Tips for moving a mobile storage unit in Houston

There’s nothing more convenient than a mobile storage unit placed right in your backyard. It is a great solution if you’ve run out of space in your garage without using a remote facility. They’re a very convenient feature and offer enough room to store almost anything from your home. But what happens when the time for relocation comes? Sure enough, the move itself will be a breeze thanks to long distance movers Houston. But there is also the aspect of moving a mobile storage unit in Houston, which is trickier. Before you do anything, you need to learn how to properly move a mobile unit. Luckily, where there’s a will, there’s a way! With a few helpful tips from us, you’ll be able to move your entire household without leaving anything behind. No matter the size, we’re here to make sure your mobile storage unit relocation is a breeze.

Decide if moving a mobile storage unit in Houston is worth it

Before you start this adventure, take a step back and evaluate the situation. You need to check the overall condition of your storage, as well as its mobility. Some mobile storage units have wheels, while others don’t. Let’s start with the condition of the unit. If you have maintained your mobile storage unit well throughout the years, moving it around Houston won’t be an issue. However, if it in a bad shape and deteriorating, you might want to consider leaving it behind. It will require too much work to either repair or move, which can ultimately cost you a lot. All that effort might not be worth it in the end due to its bad shape, so it might be wise to leave it. Instead, divert your budget toward hiring professional cross country moving companies. Sometimes it is better to cut your losses and invest toward a better goal.

woman sitting on a u-haul mobile storage trailer
Small storage units on wheels are easily transported all around Houston

Most mobile units aren’t attached to a foundation, which means relocating it in one piece won’t be so difficult. Nothing is holding it down, so you can transport it to another location with the help of tools or light machinery. It will all be even easier if your storage happens to have a wheelbase. With a unit on wheels, all you have to do is attach it to the back of the vehicle and you’re good to go.  Furthermore, you can save yourself time and effort by hauling it attached to your moving truck. Moving a mobile storage unit in Houston this way means that you won’t even have to empty it out. Just make sure the items inside are secure and immobilized to avoid them tumbling around and falling over during transport.

The approach and materials needed to relocate a mobile unit

If you’ve opted for a DIY move, there are a few steps to complete and a few materials to acquire. First, you need to empty your mobile storage unit entirely before continuing. If the unit doesn’t have wheels, don’t even think of moving it with the contents still in it. Even though it seems more convenient, it is too risky to do. Before you lift, make sure the construction is stable. Strengthen the floorboards and pay attention to openings such as doors or windows. Once you make sure everything is stable, you can start lifting and loading it onto the trailer. This job can’t be completed without proper equipment, though. Here’s what you’ll need for a smooth relocation:

  • A trailer large enough to fit your mobile storage unit
  • Logs or rollers to move the unit over short distances
  • A jack or forklift to get the construction off the ground
  • Durable straps for added strength and safety
  • A crane, in case the unit is large in size
white crane truck at a construction site
Larger storage units are best transported with the help of a crane and truck

Regardless of the distance you’re crossing, your goal is to get your mobile unit safely loaded onto a trailer. Make sure you have enough help on hand, both in terms of tools and manpower. Mobile units can be bulky so moving them might require many people. If you have a smaller unit, a jack and rollers will be enough to get the job done. For a bigger building, make sure the transport trailer is close to the storage, and that a crane is ready on-site to do the lifting. Keep in mind the fact that you will have to take the trailer on the open road. This is why it is very important to safely attach the storage to the trailer.

The best and safest method for moving your mobile storage unit

Moving a mobile storage unit in Houston is best done in one piece.  Dismantling can only cause added problems and complications if something goes wrong. Once you roughly know the weight of the unit, you will need a few friends to do the lifting and to push the unit over the log rollers. To spare them the heavy lifting, use a jack or a forklift to get the storage off the ground. Make sure to lift all four sides of the building when doing so. If you’re going for the rolling method, slide a few pipes under it while someone goes to lift the back of the unit. Take your time rolling it. Slowly put the logs in front of the moving construction and try to stay safe and avoid injuries. When placing the unit onto the trailer, make sure that all four sides land at the same time, slowly.

two construction workers in safety vests
Make sure you have enough people to help you relocate the unit

Unloading the unit after the move

Unloading the mobile storage unit is an equally important process as loading and moving it. You’ll basically have to do everything you did before, but in reverse, so keep in mind that you’ll need help from Texas’ finest movers once again. The best and easiest option for unloading your mobile storage unit in Houston is to use a crane. With it, you can effortlessly get the construction off the trailer and place it where ever you wish. If you have a smaller unit and want to apply the roller method, do it just like before. Take things slow and rely on manpower for pushing and lifting. Lastly, make sure that your unit is secure to its foundation with either industrial epoxy or concrete screws. Finally, your new home is outfitted with a storage unit ready to hold anything you can think of.

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