Moving during a rainstorm – how to make it simpler

Are you thinking of moving during a rainstorm? Well, that could be very demanding, but let’s say a few words about relocation in general. You probably know that moving is considered to be one of the most challenging things. You can look at it as closing one and opening another chapter of your life. It requires a lot of good planning and organizing. Unless you follow certain steps during the relocation while raining, it’s highly likely that something will go sideways. Because of that, you want to make sure that you and your belongings are safe and sound. Also, you have to differ the light rain from rainstorms. Moving during the light rain is not such a problem compared to the days when it just wants to pour down in buckets. Here, we are going to share some useful tips and tricks on how to handle it well.

Make a plan when moving during a rainstorm

The first step you have to think about is making a plan. This is something that most people don’t realize how important it is. They think it either takes too much time or that it’s not necessary at all. The reality is quite the opposite. By making a plan, you will have everything on paper and you’re going to stay focused which is crucial during such weather conditions. Along with it, it’s good to make a to-do list because it can help you track the progress and you’ll have more insight into it. On the other hand, if you don’t want to move on rainy days on your own, we highly recommend and advise you to seek professional help. By hiring professional movers when moving during a rainstorm, you will have someone to help you out with everything and provide you with peace of mind.

make a plan when moving during a rainstorm
It’s important to make a plan.

Check the weather report

After you’ve made a plan, it’s time for the move. You also have to pack everything and you’ll be good to go. One thing that can cause many problems is the weather. You have to make sure to check the weather report prior to the moving day. It would be good if you could maybe follow it for a few days just to be sure that everything’s going to be alright. On the other hand, if the weather is bad, you should try to ask and see if it’s possible to move the reclamation to some other day. It’s unlikely that it’s going to happen, but it’s always a possibility. However, if you are moving from Texas to Tennessee, you probably won’t have this kind of problem.

Try to avoid the unexpected

Now that you understand all the problems that could happen if it rains on a moving day, you have to stay prepared and try to avoid unexpected things. What you can do is try to go back to it and check it from time to time because short-term forecasts are much more precise and can give you a clearer picture of what’s about to happen. Even before you hire some of the best interstate moving companies Houston, you should try to prepare as much as possible. You should keep in your mind that it might rain.

a mover next to the truck
Hire reliable movers.

Proper footwear is essential while moving during a rainstorm

Another factor that you need to consider while moving during a rainstorm is footwear. One of the biggest hazards, while it’s raining, is the risk of slipping, falling, and potentially hurting yourself. Even if the ground doesn’t seem slippery, there is an extra chance of falling and dropping something that you might carry at the given moment. In order to prevent that, you need to add to your checklist the proper footwear. Do not even think about wearing flip-flops or sandals. What out of state movers San Antonio are advising people to find and buy are Goretex boots.

Think of shortening the distance

One thing that can be really useful during rainy days is shortening the distance. While you are still decluttering and packing, you should gather all the boxes in one place. For example, you can put them in the closest room to the exit such as garage or hallways, if they are wide enough. If you are moving on your own and renting a moving truck, you should park it as close as possible to your home. One of the benefits is that your belongings won’t get that wet since the distance is very short. Also, make sure to park your moving truck on a flat surface, because it might get stuck if you park it onto the wet grass. It’s actually very important to keep your belongings dry. You can cover furniture or other home appliances with moving pads and plastic wrap.

Prioritize items when moving during a rainstorm.

Prioritize your belongings while moving during a rainstorm

When talking about moving during a rainstorm, you should definitely prioritize possessions. Try taking less valuable possessions such as plastic bins and bags to the truck first. While you are doing this, rain might slowly start to slow down or even better, completely stop. If that happens, you should pack your fragile items at last. Regarding electronics, you should wait for the rain to completely stop or make sure that they are secured and covered.

Ask your friends for help when unpacking

After you’re done with moving during a rainstorm, you should ask for help from your friends or family. When you arrive at your new place, the main goal is to carry everything inside, especially if boxes got wet and compromised during the move. Use towels or other old clothing to dry everything. Also, get rid of all the boxes that can not be re-used because wet cardboard could lead to mildew or mold even. However, if you’re planning to use them again, make sure to put them in the sunlight as soon as possible in order for them to dry.


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