How to move a fish tank long distance

Are you moving soon, but you’re not quite sure how to move a fish tank with you since you’re moving long-distance? Don’t worry! Long distance moving companies will help you have a safe and seamless relocation into your new home or office! Moving a fish tank is never easy since it’s a fragile item. Those items usually pose a unique challenge since you have to know how to pack the item properly, and if the item is heavy and fragile at the same time such as a fish tank, it’s also dangerous to carry it. To move a fish tank without inconveniences, keep on reading! 

Step 1: Before you move a fish tank, clean it

Whatever you plan to move – it should be cleaned first. Since you need to move a fish tank long distance, it will be in the back of a truck with other items at least for a few hours. That’s enough time for items to pull out the smell, so clean your fish tank. It’s way easier to pack it when it’s not slippery. Not to talk that holding such an object is much safer. 

So, what do you need for cleaning the tank:

  • If there’s limescale residue, clean it with vinegar or lemon before you move a fish tank.
  • If it’s free of limescale, then you just need a cloth and a mild detergent.
a person with a cleaning cloth
All you need to clean a fish tank is a cleaning cloth and mild detergent. In the case of limestone, apply vinegar or lemon.

Step 2: Get appropriate packing materials

Appropriate packing materials can make or break your move since they’re directly connected with the protection that your items will get. To procure packing materials, you can rent them from long distance movers San Antonio, or order them online. Those are convenient ways in case you want the materials delivered to your address. If you go to a DIY store, you’ll need a vehicle that can fit all of the packing materials and boxes, but that also has its perks. In case you need help, you’ll be able to get it on the spot.

Step 3: Pack the fish tank carefully

All long distance moves require extensive preparation. When you’ve procured the packing materials, it’s time to pack your fish tank. Wrap it in a layer of glassine. Place the sponges on the corners to protect them from chipping off. Apply two layers of bubble wrap. Fill the insides of a tank with a blanket or towels and place everything in a box. The box can be a cardboard moving box, but it’s important that it’s slightly bigger than the tank itself, so that it can fit with all the wraps. Label the box so that the movers or whoever is going to carry it know that it’s heavy and fragile. 

move a fish tank
To ensure safety when you want to move a fish tank, label your boxes!

Step 4: Find help for carrying a fish tank

Whenever you need to carry something heavy and sharp, it’s best to turn to professionals. Professional movers are trained, and they know exactly how to handle heavy items properly and move a fish tank. Moreover, by handling the heavy lifting to movers, you put your safety in the first place. There’s no reasoning for you to get hurt in the middle of a long-distance relocation. If you’re ready to move a fish tank safely, give us a call and book a move of your dreams today! 


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