Moving from San Antonio to Terrell Hills

Are you considering moving from San Antonio to Terrell Hills? Do you want that small-town feel but within your beloved San Antonio? If yes, then you have found just the place for you. We must say that you have picked out the most prestigious out of  San Antonio’s “Tri-cities” and that you have quite the taste. From grand historic residences and wonderfully remodeled Mid-century Modern homes to small, but beautiful cottages. Terrell Hills will welcome you with arms wide open whatever you choose since it stands for one of the friendliest neighborhoods around San Antonio. You will truly feel like a part of the community there. However, we recommend calling long-distance movers Terrell Hills tx, even though you are moving only about five miles from downtown San Antonio. They have a lot of experience in the area and you will definitely need some assistance when moving to Terrell Hills.

A family sitting on a couch discussing moving from San Antonio to Terrell Hills
Moving from San Antonio to Terrell Hills is a good decision for your family.


Terrell Hills in comparison to Downtown San Antonio

If you have discovered that a more active city isn’t really the speed for you, but you still want to enjoy San Antonio’s rich history and heritage, recommend that you save this guide for moving from San Antonio and Terrell Hills. If you want to learn more about what you need to prepare for your move, what you can expect, and what not to do, please stay with us until the end of this article. We will start by listing some of the best things about Terrell Hills. Besides the already well-known facts. In case you missed it Terrell Hills is ranked the #1 Best Neighborhood to Live, Best Neighborhood to Raise a Family, and Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in San Antonio by Meanwhile, Downtown San Antonio is ranked the 4th Best Place to Live in San Antonio.

Pros Of Living in Terrell Hills 

  • Peace & Quiet
  • No income tax
  • Mild winters
  • Rich history and culture

    A typical modern Terrell Hills house
    Terrell Hills neighborhood is very family-friendly.

Preparing for moving from San Antonio to Terrell Hills

That five miles distance means nothing when you have to pack and move your whole life and all that of your possessions. Having said that, organizing a garage sale isn’t a bad idea. You know how the saying goes your old or unused things can be someone’s treasure. It won’t hurt to monetize that idea. If you have children you need to prepare them as well, so hop on to our blog to read more on how to prepare your kids for your move.  As the moving day is approaching, you naturally start to feel stressed out and nervous. To prevent that from happening this time around, make sure to organize your documents, legal, financial, medical, etc.  Put everything in labeled folders and prepare to bring with you. What people often tend to forget to do before the move is to backup their computer files. You should also update your existing mail subscriptions with the new address.

Packing for the move

Now that you’ve had your garage sale and decluttered your belongings, you are ready to start packing. However, if you are in a hurry and don’t have the time do to it yourself, feel free to contact long distance movers San Antonio as they offer a variety of packing services as well as residential moving. If you decide on packing everything by yourself, as usual pack your documents and necessities in your backpack first and then move on to your boxes. And leave the bulky furniture and electronics to professionals. Make sure you emptied all the drawers and take time to be with yourself in your empty apartment a bit and appreciate all the good moments you’ve had there.

Moving Day

Wake up earlier and start with your usual morning routine. Then, go outside to get some breakfast and take this chance to say your goodbyes to your neighborhood and your local grocery store employees or your local baker. Hopefully, this will be a stress-free day with the assistance of your family, friends, and our State to State Move company. Check once again if you have packed everything. Especially in your carry-on. Make sure everything in your old apartment is switched off and secured. After your mover has cleared out all the boxes and furniture, give your old apartment a quick clean-up and take a final tour around your old nest with your family.

A man wrapping his belongings before packing
Packing should be left for the last step.

Perks of living in Terrell Hills

A major perk of the Lone Star State is that here residents pay NO income tax! The cost of living in San Antonio is about 3.3% below the national median. But it is slightly higher than the Texan median. However, you do get to live in a very prestigious part of Bexar County. You can expect to pay less for groceries, health, utilities, and housing relative to the national median. But a little bit more for transportation. If you enjoy hot summers, you are going to love Terrell Hills. Since it has a humid subtropical climate with very hot summers and mild winters. Terrell Hills is a truly outstanding neighborhood on many counts. Besides having a population of nearly 10,000 who enjoy local amenities and have a very strong sense of community, it is conveniently located near San Antonio’s business centers.

Now, that you’ve unpacked most of your essentials and had a good night’s sleep, take a shower and get outside. How does it feel to breathe in the fresh air in the morning after years of living in downtown San Antonio? We hope that we have made this journey of moving from San Antonio to Terrell Hills a bit easier for you. We will encourage you to do one more thing. Have your first-morning coffee with your family in your new place.  Take a stroll down your street and say hello to your new neighbors. We are sure that you will make a new friend very soon.




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