The friendliest cities in the US

One of the biggest joys in life is certainly traveling. The excitement can’t be measured when visiting and exploring places you have never been to. It’s a special feeling to reach a new viewpoint and observe new landscapes and cities. However, what brings us back to certain places are not the sights but the people, sensations, and memories we pick up. Once we get to know the new city and its residents, we feel safe and welcome. And that’s what makes us go back and revisit or even move there. If you do research, you’ll find a variety of lists of the friendliest cities in the US. These are based on the opinions of tourists and visitors. We at the State to State Move will present to you our list of some well-known and less-known but friendly places in America.

Honolulu, Hawaii

This gorgeous tropical paradise is one of the most popular destinations in America. It is often at the very top of the list of friendliest cities, along with New Orleans and New York. Tourists love to visit it not only because of its all-year-round warm weather but for its rich indigenous history and tradition. If we add splendid beaches and beautiful natural scenery to the equation, the affection of visitors is absolutely clear.

Hula dancer with yellow flower in her hair
Honolulu is on the top of all recent lists of the friendliest cities in the US.

The relaxed atmosphere is a hallmark of Honolulu, so it’s no surprise it ranks as the 10th most relaxed and 9th happiest city in the US. You’ll hear the “aloha” greeting everywhere you go. It is a common expression of the Hawaiians, a sign of the deepest respect, love, and harmony between people and nature. Precisely because of this attitude towards newcomers, it is hard not to feel welcomed and among friends. Plus, the crime rate is also low, so it is a safe place to raise children. Before you visit Hawaii, prepare and learn a few of their melodic phrases:

  • Mahalo – Thank you
  • Howzit? – How are you?
  • Makamaka – Friends
  • Welina – Welcome
  • Ohana – Family

New Orleans, Louisiana

Another culturally diverse and unique American city that attracts people year after year is New Orleans. It is on almost every list of friendly cities, and ranked it as the 3rd. So, if you ask the average American what city you must visit, they will tell you to visit New Orleans. Vivid culture, tasty Creole and Cajun food, and the art scene are some of the reasons to visit. You will see for yourself how friendly and pleasant the people are if you visit the city during Mardi Gras. The streets are then full of happy people dancing and socializing with lots of good food, music, and various carnival events.

Carnival on the streets of New Orleans one of the friendliest cities in the US
Smiling happy people are a signature trait of New Orleans.

Residents tend to hang out on their balconies and casually chat on the street. They are kind to foreigners and will gladly give you directions if you ask them. If you haven’t already, add to your bucket list a visit to the birthplace of jazz and experience the romantic and melancholic atmosphere of the city.

Chicago, Illinois

The fact that 21.7% of the residents are of foreign origin speaks best about how friendly Chicago is. 1.7 million immigrants live in the city, mostly Slavs and Eastern Europeans. Not only the city embraces foreigners, but it’s also very inclusive of minorities and LGBT communities. People of Chicago are often described as friendly and polite extroverts who like visitors and newcomers. Also, the city is very safe for tourists and overall, so wandering through its diverse ethnic neighborhoods is a must-do. You’ll get to experience different cultures and ways of life and try out some first-class cuisine. Among the largest communities are Polish and Greek, so don’t miss tasting famous gyros and visiting the Polish Museum of America. If you think that Chicago is the right place for you, our movers Houston to Chicago will move you in no time.

three young women laughing and talking about the friendliest cities in the US
Chicago is one of the most inclusive and diverse cities in America, with numerous expat communities.

Asheville, North Carolina

People often point out the friendliness of the residents as one of the features that living in Asheville offers. Somehow it comes naturally if we consider the famous southern hospitality. Very quickly, you’ll get used to the greetings and small talk while waiting for your turn at the cash register. And precisely that community feel makes you feel safe and welcome. Asheville is a relatively small city, with about 95,000 inhabitants, but vivid and interesting. Lovers of art, architecture, nature and outdoor activities will equally enjoy it. It’s surrounded by beautiful nature and scenic mountain and beach landscapes. While the downtown is quite urban, with restaurants, gorgeous examples of architecture, street performers, and specialty shops. The town is really lovely and kind of weird in a good way. Everyone finds their own piece of paradise in it, starting with artists, climbers, and lovers of crafted beer and good food.

If you’re thinking of moving from Texas to North Carolina, you won’t regret it. You will have access to the sea, lower prices, and a recognizable sense of belonging to the local community.

Key West, Florida

It could be that it’s the sun and the sea, and the year-round warm weather, that makes Key West residents so welcoming and relaxed. A sense of calm and serenity hits you as soon as you set foot on this beautiful island. And that feeling of tranquility and relaxation visitors feel when interacting with the locals. The cultures of the Bahamas, Cuba, and African Americans mixed there, so many customs have been preserved even today. And its citizens are well familiar with diversity and its acceptance, so they welcome all visitors with equal respect. For all of this, Key West is one of the favorite getaways of Americans and one of the friendliest cities in the US. If we add to that lower crime rate and lack of state income tax, moving from Texas to Florida totally makes sense.

palm trees
Key West is a favorite vacation destination for Americans.

Savannah, Georgia

Living in Savannah is unlike living in other large cities where you don’t know your neighbors. Each of its 71 neighborhoods is distinct with a charm of its own, and what they all have in common are friendly and polite residents. Once you get used to the southern way of life and the goodwill of its residents, Savannah will grow on you. Since 2016, Savannah has been on the list of the most welcoming cities in America. And Travel and Leisure Magazine placed her in 4th place as a top US city. Readers decided on the basis of the entire tourist offer, accommodation, transportation, organized tours, and overall experience. So thanks to satisfied tourists, Savannah is on the list of friendliest cities in the US. The always good-natured and friendly residents certainly contributed to this high position on the list.

Not only is it a perfect holiday destination, but it’s also a pretty much nice place to live in, too. Today is a large industrial center and a busy port with a booming economy. As for the cost of living, it’s enough to mention that housing is 34% lower than the national average. While utilities and groceries are also down by 6%, and transportation and services are 2% lower. So, if you think about moving from Texas to Georgia, head straight to Savannah, and you won’t regret it.

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown is proof that there is no room for claims that small towns are boring. On the contrary, this small coastal town is a popular tourist spot, with a developed art and culture scene and rich history. It’s quite open-minded for a small town, and everyone feels welcome in P-town. Even the famous painter Jackson Pollock chose this charming town as its home. Not only Modern American Theater was born in Provincetown in 1915, but it’s the oldest art colony in America. It is known as well for its LGBT community and as its favorite vacation spot. Provincetown was popular even among pirates and had its own serial killer who may have inspired American Horror Story. So we are not exaggerating at all when we say that everyone is welcome in P-town.

Provincetown is the only city in Massachusetts that has ever made the top 20 list of friendliest cities in the US. The situation is quite the opposite with Boston, the capital of Massachusetts. If it is to believe the results of a survey by scientists from the University of Massachusetts, Boston ranks as the least friendly city in the US. This is hard to believe since Boston has a long history of embracing immigrants. To be exact, 29% of its residents are either foreign-born or the offspring of immigrants. People here, as in any big city, are more likely to be busy and preoccupied with their own lives and concerns rather than simply being mean. If you’re moving from Texas to Boston soon, you’ll have the chance to resolve this mystery.

Boston is not on the list of friendliest cities in the US
It may not be on the list of the friendliest cities in the US, but Boston is certainly romantic and reminds us of European cities.

Pocomoke City, Maryland

Another small and not-so-well-known city is on our list. Pocomoke has a reputation as the friendliest town on the Eastern Shore. People who used to live there have nothing but praise for the friendly and nice residents of this small town. If you ask friendly locals, they will be happy to tell you all about the history of the place. Then you can visit with the children the local Delmarva Discovery Museum, where they can explore and learn about otters, for instance. Kayakers also love this place since the Pocomoke River is perfect for kayaking. And Pocomoke River State Park itself is such a great recreation spot famous for its swamps and scenic river.

Don’t let the size of this little town put you off moving. It truly is as charming and welcoming as only a small town can be. Some perks of moving from Texas to Maryland are nicer weather, a variety of natural features, and proximity to New York and Washington.

Houston, Texas

Spears break around Houston, whether it’s a friendly city or a rude one. And while some think it deserves the top spot on the list of the rudest cities in Texas, others praise it for its friendliness. People in Houston are pretty much laid-back and minding their own business. However, if you start the conversation first, it is certain that you will not be left without answers and help if you need it. Houston is another city with a large number of immigrants and foreigners. Every 4th citizen is born outside the US, which makes up nearly a quarter of Houston’s population. A city with such demographics cannot be other than welcoming and friendly. Embracing diversity and encouraging inclusivity is one of the pillars of its social life. In case you’re still doubting its friendliness, try moving from Houston to Boston, then compare and see for yourself.

people in Hermann Park Houston on a clear day
Hermann Park in Houston is a perfect spot for gatherings and all sorts of events.

New York, New York

While you might not find it on any of the recent lists of America’s friendliest cities, it would be unfair not to mention Big Apple as a friendly and welcoming place. New Yorkers probably won’t greet you and chat with you on the street. But it’s unlikely that they won’t help you if you ask for directions or ask for help. A survey shows 71% of New Yorkers said they are friendly with their neighbors, while 25% answered negatively. New York is even ahead of other major cities like Miami, LA, Detroit, etc.

Also, many point out that it may not be among the friendliest cities in the US compared to Savannah or Honolulu. However, in comparison to world capitals, New York fared very well. According to Barnkopf Travel Study from 2015, Big Apple took the top spot, opposite Los Angeles, which was voted as the least friendly of them all. Right behind New York was a string of cities Florianopolis (Brazil), Rome (Italia), Thimpu (Bhutan), Queenstown (New Zealand), etc. On the list of the least friendly cities in the world, 3 cities from America entered the top 10, Detroit, Seattle, and LA. However, if you get the chance to visit New York, don’t miss it. The unique energy of the city, along with all its sights and happenings, will blow your mind. The same goes for moving from Texas to New York, just pack up and give New York a shot.

Discover the charm and hospitality of the friendliest cities in the US

In conclusion, the United States is full of friendly and welcoming cities that offer different experiences for travelers and potential residents. Honolulu, Hawaii, New Orleans, Louisiana, Chicago, Illinois, Asheville, North Carolina, and Key West, Florida, are just a few of the many cities that stand out for their friendliness and warm hospitality. Whether it’s the relaxed atmosphere, the diverse cultures, the scenic landscapes, or the southern hospitality, these cities are sure to make visitors feel at home and welcome. Each city offers its own unique experiences, from the rich indigenous history of Honolulu to the vibrant culture of New Orleans and the diverse ethnic neighborhoods of Chicago. So, if you’re looking for a new adventure or a change of scenery, consider visiting or moving to one of these friendly cities in the US.

All you need to do is decide which of these places suits you the best, and you can start packing your bags. Give us a call, and we will help you move to one of the friendliest cities in the US with ease. 

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