your pets, in order to have a pleasant ride to Orlando. 

Dealing with your inventory when moving from Dallas to Orlando

At some point, you will come face to face with the packing process. A huge number of people dislike this process, as it requires a lot of work and time. Considering you will not be moving across the street, your packing skills should be on point. The easiest and fastest method is to pack one room at a time until your entire home is ready for transportation. Make sure you have enough packing supplies, markers for labeling, and the rest of the necessary tools. Keep in mind that packing is not something you should be doing alone. Include friends and family members in the process as it will go much faster.

By the time state to state movers Orlando offers arrive everything in your home should be ready for transportation. A good moving company will not be late on your moving-out day, and you shouldn’t be as well. According to many people who shared their packing experience, don’t be tricked that you can do it in one day. The bigger your home is, the more time you will spend packing, so keep that in mind.

box labelled as books
Be careful when packing for your relocation.

You don’t have to take everything to Orlando

After all, you are moving to Florida. Upon arriving in Orlando, you can refresh your home with new items and make this relocation matter for real. There is no need to pack and transport items that you no longer need and that are replaceable. If you decide to leave them behind, you will pack much faster, and your relocation with cross country movers in Texas will be cheaper since you have fewer things and your new home will look fresh. Dallas is home to countless charity organizations, that will gladly accept items that you wish to give away. No matter if those are boxes with old clothes, toys, or some other items, you can leave them at:

  • The American Heart Association
  • The Planned Parenthood Federation of America
  • Catholic Charities
  • The Salvation Army

Packing with kids

Choosing to move to Orlando with kids is a wonderful idea, especially when you know that it is home to some of the most popular attractions in the world. But before you get to see them all, you must find a way to successfully pack with your kids around. Keep them occupied in a different area of your home because their safety is the priority. You can also leave them with your family for a couple of hours while you finish packing the most essential rooms in your home. You will feel much better knowing they will not be running around while you deal with boxes and other packing supplies.

Doing research before moving from Dallas to Orlando

Those who moved before know that relocation is not all about packing your items and transporting them to another place. This process has a completely different side that will require the same amount of your attention and time. To gain it, you should have professional state to state movers Florida offers by your side from the start. As soon as you free yourself from the inventory issue, you can proceed to get to know your new home. And just like you wouldn’t buy certain items if you don’t have at least one piece of information about them, you certainly can’t move to another city without researching it. 

the city of Dallas
Moving from Dallas to Orlando will bring some changes in your life so you better know them on time.

There are a couple of factors that you must focus on while doing the research. These will determine your entire future and it will be good to know them on time. Since Dallas and Orlando are in different states and pretty far from each other, let’s dive into more details. 

Dallas vs Orlando: Living costs

One of the most important things you should know before moving is the living costs. After your relocation is completed some things will be more expensive as Orlando has higher living costs than Dallas. That city rates 103.3/100 while Dallas holds 101/100. Even though the difference is small, both places go above the national average. If you plan on buying a property in Orlando housing costs rate at 100/100 which is higher than Dallas 89/100. However, this is worth it, especially if you have been thinking about settling down permanently.

The rest of the living costs include groceries, health, housing, and transportation and all of them are almost equal. To conclude, after your relocation with long distance movers in Dallas your budget will not feel a huge change and you don’t have to worry about changing some of your regular lifestyle habits.

And what about climate?

Those who prefer summer over the rest of the seasons will find Orlando more than suitable for living and working. These cities have short and cool winters so don’t plan on spending a lot of days hiding from the cold. However, summers in Orlando are very long and hot and are one of the reasons people will choose this city to move to. The hottest month is July with temperatures reaching 82°F which is not the ideal time for moving. It will be much better to schedule your relocation for early spring when there is a lot of fresh breeze in both cities and the temperature is much lower.

light bridge
Avoid moving during the summer period as temperatures can be quite high.

Most suitable neighborhoods in Orlando for newcomers

The great news is that Orlando has around 196 neighborhoods and you will have multiple candidates to choose from. But finding a perfect place requires more effort than just picking the most beautiful place. With this many options, it is much easier to divide neighborhoods in Orlando into those perfect for families and people who plan to retire, and those perfect for young professionals.

Neighborhoods for families

If you plan on moving from Dallas to Orlando with your family or wish to start one upon settling in, you will need a cozy and safe neighborhood. Back in Dallas, those would be places like Preston Hollow or Lake Highlands, and if you need something similar, you will find a couple of good ones in Orlando. Newcomers will usually go with:

  • Baldwin Park
  • Rowena Gardens
  • College Park
  • Lake Nona South

Each one of these has a lot of parks, pet-friendly places, and a very low crime rate. Your kids will get a chance to attend some of the best schools in the city, and you will not have to worry about their school transportation. Baldwin Park is home to many restaurants, playgrounds, and attractions too, and one of the most popular ones is Knott’s Berry Farm. 

person holding a Universal Studios card after moving from Dallas to Orlando
Don’t forget to check out some of the most popular places in Orlando.

Places suitable for young professionals

Singles and those who look for something more urban should check out a couple of other places. If your goal is to meet new people, be at the center of important events, and be surrounded by people of your age, some of these neighborhoods will fit just right:

  • Downtown Orlando
  • Thornton Park
  • Central Business District
  • South Eola

If you find it difficult to choose, you can rely on different reviews from both locals and tourists. People are usually honest when it comes to sharing their experiences so take some time to see what they had to say about your neighborhood. 

Other things to know before moving from Dallas to Orlando

You should know right from the start that the city of Dallas is way more populous than Orlando. It is home to 1.288 million people and it is one of the most diverse cities in the state. On the other hand, Orlando has 309,154 residents and doesn’t lack diversity as well. But the population that Dallas has doesn’t determine its popularity. Since Orlando is home to the Universal Orlando Resorts, and 4 other individual theme parks, it welcomes way more tourists than Dallas. According to official statistics, Orlando welcomes around 59,301 million people every year! While some of them will stay for a couple of days a lot of tourists move permanently after visiting a couple of times in a row.

Rely on us to move you to Orlando seamlessly

Since you know what things to focus on before moving from Texas to Florida, don’t forget to make a plan for the aftermath. Try to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself after the relocation as you will have much more time to do it. Instead, try to balance relocation tasks and establishing your social life in Orlando. As people usually call it, the happiest city in the world will help you blend in much faster than you thought. Before the moving-out day, book tickets for theme parks, or a place at a fancy restaurant. You will feel much better if you treat yourself and let Orlando show you why people love it so much.

family walking after moving from Dallas to Orlando
After moving from Dallas to Orlando you and your family should explore as many places as possible!

Rely on your movers as much as possible, as this type of relocation shouldn’t be entirely on you. No matter in what area of Dallas you live in, you will still have to say goodbye to your neighborhoods, family members, and friends. And once movers take over, moving from Dallas to Orlando will be a piece of cake. When you are ready to relocate make sure to contact us and let us take care of your interstate relocation. Our years f experience in moving from state to state allow us to provide you with a seamless move. So give us a call and let’s move to Orlando together!

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