Moving from Sugar Land to New Braunfels

Moving is never easy, but it comes with a certain refresh that only this experience can bring. It will give you an opportunity to embrace new beginnings. Of course, starting a new life somewhere else is challenging. Maybe even frightening. Nevertheless, changes can be good – and sometimes it is necessary. People tend to get so holed up in their comfort zone, that they don’t see all the opportunities that are just outside their zone of comfort. Moving from Sugar Land to New Braunfels can open new perspectives for the whole family, you only need to leap. Therefore, contact a professional moving company and start organizing your relocation as soon as possible. Find out as much as you can about the similarities and differences between the two cities. This will help you adapt more easily to the big change that moving brings.

Before every move, you need to think about the distance

Moving between two cities is often considered more difficult than a down-the-block move. Because of this, we suggest that you let the long distance movers  New Braunfels TX take care of your possessions. On the other hand, in case you’re planning to travel by car, expect to reach your destination in around 2 hours and 30 min. Of course, if you drive non-stop. This is very unlikely to be the case since you will at least have to stop for bathroom breaks – so plan more time. The exact distance is 167 miles or 268.76 km following the I-10 and US-90 W routes.

Picture of packed boxes next to a window
Sugar Land and New Braunfels are quite close

What to expect when moving from Sugar Land to New Braunfels?

First of all, relax. If you have a clear head, you will be able to think more clearly and do tasks faster. Focus will help you avoid making a mistake. Indeed, it’s hard to leave Sugar Land and its outstanding opportunities, especially if you lived there for a few years. Its stable economy, low crime rate, an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, and other things that you will love about Sugar Land make this suburb one of a kind. However, New Braunfels will welcome you open-handed. In other words, you’ll gain a variety of opportunities for employment, education, and entertainment.


Surely, your children will have a hard time leaving Sugar Land for New Braunfels. Its extraordinary schools and libraries offer tremendous conveniences for children. On the other hand, New Braunfels abounds with great local schools. Schools are constantly receiving the highest marks in academic performance. Some of the best schools in the area are the Memorial Early College High School and San Marcos Academy. Thus, organize the packing process as soon as possible if your kids are about to start school vacations. This will also be the perfect time to transfer school records and deal with other document transactions. Pack only what you truly need. Talk to your children. Let them know everything will be perfect for them.

children in the classroom during the lesson
Be sure your children will get the best possible education when moving from Sugar Land to New Braunfels.


Sugar Land is known as a business-friendly community. Its constant economic development attracts several international corporations. If the job is what worries you when relocating from Sugar Land to New Braunfels, then don’t. Let the long distance movers Sugar Land TX take your things to your new destination. New Braunfels is situated almost halfway between San Antonio and Austin. Thus, employment opportunities are simply fantastic in different sectors.

  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing

As good as the employment opportunities are, we always advise our clients to look for a job well ahead of moving day. The economy nowadays is unstable, with prices rising every day. So, if you don’t have a few month’s worth of money saved, having a secure job before moving is mandatory.

Enjoy your life after moving from Sugar Land to New Braunfels

It’s a known fact, Sugar Land always meets the needs of its residents. Its welcoming neighborhoods create a sense of belonging. Still, you won’t feel any different in New Braunfels. Thus, you can relax and move smoothly, if you thought that feeling as you belong was your worry. Moreover, pleasant scenery and wilderness will take your breath away. Indeed, it’s not hard to lead a healthy lifestyle here. Walking, hiking, cycling, golfing, and swimming are just some of the things you can enjoy in New Braunfels. Landa Park, Comal River, and Canyon Lake are the best natural attractions in the area, which you have to check out ASAP after moving. It will help you relax and rewind after a move, no matter how easy it was.

a woman and two man sitting in a cafe talking and drinking coffee
Thanks to the friendly atmosphere and welcoming locals, you’ll easily make new friends.

New Braunfels also has bad sides to it

Nothing in this life is perfect, and this also counts for New Braunfels. One of the biggest downsides of moving and living here is the high housing prices, but even this is controversial. The median home value in this Texan town is just at the national average, at $245,000. If you relocate to New Braunfels from an expensive city like Austin, the lower prices will be a refreshment. Even when moving from Sugar Land to New Braunfels you will pay less for a home, seeing as the median home value in Sugar Land is $344,000.

A new adventure can begin with the help of our skilled team

Altogether, there’s no doubt moving from Sugar Land to New Braunfels will be something new for everyone. However, let the fear go away. As already mentioned, expect only the best from New Braunfels, as it has many beautiful things to offer.  Moreover, Sugar Land isn’t far away. You’ll stay in touch with your loved ones and visit each other often. Therefore, plan and organize your relocation alongside trips for seeing your family back home. This will help you feel the beauty of the new city to the fullest. We hope that you will have a good move and an easy transitioning period!

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