Types of boxes you need when moving to NC from TX

When planning a relocation, there is a number of things to do. Professional moving companies tend to say that a successful relocation requires a couple of months to plan. Of course, it depends on a lot of factors. Moving from state to state is challenging One thing is certain – you need to do research if you’ve never moved before. It can really be quite exciting. If you find that North Carolina no longer has much to offer, it might be the time to look for friendlier skies. Texas is one of the most popular moving destinations in the last couple of years. And the first thing you should know is that a successful move can’t be done without the right moving supplies. You are definitely going to need to get familiar with the types of boxes you need when moving to NC from TX.

boxes you need when moving to NC from TX
If you’re planning a relocation, there are boxes you need when moving to NC from TX.

Choose wisely the boxes you need when moving to NC from TX

Moving supplies are an extremely important part of any move. It is no wonder that the cardboard box has become a symbol of relocation. Putting your things in a box, taping it, and carrying it off in search of the friendlier skies can sound quite romantic. However, the reality is a bit different. What kind of box will you be carrying? There is more than one type of moving box that you can use during relocation. This mainly depends on your needs. That means that there is more than one factor that you should pay attention to. Moving from Texas to North Carolina or the other way around, the distance is the same. Furthermore, residential relocations usually have a lot of the same beats you should hit. If you’re not sure what kind of boxes you’re going to need, pay attention to:

  • the number of things you need to transport
  • the distance you have to cross
  • all the stuff you have to get to rid of (moving supplies can come in handy with that as well)
  • types of things you need to transport (large furniture pieces or valuable antiques may require some special attention)

The cardboard box – a simple solution to a difficult problem

You can hardly imagine a relocation without it. A simple cardboard box. Its practicality can only be compared to its simplicity. However, there is more than one type of cardboard box you could use. Size plays a major role when it comes to the different types of the box you need. Usually, we can talk about the small, medium, and large cardboard boxes. The small ones are 12 to 14 inches long, the medium ones vary from 14 to 18 inches, while the large ones can be as long as 24 inches.

boxes you need when moving to NC from TX
Get the right size of boxes for all of your belongings. Use bubble wrap for anything breakable.

Small boxes you need when moving to NC from TX are great for appliances

The small boxes are the ones you should use when packing appliances and small decorations. Kitchen appliances like coffee makers, toasters, cups, plates, and pots will fit quite nicely into a small cardboard box. However, you should also pay attention to any breakables that could get easily damaged. Make sure you combine the classical cardboard box approach with some bubble wrap. You should wrap objects made of glass so that because they can break easily. As practical as cardboard boxes are, they don’t provide much protection.

Medium boxes are useful for valuables

Medium cardboard boxes can come in handy when packing items like books, music, or other collections. Furthermore, you can use it to pack your valuable collections that can’t fit into a small box. Such items take just enough space so that the ideal solution for their relocation is a medium cardboard box. By putting them into one such box, it won’t be too difficult to load it into a moving truck. Furthermore, if you overuse large cardboard boxes, it’s more likely that your items will be able to move inside the box itself. Therefore, it’s safer to put such items into a medium box. Make sure to pack everything carefully. It’s a good idea to have a packing guide to help you.

Large boxes you need when moving to NC from TX shouldn’t be stuffed with heavy items

A large cardboard box is a great solution for items that take up a lot of space, but that can’t be broken. Your clothes, bedding and blankets are the only things that are a good idea for large boxes. It won’t be troublesome if the items fall or get moved around inside the box. Furthermore, these items are not that heavy. Because of this, moving these large boxes won’t be problematic.

boxes you need when moving to NC from TX
Proper way of packing your belongings into an appropriate box will make the entire moving process that much simpler. Loading and unloading into a truck will be a breeze if you pack everything in the best way.

Get boxes made of sturdy material

In addition to typical cardboard boxes, you can use additional plastic boxes for items that need special care. You should use plastic bins and moving boxes for electronic items. That way, you can protect these items by putting them into a box that is resistant to water damage. If you’re even moving from Texas to Maryland or any other state, it can be smart to get the boxes that are sturdier than the typical cardboard material.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you

After getting the right moving supplies, it’s time to get to the next stage. You should plan each part of the relocation ahead of time. The next thing you should do is to get in touch with the right moving company. Now that you know what types of boxes you need when moving to NC from TX, buy everything and move on. Contact us and we’ll help you relocate with ease. We can put your moving boxes to good use with our packing services. Rely on us to help with all the heavy lifting.

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