Moving a freezer out of state – things to look out for

Relocating home can be quite difficult at times. The more items you have, the harder it gets. What makes it so hard is the whole organization and the robust items you possess. So, this time around you are moving a freezer out of state and we can tell you right away it is no small feat. But it is doable if you prepare adequately. So, let us prepare you for moving from Texas to Tennessee and ensure you are relocated safely and stress-free. Let’s go.

Preparation is the key when moving a freezer out of state

Before moving a freezer out of state you must prepare it first. There are several steps to take to prepare it adequately. The most important one is to unplug it and remove the power source. That is the very first thing you must do. After you do it, remove all detachable external pieces and let the freezer thaw overnight. Of course have some mops, rags, and a bucket to soak all the water in case there is any leakage. After you get rid of all the ice and water, you should clean your freezer inside out and prepare it for the journey.

clean it before moving a freezer out of state
Clean your fridge and do not use it anymore unless you are keeping the fresh food you will spend the very same day.

Do not forget to clean and pack all the pieces that come along with it. Label the box adequately to avoid losing any of it. Those shelves, plastic pieces, and ice holders are hard to replace. Once your freezer is ready, then you can start looking for out of state movers San Antonio that will help you transport your freezer to your new address.

You must find a reliable moving company for this job

Now when your freezer is ready, you should find one of the interstate moving companies Houston to help you relocate it safely. Also, you should obtain all the necessary packing materials as well. You can cover both tasks at the same time. Just search for movers on the internet, compare prices, and read reviews. Make sure you hire a licensed company and you’ll be just fine. And once you do, ask them if they are selling packing supplies. If not, purchase a whole batch at the nearest hardware store or order online. You’ll need cardboard boxes, packing tape, plastic straps, labels, and bubble wrap. For the freezer specifically, you’ll need a few huge pieces of bubble wrap and cardboard to wrap it in it. Then apply plastic wrap around it and you are ready for moving a freezer out of state.

Think about replacing the whole unit

While cleaning and inspecting your freezer, check-in what condition it is in. Maybe you can replace the whole unit. You can do the following:

  • Donate to local charities.
  • Sell online or at a yard sale.
  • Give to friends or family.
  • Recycle.
a can in the freezer
If you have one of the old freezers, maybe it is time to replace it and get a new one.

Simply donate to Goodwill or any other charity organization and they will find your freezer a new home. Or you can sell it to one of the home depot stores and get a discount on your next purchase. Simply replace your unit with a new one and you will have a cheaper relocation. It can be a good investment. Think about it.

Do not attempt moving a freezer out of state by yourself

Our final tip of the day is to never move your freezer alone. This means both in your home and to relocate it yourself. Of course, if you know how to do it, have a few friends helping, have all the tools available, and an appropriate vehicle, then go for it. But if you have never done it before, stay out of it. Moving and lifting such a huge and heavy object can cause serious back injuries. Therefore, you must leave this task for your movers. After all, you are moving from state to state and you will pay for the moving services anyway. So, just let your movers cover everything and stay out of trouble.

Moving a freezer out of state can be hard, dangerous, and stressful. But if you prepare adequately and find a good moving company you shouldn’t worry about a thing. Simply purchase moving services and supervise the process. Your movers will cover everything else. Good luck and stay safe.

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